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hi i havnt been on here for a while now, how is everyone? anyways ive been playing for a good few years now (5 or 6) and i still find it hard to get a set of strings i like to use over and over again any ideas? im trying to get a sort of ''Chris Bell - Speed of sound'' sort of tone but it doesnt sound quite right im currently using D'Addario light strings and ive tried allsorts what have you guys had luck with? il put a Chris Bell link up so you can see what i mean.


im currently playing a Crafter TR060/VLS-V if it helps




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thanks for replying so fast


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anyone got any ideas of what tuning he's using on this song its, seasick steve - walking man ,  i think its open G im not 100percent though


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Get anything by seasick steve on cmon reply if you think so to


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well im off to meet them tomorrow evening bit nervous but what the hell. il give it my best shot they seem ok, wish me luck!


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ive been asked to go and meet a band where i live to try ou for place as a lead/rhythum guitarist but am a bit nervous has anyone ever had his and what did they get u to do


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would getting a good finish myself be hard i have seen paints being sold on the net and is there a paint u can just brush on rather than sprayig id like something pretty pschycadelic something from the 60's.



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hi there everyone just a quick question am thinking of having my guitar painted like the fool that clapton played anyone no where i could get this done any websites much appreciated wasnt sure which forum it went under.



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ive been asked to go and play with some people and im bricking it any advice ive got no experience playing with others any advice would be great they want me to play lead guitar there into foo fighters sort of stuff anything PLEASE



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hello aint been here a while just moved to liverpool am off to see seasick steve soon anyone got any clue as to what tunings he uses on that beat up 3 string or that old columbia acoustic hes got or are they just open tunings any help much appreciated



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its not so difficult it was the 2nd song i learnt there are a couple of nasty little chords in there but thats it try getting th right tab and learning tiny chunks at a time  it isnt impossible another simple one it blackbird by the beatles


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Nope.  Just study and practice.

The "A minor pentatonic" is just one of five pentatonic patterns, and it's not specific to A minor.  It's the same pattern no matter where you play it.  Want to play C# minor pent?  Put your index finger on C#, and play the same pattern.  G minor?  Put your finger on G and off you go.

Given that there are only five patterns for each mode, there isn't really all that much to learn.  You could learn *every* major and minor scale by simply learning 10 patterns.  Learn their associated chord shapes, and you're really going to be smoking.

hey jerome thanks for the help but just a quick question what do u mean by the chord shapes associated with them is that like if u were playing a scale in A u need to learn all the different types of A chord on the neck or is there something a bit different to this or am i just being a bit thick?



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just curious as to wether anyone else owns a tokai guitar and what they think of it i own a tokai love rock les paul replica LS300 its about the same price as a standard gibson les paul i just prefered the tokai when byuing it.



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how on earth do i get them out of an f hole on your semi there driving me mad!!!


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oh and forgot to say u dont play the 4th fret on the b on the way up


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i  play the pentatonic scale with a few exra notes calling it the blues pentatonic for example Am blues pentatonic would be -

E  5-8
A  5-6-7
D  5-7
G  5-7
B  4-5-8
E  5-8

and ont he way up it would be exactly the same only instead of playing 7-5 on the G ud play it 8-7-5

its nice to add the extra notes i think it sounds good and i practice it quite alot and also throw a jam track on and have a bit of a mess around with it
please correct me if theres anything wrong all your info helps me out.


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ive gone for the p90's just wanted a change really there gibson P90'S and ive gone and got grover heads im not skimping on it but do you reckon you could make money on bying low standard guitars and making them into rockabilly machines and make a profit on them?????


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I just recently bought myself a new electric relatively cheap (335 copy, only wanted it so i could muck around with it, without being worried of the guitar getting ruined) and am getting it modified due to everything electrical being so poor, im having humbuckers changed to P90'S, grover heads put on and having the plastic nut changed to bone , i also wanted a bigsby vibrato placed on it but was told i might have two holes left afterwards from swapping the bridge can anyone tell me of any alternatives i like the retro look on the guitar maybe bootlegger could shed some light. all help appreciated,

P.S oh and anyone who has any more ideas on other upgrades just throw them in to. maybe flashing lights in the f holes hahahaha



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rory gallagher's beaten up strat what an instrument.


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id go for the LINE 6 POD ive bought one and there great any sound u want is there from effects to different amps its great to run through any amp (just think if your bored of your marshall amp why not try a fender or even the vox AC30 or whatever its called) one problem is though its about £200 but its worth every penny u can also get a pedal board version to.


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just bought a cry baby wah wah pedal and am having loads of fun with it anyone got any tips to playing with it its pretty hard to play and muck around with the thing and was just wondering how you lot get on with it?


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its just above the fretboard i cant let her  no its not an expensive guitar its samick or summit u no of any sites that would supply this type of guitar she is gonna murder me if she finds out im bricking it, the only good thing i can come up with is that it wasnt one of my guitars



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just wondering if someone could help us out i came home late last week and as i was about to get to bed i tripped on a footpedal and landed right on my girlfriends guitar and the neck snapped on the top was just curious if you can get them repaired or even a new neck and also how much roundabouts it would cost maybe some of you people who repair and make guitars could help out oh and how quick can it b done she doesnt no and she would kill me.



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can someone please describe what a turn around is and how you do it? is it similar to 12 bar blues????



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just how do you go about playing a bottle neck is there anything online for it to help or does anyone have any good ideas i could do to try it out?