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Five Iron Frenzy (informally referred to as Five Iron or FIF) is a Christian ska punk band formed in Denver, Colorado in 1995.

Five Iron Frenzy first gained notoriety spearheading the Christian ska movement during the genre’s mainstream revival in the mid-1990s. The band developed a cult following among both Christian and secular audiences for their lively and energetic stage shows, which often featured the band performing in outlandish costumes or raising awareness of various social causes and charities. Five Iron Frenzy had sold almost one million units in total by the time they had initially disbanded in November 2003. Following an eight-year hiatus, the band announced a reunion in 2011, launching an accompanying Kickstarter campaign to help finance a new album which ultimately raised over $200,000, becoming the website’s most successful musical project at the time. Their sixth and most recent studio album, Engine of a Million Plots, was released in November 2013.

Musically, Five Iron Frenzy is largely influenced by ska and punk rock, occasionally incorporating such disparate styles as heavy metal and Latin music. Since 2000, the band began downplaying their ska influences in favor of alternative rock and pop punk, embracing a style which singer and lyricist Reese Roper has described as "rock with horns". Lyrically, Five Iron Frenzy is known for both their positive Christian messages rooted in Social Gospel convictions as well as humorous secular songs referencing popular culture. The band’s recurring lyrical themes touch upon Christian hypocrisy, struggles with faith, criticism of consumerism and capitalism, the continuing injustices done to Native Americans, manifest destiny, self-deprecating humor, and the joy of finding renewal in their Christian faith.