Well at least it's not just me. wink Must be a Server/database issue with the error mention sql, which I believe refers to a Sequel database Server. Hopefully the admins will get it fixed before too long.


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Just my two cents worth....not all guitars have the truss rods that so many folks are mentioning.
I returned to playing my old Yamaha 6 string accoustic after more than 20 years absence, and found that I had the same issue as you describe....the strings were far too high from the fret board for me to play it easily.
Folks suggested that I adjust the truss rod, but I was unable to find it and ended up taking it to a music store (the 12th Fret in Toronto) to have it properly set up.The fellow there informed me that my guitar didn't have a truss rod to adjust, but they did some work on it ( filing down the bridge, etc., that made it far more playable).
That being said, the rental I obtained to keep me playing while my guitar was in the shop, was way easier to play than mine, even after the work had been done.
It seems that if the neck has deformed sufficiently, you will never be able to get the action that you would like short of getting a new guitar.

I must admit that I was embarrassingly grateful to find this post!
I've been away from guitar and Chordie for several months and wouldn't you know it, but the first song I pick to play from my songbook when I come back needs a bit of tweaking to my rested and refreshed ear.
I could have *sworn* that "edit" was an option in my songbook when I used to come here daily, but I'm getting older and my memory isn't the only thing that ain't what it used to be! wink
I'm glad to see that the edit feature will be returning eventually and I will be able to get back to constantly updating the songs in my songbook.
That, and I'm glad to see that I'm not *completely* losing my mind! wink


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Curiouser and curiouser...I have been trying to save a version of "Free Bird" by Skinard for the last week and having no luck.
Was cruising through the new books this evening as usual, saw a version of "Summertime" by Gershwin I thought I'd like to save and lo and behold, it saved perfectly.
"Hmmm" says I to myself...."Maybe the saving songs issue has been resolved", so off I goes back to the songbook where I first found the version of Freebird I wanted to save, confident that I could add it to my listings.
No go!
"Hmmm again" says I.
So off I goes to the home page and searches for Freebird I do.
Several hit's I get.
"Cool" says I. "Let's have a look and see if we can save one of *these* versions", and sure enough, I now have a version of Freebird in my songbook.
So it would'st appear that the saving songs issue is *selective*. Perhaps based on which version or where the song resides originally.
Either way, this is a new Chordie behaviour.


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I also have'nt been able to add a song to any of my songbooks for about a week now.
Is there perhaps a broader problem going on here?
Internet Exploder and lots of room in my songbooks BTW.


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Wow! What a gratifying thread!
When I read the first post, I expected to see a lot of "take it and run...what they don't know won't hurt them" type of responses.
It's great to see every single respondant advising Dino to do the right thing and let the current owners know exactly what it is they have and it's potential value.
I think Upyerkilt and James have it dead on....explain the situation up front and honestly, offer a fair price, but if they still want to make it a gift to you, be gracious and accept it in the spirit in which it was offered AND be sure to give them a thank you gift in return. Something more from the heart than the pocket book in recognition of the sentiment of the item.
Way to go Chordites!


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Hi there:
I can't provide a specific answer to your problem, but I *can* tell you that I just bookmark a songbook I want to re-visit in my favourites, and I can get back to it quickly any time I want to.


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Hey Kap:
I've smoked in fits and starts for over thirty years....10 years on, 10 years off, 10 back on, quit for 8 months last year but started back again this past winter.
I can tell you without a doubt that my voice is hugely impacted by smoking.
The more I smoke, the lower my range for sure, but the high end is gone as well as the ability to sustain a note.
I can also tell you that some of my sickest and most miserable times have come in conjunction with quitting...the nausea, dizziness and just plain confusion caused by the withdrawal were unbeleivable last time.
Most of those symptoms passed within a month (anyone who tells you they pass after a few days is blowing sunshine up your skirts) and I found I could breathe easier within days and the raunchy throat also cleared up quickly.
Add to the health benefits the fact that I was saving about $50 - $60 a week not buying smokes and you can see where I'm going.
I've only been smoking again for 6 months and it's as if I had never quit. The phlegm, wheezing and dependance are back full strength and yes, I do a better job at Johnny Cash again, but Slim Whitman's out of the question.
Time for me to take another run at it and good luck to both of us!


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Just an update....It is entirely possible that in the last couple of years, I have never noticed the disclaimer that Tibernius quoted (it *is* the one I was referring to), but I *did* have a couple of Coldplay songs I found in user songbooks return this message....
"I have received a letter from someone claiming that this song violates their copyright. Until these issues are solved, I have chosen to block this song from being shown on Chordie."
Today, I've been going through my own songbooks and saving/printing the songs I have saved/modified just in case something bad happens and I got the same message for the copies of Layla I had stored.
A search for Layla returns tons of results, but the few I actually tried to view also came back with the above message.
Based on people's responses to my earlier post re: Coldplay, I found that many of their songs still come up, but while Yellow returned lot's of listings, all the ones I tried to view also gave the same message
Perhaps it's more a case of individual songs being de-listed rather that entire artist catalogues.
Either way, I'll be saving/printing my songbooks over the next couple of days just in case more songs return the same result.


