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I have a Tubescreamer TS-9, and use it with a transister amp (Roland JC-50) and get some fantastic sounds out if it. You should get even better with a tube amp. It gives you a bit of smooth, creamy distortion, and great sustain. "Soaring" is the word, which another poster used. Stevie Ray Vaughn used one, and so does Carlos Santana. They are a classic pedal, and I love what it does for my sound, which I get with a Fender Stratocaster. I highly recommend them.  You should be able to get one for about $100.


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Jim Busch, age 61 from Loretto, Minnesota, USA, Earth. I've been playing since about 1972, which would be 36 years. I have been a church musician for about 22 years, playing electric guitar and electric bass.  I learned lead guitar after age 40, and have enjoyed guitar & bass for all 36 years! Playing guitar keeps you young, prolongs your life, and is just the greatest! If I lost my hands I would listen to music endlessly, which I already do with 2 working hands.
I play a Fender Stratocaster, Martin HD-28 acoustic, and a no-name electric bass.

Garth Brooks probably did not kill country music, but maybe he did play a role in that along with others. He is a showman, a poser. Even though it has been said that he has sold more records than the Beatles or Elvis, he is a flash-in-the-pan and 10 years from now no one will remember him.  I think he used to have a thing in his concerts where he would smash an acoustic guitar on stage. That is theatrics, and has nothing to do with music and is stupid. Just like the Who used to do.

Elvis had his theatrics too, but he is remembered, and for many years beyond his death. Garth will not be a lasting memory. This all just shows you how gullible people are and will buy anything that is called top 10 or top 40 music, regardless of the qual.  Garth had his run of fame, is now very wealthy I assume, and that is that.

Maybe I am being a little unfair in my comments about Garth, because obviously a lot of people like him.  I just don't think that his music will have that lasting quality that much of the old time country music had.  I guess only time will be the test of that.  Sorry if I hurt any Garth fans with my comments.


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You can do it yourself: log on to www.frets.com. It will take you through the steps to lower the saddle and turn the truss rod to straighten the neck. I have done it on a Martin HD-28 and another acoustic guitar. If it reduces volume, it is so minimal that the better playability that you gain more than makes up for it.  Read up on it, talk to a guitar tech for pointers/tips, and then do it yourself, but very carefully.  If you are not confident in doing it, take it to a guitar tech and for a minimal fee they will turn it into a guitar that will be much more fun and easier to play.


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Hi. I am an insurance agent from Excelsior, Minnesota.

I got a Martin HD-28 2 months ago.  A real gem of a guitar! The sounds are incredible and sweet.  If you like volume, that is the guitar for you. I love it!

Eric Clapton & Band played at the old Met Center in Bloomington, MN in 1974 as part of his comback tour. He was a drug addict before that, kicked drugs, made a great comback.  He toured with Santana, and Santana & band opened for him.  At the end they jammed together on several songs, most notably "Eyesight to the Blind."  Best concert I ever saw, followed closely by 3 Elvis concerts I went to in the 1970's when Elvis made his own comeback.  Great times indeed!


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I really like Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, Longer, by Dan Fogelberg, and Change the World by Clapton. Anyone of them can move me to tears.


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One of my favorite lyrics is: "If I could choose, a place to die, it would be in your arms." (Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton/Dominos.)

Another is: "If I could reach the stars, I'd pull one down for you, shine it on my heart, so you could see the truth." (Another by Eric Clapton-"Change the World."
Jim Busch

Another over-rated clown in Kurt Cobain.  He couldn't play his way out of a paper bag, and neither could Jack White, another loser who needs to take some guitar lessons.

Carlos Santana is probably the most under-rated guitarist on the planet. If you ever read the ridiculous "50-best" or "100-best" lists he is never in the top 10, 20, or even top 30. You will see clowns like Slash on those lists, or similar clown-losers.

Also, the Allman Brothers Band is vastly underrated. They improvise like no one else, along with Carlos Santana.


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I am dating myself, but it was Eric Clapton that inspired me.  I listened to the Layla Album, to Eric's first solo album (self titled) and to Cream, and the first time that I heard it was like being struck by lightning.  I was in my early 20's at the time and I KNEW that I would be playing guitar after that.  I have now been playing for about 35 years, and it becomes even more fun each year.  I always have something new to learn.  My advice to beginners: Keep Learning.  And: have fun.