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What do people think is the best way to go about self-learning pop, rock, blues etc. on the piano? Basically that's what I did with guitar and mandolin (for better or for worse), and I can hold my own in a jam session with those.

Is there a book, online lesson etc that people would suggest? Or should I break the habit of a lifetime and get lessons? 


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If the Markely is good enough for John Prine its good enough for me. He used it for fingerpicking on his Martin though he seemed to use a Gibson with undersaddle pickup when strumming when I saw him play.

any recommendations for Overdrive/Distortion pedals for slide playing? actually for my homemade lap steel but i am interested in any you've used one with any electric slide playing


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Not sure if I showed you my lap steel before https://flic.kr/p/eh31hB

I need to change the pickup mount cos its too bulky (and possibly in the wrong place).

What kind of pickguard material do you think would look good with the coulour of the wood? (black/white/black, plain white, pearly white, fake tortoise-shell...?).


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Neck-heavy guitar. The neck sinks if you dont hold it up but a grippy strap helps (e.g. the suede side of a leather one)


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A wide leather one. I have one made from a seatbelt and its too slippery.


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Tenement Funster wrote:

Interesting discussion.

I also wouldn't have thought that the bridge pin material would affect the sound. The business-part of the string (that does the vibrating) is between the nut and the bridge, so unless the bridge pins aren't holding well, that's what one would expect. Something to look into.

Noooo! the whole guitar, especially the soundboard (and bridge attached to that, and pins attached to that) vibrates! Thats what makes it sound like an acoustic guitar. So the pin material surely has some effect.


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You can also make diamonds out of coal...


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Anyone know a good source of downloadable backing tracks for practice purposes? Ideally ones where you can vary the tempo, key etc., to use on PC and/or Android devive. I'm even willing to pay !


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sorry, I just found this link! http://www.winzzguitars.com/products/2.html

Thats google for you. 'Winzz Guitar' and 'Winzz Acoustic' brought back very different results !!


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Anyone heard of them? I can only find reference to beginner guitars online but I've seen some very nice-sounding acoustics for sale.


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thanks for comments. Just got a temporary bee in my bonnet re all-solid but at the end of the day I'd probably buy local where I can try out stuff and let my hands/ears/heart decide. Certainly have been underwhelmed by the sound of some v upmarket all-solids


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Any recommendations for acoustics in all solid woods (i.e. solid top, back, sides) without going too up-market? Its not always easy to select that option when searching vendor websites.


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You can certainly but ready-made nuts, I got a standard eE aA.. one but you could probably get one in EaAa just to try it out.


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Its no longer needed: Nations of th world unite and get rid of it. It'll only work if we all do it though


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The answer is always 'one more'


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http://ovationfanclub.com/ for all your Ovation questions. I made a note some time ago that Ovation fit the following at the factory ( not sure where I got this info)
6-string: D'Addario EXP16 (.012-.053) Phosphor Bronze
12-string: D'Addario EXP38 (.010-.047).

I have D'Addario Custom Light, 11-52 on my Applause (a budget ovation, its old and action quite high so I wanted something light) and something fairly standard 10-47 on my Pacemaker 12 string (not Martin, their basic strings don't seem great). Never took to coated strings


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Ovation 12-strings in particular are very stable. Mine is a 1979 Pacemaker, whats yours, KPSHEA ?


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a 5th chord consists of only 2 of the 3 notes of  the corresponding chord. The one that's left out is the one that decides if it's major or minor. For example, G major is G, B, D. G Minor is G, Bflat, D. G5 has neither B nor Bflat so it can sort of replace a major or a minor. Might be more correct to call it a diad rather than a chord. They're hugely important in guitar playing.

There's any number of different ways to play an chord. Using the thumb to fret notes can help. Classical technique says it's a no-no but then that's mainly played on a wide, flat neck


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Also from my experience of acoustic guitars I would say that the audience (if any!) don't care much about the 'quality' of your instrument.


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Electric guitars are made from a very small number of pieces of wood. The pieces of wood are probably shaped by a machine operated by a human. If they are made by Fender then they are mass produced (i.e. they make a lot of them every day). And Leo Fender took care of the design over 50 years ago. I would expect the quality of the wood to be the main factor determining the tone.

The location of the machine or the nationality of the operator would have little effect on the the tone, I would imagine. They would have a greater effect on the cost of manufacture though.


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Sadly, I do, Zurf. Maybe I've just adapted my technique to suit!


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Not every 12-string would last 30 years as well davesworlds one, and my one. The "sliding off your lap" issue I just don't get. Doesn't happen to me. Does it affect only people who've never played one?


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Rather than practicing scales formally, learn to play the melody of any songs you know and like. Start simple, then progress. Then you are effectively practicing scales.
Someone said to me recently that the guitar is for playing chords, not melodies. NOT SO! The guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument, limited only by the player's desire to learn.

Definitely better to have 'finished' and recorded them than to keep them under glass. Am a Hank fan so looking forward to hearing the recordings