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I was wondering the same thing when I saw the latest bulletin on the home page.
Finding that the Coldplay songs had been removed from the site and the new disclaimer at the top of songs only makes me more concerned.
It would appear to me that Coldplay's management (hopefully they're the only ones!) have taken issue with thier material being posted here, perhaps misguidedly thinking that a publicly and freely available listing of their chords and tabs will make people less likely to purchase their songbooks.
For me at least, it is exactly the opposite!
While I do have a very large number of songs spread accross several songbooks, I can tell you unequivocally, that I would never have purchased all of those songs in a songbook or sheet format. Most of them are saved based on a casual and momentary interest and the majority of the songs in my books have been edited by me to sound more like what I think the song should play like making the original post a non-issue.
I *can* say that I have actually bought more books and specifically single artist books rather than multiple artist compilations *because* of my time on Chordie.
Quite often there will be a song that I am *really*  interested in playing and I can't find a really good version of it here. The time spent searching through all of the member's interpretations often drives me to by the original publication just so I can get it right, hence the  Beatles, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Yes, John Denver, Patsy Kline, etc, etc, etc, books sitting on my bookshelf alongside my Chordie printouts.
I liken finding a song on Chordie to hearing a song on the radio.
If I really like the song, I will buy the CD.
One great thing about Chordie is that I often find songs that I had really liked some years ago, but forgotten about. Chordie reminds me what a great song it was and the end result is often that I go out and find the song in a songbook which I pay for and the artist receives royalties that they wouldn't have if Chordie hadn't reminded me of the song in the forst place!
All Praise to Chordie and Poop to Coldplay for being so avaricious and short-sighted.


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More issues that might be related (sorry Per)....all of which appear to be related to spacing.
First, if I have the chord notation directly following the word, then a space, then the next word in the editor (word[B] next words), the space does not show in the edited text, but does show if I do it word space chord word (word [B]next words)
Also there appears to be issues with leaving blank lines, as in, the program doesn't want to do it.
I've only checked a few of the songs in my songhbooks, but these issues seem to be consistant.
That being said, the auto-scroll is kick ass and where has that been all my life!
Hang in there Per...what was already a great site just keeps getting better!


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Jock said:
"I find that {soc} & {eoc} is not working like before, anyone else having this problem?"

Yep, me too. It seems that once you do a {soc} it will never revert to standard verse formatting, everything stays indented and italisized...almost as if the {eoc} is having no effect.
Is that what's happening to you Jock?

Good Lord am I obtuse!
I asked Pere months ago about the possibility of making percentage edited a sort criteria for the public books.
He responded at the time that it would be a difficult process to put in place and, for me anyway, that was the end of it.
Every time I come to Chordie I still go to the public books, but I sort them by ranking and haven't even looked at the sort options in longer than I can remember.
Roger's post made me slam on the breaks, go to the public books and actually *look* at the sort options.
Thanks Roger and Pere! I'm gonna go and see what searching by percentage edited gets me!


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I think mine's kinda self explanatory! wink

As my life-long spiritual guide and mentor said.."The fact that you realise you have a problem means that you are not too far gone"



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I think mine's kinda self explanatory! wink

As my life-long spiritual guide and mentor said.."The fact that you realise you have a problem means that you are not too far gone"


Personally, I never saw the attraction to drugs.
I tried weed and hash as a teenager quite a few years ago and all they did for me was make me sleepy and paranoid.
I know a lot of people who, as adults, still partake recreationally and at least one who says he is much more creative under the influence, but I've seen his stuff and he's kidding himself.
Dope and alcohol both seem to have the effect of making you *think* you are saying something profound, writing something insightful or drawing something incredibly unique, (and that you're a great dancer as far as that goes) but I think that anyone who is honest with themselves and looks at their "chemically inspired" creations will recognise most of it for what it truly is.
A special piece of art, be it music, prose or visual, will allow you to perceive it in new ways by itself and does not require alterred thought processes to achieve that result.
So, perhaps I could suggest a song or two that has expanded my horizons simply by it's content or construction....Pink Floyd's Dark Side and Wish You Were Here albums, the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper's, Yes's Close to the Edge and Relayer albums, REM's Automatic for the People and Fiona Apple's When the Pawn.....
The beauty of all of those albums, for me anyway, is that virtually every entry stands up well alone or in conjunction with the other pieces on the program and each of them is unique and original in so many ways that they remain as vital and relevant after as much as forty years as they were the day they were released.
Oh, and Dope is for Dopes.

