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Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing

1 And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Currently 2.8/5 Stars.
 CHORDS A, C, Dm, Em, Em7, F, GDifficulty: hard
 return to normal You tell me that you've got every thing you want,And your bird can sing, but you don't get me,you don't get, me. You say you've seen seven wonders, and your bird is green,but you can't see me, you can't see, me. CHORUS: When your prized po (guitaretab.com)
2 And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Currently 2.9/5 Stars.
 CHORDS -7-, -9-, A, B, B/F#, C#/F, D, E, F#m, G, G#m, G+, 224442, 244222, 466444, 577655Difficulty: hard
 return to normal E------------------------------------------------ B---9-7-5-7-5-4-5-4-2-0-------0-2-9-9-9-10-9----- G---9-8-6-8-6-4-6-4-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-9-9-9-10-9-9--- D-----------------------4-2-4------------------9- A-------------------------------------- (xguitar.com)
3 And your bird can sing
  • Currently 2.9/5 Stars.
 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal Here's an arrangement of AYBCS for bands that have only two guitarists, and thus the lead guitar has to play both parts while the rhythm guy chunks away at the chords. Admittedly a tad weak in the middle section, but it sounds pretty good (lindesign.se)
4 and your bird can sing
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 00:35:52 EDT From: Masp99 Subject: b/beatles/and_your_bird_can_sing.tab AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING LENNON & MCCARTNEY Marc Hertzberg (hertzberg@elwood.enet.dec.com)was the first to send a tab of And Your Bird Can Sin (tabfu.thudspace.net)
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