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Elvis Costello

After the Fall (4 versions)
Alison (9 versions)
All Grown Up (3 versions)
All the Rage (4 versions)
Almost Blue (4 versions)
American Without Tears (5 versions)
Baby Plays Around (2 versions)
Blame It on Cain (8 versions)
Bullets for the New-Born King (2 versions)
Church Underground (2 versions)
Complicated Shadows (3 versions)
Couldn'€™t Call It Unexpected No. 4 (2 versions)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (9 versions)
Don'€™t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Dr. Watson, I Presume (2 versions)
Eisenhower Blues (3 versions)
Favourite Hour (2 versions)
Five Small Words (2 versions)
Georgie and Her Rival (4 versions)
Glitter Gulch (5 versions)
God Give Me Strength (5 versions)
God'€™s Comic (4 versions)
Hand in Hand (4 versions)
How to Be Dumb (3 versions)
I Dreamed of My Old Lover (2 versions)
I Still Have That Other Girl (2 versions)
I Want to Vanish
I Want You (10 versions)
I'€™ll Wear It Proudly (3 versions)
I'€™m in the Mood Again (3 versions)
I'€™m Not Angry (3 versions)
Indoor Fireworks (5 versions)
Jack of All Parades (7 versions)
Jimmie Standing in the Rain (2 versions)
Kid About It (4 versions)
Kinder Murder (3 versions)
Less Than Zero (6 versions)
Let Him Dangle (4 versions)
Lip Service (4 versions)
Lipstick Vogue (3 versions)
Little Palaces (3 versions)
Little Triggers (4 versions)
Living in Paradise
London'€™s Brilliant Parade (4 versions)
Man Out of Time (3 versions)
Miracle Man (5 versions)
Motel Matches
My Funny Valentine (4 versions)
Mystery Dance (3 versions)
No Action (5 versions)
No Dancing (3 versions)
One Bell Ringing (2 versions)
Our Little Angel (4 versions)
Pads, Paws and Claws (3 versions)
Pay It Back (4 versions)
Poisoned Rose (2 versions)
Pony St. (2 versions)
Pouring Water on a Drowning Man (4 versions)
Pump It Up (8 versions)
Riot Act (4 versions)
Rocking Horse Road
Satellite (6 versions)
Shamed Into Love
Sleep of the Just (4 versions)
Sneaky Feelings (5 versions)
So Like Candy (4 versions)
Still (2 versions)
Still Too Soon to Know (6 versions)
Suit of Lights (4 versions)
Sulky Girl (3 versions)
Taking My Life in Your Hands
The Beat (5 versions)
The Big Light (4 versions)
The Other Side of Summer (3 versions)
The Spell That You Cast (3 versions)
The Sweetest Punch
This House Is Empty Now (2 versions)
This Is Hell (4 versions)
This Year’s Girl (3 versions)
Tramp the Dirt Down (3 versions)
Veronica (9 versions)
Waiting for the End of the World (4 versions)
Watching the Detectives (7 versions)
Welcome to the Working Week (6 versions)
When It Sings (3 versions)
You Belong to Me
You Tripped at Every Step (4 versions)