O.K.....why I change songs from their original posted format....
Right off the bat, I want to make it clear that I don't feel that I am in any way "improving" on what the original poster has submitted and I'm a tad uncomfortable with the "Correct Song" description.
My intent, when editing a posted song, is to save it in a format that more closely matches how *I* hear the song in my head when I think about it. To suggest that I am "correcting" a post would, for me anyways, be the height of arrogance.
I'm one of those guys who will never in a million years, be able to memorise the chords for all the songs I know in my head.
What I do here, is find a song I like in a format that is as close to how I hear it as possible, then save it to my songbook and bring it as close to what I hear as possible with the editing tool provided by Chordie. Once I've saved it to my songbook, I can then print it out and add it to my growing collection of printed material.
Some songs are fully edited, with chords listed for every verse (and that is the ultimate goal for every song) and some just have one verse and one chorus set with chords....usually songs that are easier to play and do not require having the chords visible for playback.
Anyway....I do it so that I can play them more easily in the future, rather than fumbling through chords that don't sound quite right or timing that is just a tad off to my ear. I published my songbook purely because I hoped that people might give me a bit of feedback....either a "Right-On Dude...you nailed it!" , or, the much more likely "Geez man, you really live up to your Screen-Name!...What the Heck were you thinking!?!?!".
I'm always hoping to fine-tune the songs I have and welcome any and all suggestions.

What I *don't* get, is why people publish songbooks that are nothing more than compilations of songs I could find simply by searching Chordie to begin with.
It seems to me, that a songbook should reflect not only your personal tastes, but how you hear the songs you have included in it and, as such, the songs included should have at least some of yourself in them...i.e. a couple of chords that are different or in addition to the original post.
Of course, that's just me......maybe everybody in the world hears songs exactly the same way and I'm the only one hearing them differently which would explain the high edit percentage in my songbook versus the norm.
Can you tell it's late and has been a long week?
Anyways, that brings me to another thought...I think it would be great (for me anyways) if there was an option to search songbooks based on the percentage edited along with the ratings and date posted. I pretty much do that already, as I pass by new books that show 0 editing and always check into books that show a higher percentage of edited songs.
It just says to me that this songbook has actually had some thought and effort put into it.
I may not hear the songs the same way the poster does, but I definitely recognise and appreciate the effort.
Cranky Old, Quitting Smoking Guy  AKA Tunedeaf

I've been known to do a bit of hurling in my day, but it usually well *after* the game....and a few too many celebratory "wobblies".
As for Lord Stanley's Hallowed Mug..if the Leafs couldn't win it, and we all knew they couldn't, then I fall into the "Anybody But Ottawa" segment and would rather see it with the Ducks in Anaheim than with the Turkey's in Ottawa.
"What? Bitter?.......me?!?!"


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Hi Doll:

Try this:

You're [A]once [Amaj7]twice [A7]three [A7sus4]times a [D]Lady

[Dm]And I [A]love [E]you [E7]


I love [A]you

Best I could come up with on short notice and I can't remember the tune for the verse, but maybe it'll give you something to go on.



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Hey...you don't post songs here.

Chordie works like a search engine and finds songs posted elsewhere on the web which allows the site to avoid the copy-right issues that have shut down many other chord sites.

If you want to "save" songs you have edited here, you can create a songbook of your own and store your songs there, but they aren't actually stored on Chordie.

I still haven't figured out how *that* works, but it does.

Have fun



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Toronto, Ontario, Canada here. Home of the perennial "Wait til next year!" Toronto Maple Leafs.

I played a bit in my teens then gave it up for thirty years until I was inspired by a fellow who comes to the home where my Mom is now living and plays for the residents.

I'm hoping to get proficient enough to go in and entertain the folks myself as they really seem to enjoy the diversion.

One thing about playing for folks with diminished capacities....thier standards aren't too high so hopefully I'll be ready to take the plunge fairly soon.<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_wink.gif" border=0 alt="Wink">



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Ah, the Puppy is wise!

Funny thing is, I played a bit when I was a teenager and learned my chords from the chord books I bought. That's where I learned, like you, to play them the way I do.

It wasn't til 30 years later when I discovered Chordie that I found out that those chord books had shown simplified fingerings for many of the chords I play.

Also like you, I kind of wish that I had learned the proper fingerings from the start, but I also know myself well enough to know that the struggle to play them "right" would have led to a nasty case of dusty guitar.

As you point out, the simpler fingerings allows for swifter progress and it's that progress that keeps me playing!

Thanks for the backup!



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Hi Per:

I sent them again this morning...let me know if you got them and, if not, try emailing me at <a href="mailto:algernon&#64;pathcom.com" target="_blank">algernon&#64;pathcom.com</a> and I'll send them as a reply.



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Hi Again:

Here's another quirk that might be related to the ad-overlay issue.

I've noticed that when I hit my "back" button to go back to the previous page, the ad goes blank and I have to hit "back" a second time to actually return to the previous page.

This only seems to happen on screens where the ad-overlay issue presents itself.

P.S...did you get the screen shots I sent?


Here's a question I haven't seen in a forum yet...

Is there a software out there that will allow you to reverse engineer a chord so that it fits with Chordie?

I regularly go to the Chordfind site, I've downloaded Kordz and the D'Accord Chord Generator, but these resources often return a chord solution that does not reflect Chordie's chords, the result being that when I edit a song and type my chord fingerings into one of these resources, the name they give me does not correspond to what Chordie shows for a chord diagram.

I always end up having to make up a name for the chord (Gb3 for 320033) and lose out on having Chordie generate an accurate chord diagram.

I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only person who runs into this, so if anyone knows of a fully Chordie compliant chord generator, I'd love to have it!