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John Hiatt

Adios to California (3 versions)
Angel (2 versions)
Angel Eyes
Back on the Corner (2 versions)
Blue Telescope (3 versions)
Buffalo River Home (3 versions)
Cherry Red (3 versions)
Child of the Wild Blue Yonder
Crossing Muddy Waters (2 versions)
Cry Love (5 versions)
Distance (7 versions)
Down Around My Place (3 versions)
Down in Front (5 versions)
Drive South (5 versions)
Dust Down a Country Road (5 versions)
Everybody Went Low (3 versions)
Far as We Go
Feels Like Rain (3 versions)
Georgia Rae (5 versions)
Good as She Could Be (3 versions)
Have a Little Faith in Me (8 versions)
Hold On for Your Love (3 versions)
I Don'€™t Even Try (3 versions)
I'€™ll Never Get Over You
I'€™m Tired of Your Stuff (4 versions)
Icy Blue Heart (4 versions)
Is Anybody There? (4 versions)
It Hasn'€™t Happened Yet (2 versions)
Learning How to Love You (4 versions)
Lift Up Every Stone (3 versions)
Lipstick Sunset (4 versions)
Listening to Old Voices (4 versions)
Little Head (3 versions)
Love Like Blood (3 versions)
Love You Again (3 versions)
Master of Disaster (7 versions)
My Old Friend (6 versions)
Native Son
Only the Song Survives
Paper Thin (3 versions)
Perfectly Good Guitar (5 versions)
Permanent Hurt (2 versions)
Pirate Radio
Radio Girl (5 versions)
Real Fine Love (3 versions)
Same Old Man (2 versions)
She Loves the Jerk (5 versions)
Shredding the Document (3 versions)
Slow Turning (8 versions)
Something Broken (3 versions)
Something Happens (3 versions)
Something Wild (4 versions)
Sometime Other Than Now (3 versions)
Straight Outta Time (4 versions)
Sure Pinocchio
Take It Down
Tennessee Plates (3 versions)
The Open Road (3 versions)
The River Knows Your Name (4 versions)
The Tiki Bar Is Open
Thing Called Love (9 versions)
Thirty Years of Tears (3 versions)
Through Your Hands (3 versions)
Thunderbird (3 versions)
Tip of My Tongue (4 versions)
We'€™re Alright Now
What Do We Do Now (3 versions)
When We Ran (3 versions)
You Must Go (3 versions)
You'€™re All the Reason I Need (2 versions)
Your Dad Did (3 versions)
Your Love Is My Rest (3 versions)