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Look like a couple of chords used in Eric Clapton's Layla...C and Bb/C


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The Leafs may be changing colours here too....hehehe....I believe the Leafs won their exhibition game..I also hear that the Habs are interested in Jeff O-Neil...don't watch much hockey anymore since the strike...


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(then the webpage)


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I must share this with you....many years ago there was an individual at work with a name similar to yours...being a French name..

Anyway, his name was Edward Hebert......and we used to call him Ed and say his name real fast...kinda reminded me of the Elvis song....Ed Hebert...wonder if he ever used Ted as a first name...

I have lots of deer in my neighbourhood....


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I avoid TO as much as possible...I'm about a 90 minute highway drive north west of TO...a lot more relaxing....


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Michel, yer gonna get all the chordians jealous and wanting us to sponsor their trip over here with that clip...

I am in the suburbs of where the Maple Laughs, I mean Leafs, play...


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Jim Croce was one of many "folky" style back in the era of Folk Music....Gordon Lightfoot used to throw some really interesting parties...

One song from that era, which I took to heart, was "Cats In A Cradle" by Harry Chapin.  I followed the lyrics to a tee and made sure that I did not fall into that rut described in the lyrics...I always made sure I had time for my children....


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10. you wake up the usual time for work and realize that it is your day off.


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On an acoustic or even an electric guitar, do you know how to make the sound of a snare drum?


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picture of a full barre chord...such as G or A or G7 (with the pinky finger on the second string 6th fret) instead of the oridinary 3rd fret G7...

another possibility

The letter "A" made from 3 flying "V" guitars....and below the letter the word CHORDIAN

my $.02...


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Question.....the acoustic guitar that has a built in electronic pickup..  the type that requires a 9 volt battery .....now is this an actual pickup or a condenser type microphone in the hollow body of the guitar... the G series of Takamine guitars note that they have pre-amps...is this the same...

Depending on how much you wanna spend and experiment...try the
Roland GR-20.........check it out on youtube...


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Here in the Great White North, once you pen something you own the copyright, but then it becomes a legal burden of proof.

Copyrights are bought and sold...look at Weird Michael, who took the advice of Sir Paul McCartney about buying copyrights and bought the majority of the Beatles songs....

As for children rec'g royalties, only if willed to them...usually all incompassing last will and testiment....like all my worldly possessions...they could also be excluded...

Most cases of copyright infringement obviously come to light when there is a lot of money involved....the smaller cases are never heard cause maybe some kind of arrangement has been made.

Many bands in the 50's and 60's all recorded the same song....Here is where the songwriters make their money...look at Paul Anka....and cover bands or tribute bands.....they most likely have made arrangements for royalties otherwise they would be plastered in the media with a long line of suitors....

my $ .02 on the subject...


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Turn, turn, turn.....from the Bible...by I believe the song was written by Pete Seeger.....


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it would be the 4th note of the scale suspended or half step up....so....the C# in the A chord is replaced with a D...I think....but its been a very long time......for me...anyway regarding music theory...



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Anyone have any experience with this piece of equipment?


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No. more of a bawdy and crack house experience...similar to the House of The Rising Sun....


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Bare Naked Ladies


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This site has some versions of Classical Gas...written in sheet music as well as tab...


Radar Love - Golden Earring....


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Gibson Les Paul Standard electric
Epiphone acoustic 12 string
B.C. Rich Bitch NG series electric
Godin Acousticastor electric nylon string
Harmony Stratotone electric
Harmony Stella acoustic
Hofner 6 string acoustic
Custom made guitar with wood inlays of the Celtic Dragon on the body - Fender Strat setup

and I still don't know how to play....


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I've been in International Trade area for many decades ... presently more on the consulting end of Trade and Logistics.

I've been playing the guitar many years and with many different types of people...