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i have beeen playing for 18yrs,my advise, try a pick.
fingers in my opinion are not for srumming  but are used for fingerpicking.
picks are made for strumming and picking,also you are just getting started,be patient.


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cool,glad you guys like this site.i cant believe that more people havent responded,especially with all the new players on this site, IT'S FREE!



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cool post!

with your guitar in standard tuning make a G chord.

now start at the top and pick down 4 strings,then go to bottom string and pick up 4 strings.

now on your fretting hand move your top 2 fingers down a string each,this is a C chord,now start at the 5th string [2nd from top] and pick 4 down then go to bottom string and pick 4 up.you have now learned a picking pattern and should work with most major chords.for free on-line lessons check out this site 

www.justinguitar.com        good luck and have fun.


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unfortunatley as a beginner its kind of hard to explain yet very easy when you can have a visual.its all based around time signature  and being familar with the song itself.however if you try to play along with the cd,record,radio,et.. and your guitar is not in tune with it. it will never sound acurate.so to get a visual/virtual lesson i would reccomend checking out.


i bet you find this helpful.


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check out 


he has free lesons,you might find it useful.


well you guys chose some very talented singers however,

if we look at the present day singers only one name comes to my mind,and that would be,  CHRIS CORNELL, now with audio slave,formerly with soundgarden,and he just did the theme song for the new james bond flick. if you've never heard of him you must check him out.



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sure thing son,but get my amp out of the back seat before you take-off.


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DAMN!i'm 41 so i guess you guys can call me dad!

been strumin 18 yrs.


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satman here,from DALAS TEXAS,been playing 17 yrs,self taught and it is my litle piece of heaven.


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be sure to check out the CHECK IT OUT thread in acoustic setion on this forum


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been surfing for a good site that should help any level player.

stumbled across this one and had one hell of a good time.


i think you will like it.

please post your feedback,thanks.


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hey bongos i'll say hello to you.

being from texas i can appreciate country music,i really appreciate the COWGIRLS ! even though i prefer heavy metal i get where your coming from and find it pretty cool that a non guitartist enjoys this forum.

at 62,dude you rock.

hey brudda hang in there,chances are your not the rookie.just remember 2 words "PRACTICE & REPITITION"  jam on everybody!!


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damn,im sorry hopeful.female guitarist is downright sexy!

let the brotherhood and the sisterhood become as one.

because without you we are nothing.

better?lots of love from texas...


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the most important thing is tune your guitars to each other,or it will never sound right.then i would follow the others advice,simple songs to start with.

remember,keep it simple!


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the ole palm mute is pretty simple but as with everthing else associated with guitar its all about practice. basiclly all it is is laying the fat part of your palm,the part thats under your pinky finger closest to your wrist and lying it on your strings as you strum. so strum a chord normally and let it ring.now lay your palm down and insted of strumming try to keep you wrist still and just move your pick.you should get a chunk, chunk,chunk sound.kind of hard to explain but if you need more help let us know.


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if your not sure what a g and c are you can google   guitar chord library   this comes in very handy.


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CONGRATS ON THE QUITTING SMOKING BADEYE,i quit 1 week and 4 days ago.

if it wasnt for the ole six gun laying around i would go out of my f_ _ _ _n mind. good luck on the pick.


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chord the g,starting at the top pick

down 4 strings then start at the bottom and pick up 4 strings,then move your two top fingers down a string each,now you have c chord,try to pick that down starting at the 5th (2nd from top} string,pick down 4,then pick up 4 starting at the bottom.now you have used every string on the guitar.this should work with all majors and you have now learned a picking pattern. JAM ON!


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hey kahuna,i use to live in mesa/tempe area,FRICKIN HOT!

so i decided to move to texas,yea,its a wet heat.

very cool of everybody to respond,playing guitar is definately a brotherhood,its something we can all talk about regardless of race,age,where your from,etc,etc.

all i can say is "VERY COOL".


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pull the tab diary of a madman,bad ass acoustic by randy rhoads,he use to study  fernando sor , if you like what randy does be sure to check him out.


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i use to burn a hole in it with a cigarette at the top,worked like a charm!


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if its speed your looking for then

you might want to concentrate on hammer-ons and pull-offs and throw in some trills and vibratos,my all time favorite sweep picking,ya know?

maybe your guitar is fretting out,have you ran another guitar through the amp,could be loose ground,go have a set-up done on it and your problem will probably be solved.


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dude you learned a lesson that is so hard to get through to most new players,everybody wants an electric, but until you are comfortable with acoustic it is a very difficult transition because the two are very different in a very big way.give the acoustic time and the electric will come.

and most definateley


wanna rock forget the g chord and hammer the e.


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videos can tend to run off and leave you,my best advise is if you know anybody that plays try to sit in with them,this is without a doubt the best way.dont be afraid to ask questions.a question never asked is a question never anwsered.

hang in there dude,everybodys strumming sucked in the beginning.