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Ok i phoned a guy to help me and my son play guitar, he wants to charge us £12 each for half hour sessions.

Is this a fair price?

Baring in mind my son is 6 years old i thought this was pretty expensive, how much can a 6 year old learn in 30 minutes???

As for me, I'm not sure either as all i need to learn is how to play barred chords which is fair enough but I think its going to take a while before i will learn them.

Anyone have an opinion?

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I know a few people who are paying around £10 for 1 hour. Seems pretty much the going rate around here (Glasgow/Paisley area). Don't know how much these things vary from region to region.

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Well i'm for the lenth of his lesson, i could get to Glasgow, and the extra £2 would pay the petrol, I'm only in Perth!

I think i'll call him and tell him to forget it!

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be sure to check out the CHECK IT OUT thread in acoustic setion on this forum

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This is a very good question!  In the USA, a lesson for 30 minutes could go between $20 to $35.  With that said, I personally don't like 30-minute lesson.  I feel that the lesson is more effective when one sits with a tutor for sixty minutes--instead of thirty.  Yes, you do pay more, but if you can absorb more material in one hour, you can extend your lesson schedule out a bit further too. 

Others may disagree, but it worked for me.

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first be your sons tutor if he just started you can teach a lot and the time is great

if you are looking to learn barr chords the fastest way

first learn the notes on the 6 string

e f f# g g# a a# b c c# d d# e

play the  "e" chord using your little finger not your pointer

6 string is e

move it up 1 frett barr with your pointer finger

6 string is f playing an "f"chord

once you have asumed this position

keep going up the neck and where your pointer finger is is the chord you are playing

for an example

e a b

would  be

e open 6 string e position

a 5 frett  e position

b 7 frett  e position

hope this helps


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£10 is the going rate here in Wales, half an hour is long enough for the age of 6 thro to 8, as their attention span is quite short, they will be taking in a lot in even in half an hour

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I'm not going to complain at all about my $30 per hour lesson here in NC, USA.  Excellent teacher too.

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My guitar teacher in US charges $15 per 30 min. lesson. she's awesome 2.. i'm not sure what $15 bucks is in Europe but some of yalls teacher's sound pretty expensive i guess its worth it though if ur interested and the teacher is good

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Hi Scrimmy!

Don't take lessons just to learn the barre. It's only (ONLY!) about trainig and training some more. The teacher can't do much for you but hand you exersices that you can find in a book or free on the net. Only on this site there are loads of tips, and there is billions of guitar sites out there...

I'm not against the lessons, just don't go there thinking they will magicaly teach you the barre in no time.

As for your son I would suggest you check if there is any group classes. They are often less expensive and the kids gets the chance to play in group (and maybe get some jam-buddies to start a band with  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy"> ). Mostly you pay a fixed prize for say 10 lessons in a row (once or twice a week).

I myself (soon to be 40) signed up for a rookie group class. We are 5 + teacher (i'm oldes and the youngest is around 20). The funniest part is when the teacher "ensambles" us, giving some of us base-lines, others harmonics and himself soloing. Great fun and astonishing enough it sounds really good. For 10 lessons times 45 minutes I payed 650 Swedish crowns (should be around 50

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