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Great work, Per, and thank you!
Thanks also to all contributors, great and small.  You have made this an amazing resource.



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wow ... I got nothing here man, nothing but hopes that they can help you make some head way. 
Thoughts are things, I know many are focused your way.


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check out The Log Driver's Waltz -- too much fun to roll with http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct= … Sa_3rQ4ujA
a little lyric edit and you'll be all smiles.

BTW my links seem to get deleted so hop on this fast...


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You can edit the song in your songbook and include however you wish to play the chord for guitar-- I presume the same function is available for the Uke chord charts.  Check out the "show help" drop down for details.
NB spaces are significant if you don't type it right it doesn't work.
Good luck!


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Thanks Roger -- is there a convenient place one can upload/store jpegs to link to?


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Yep-- New Ukelele Day!

Well, she finally did it.  Lucy came across a ukelele she just had to bring home.
Nope... nobody plays uke here but maybe some of the HomeRoutes guys will shake a tune out of it now and then.

Straight from the Naramata Bench, one of BC's wine areas, whilst tasting a great Chardonnay, this just had to come home with us.

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= … nt_count=1


Sorry I had to bail so early too.  I'm glad I got on for a bit though; its was great to meet a couple more chordians and hear some fine music. 
Good idea Astro (sorry, 2 second retention on names - and everything else too) I'd love to see what Ken's doing and get familiar with some fills and riffs -- any bit of technique will help.

Thanks again!

A couple shots of yesterday's HomeRoutes event.  We had a nice crowd (30) and an amazing time.
There's nothing like live music up close and personal.
My favourite part of the deal is I get to spend some time with some great artists.

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … d7322d8827


Spytunes (another great web site BTW) has some strum exercises. 
Check out the Practice Guitar section for strumming patterns and more...

Good luck!


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Hey NELA,  Hope it goes well -- keep the beat going strong!

Hi Spamhead,

I also found that selecting the alternate chord didn't save but if you get comfortable with editing, you can make it work there - and save it.

The "Show Help" dropdown has a bit of info...
Example: C# to be played like an A on 4th fret:
{define: C# 4 1 3 3 3 1 1}

It's not too complicated just be sure you type it right...  those spaces are essential too.
Good luck!


What's an iPad??   

JK - I think keeping up with all the proliferation of hardware upgrades is going to be a tough proposition. 
Good luck with that Chordie programmers!

I long for the day when a 20 meg hard drive was "more than you`d ever use in your lifetime" lol



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Hey KP, 

I too am stepping into the 12 string world and there is some debate as to whether detuning (down a half step or two - probably have the terminology wrong...) is necessary with new builds.  Mine is from the late 70's and hasn't had a great life, so  I plan to reduce the stress as much as possible - light strings; detune, I'm thinking a full step and capo to standard tuning.

Mike Golay wrote a tech article on the issue (I'm not sure I can drop a link here... the mods will fix it as required)
http://www.bansheewerks.com/frivolities … tml#gauges 
A couple pages down is the 12 string info.

Good luck,

All I get is maybe try reducing the "zoom factor(?)" on your browser.
Firefox and IE do that with "Ctrl -" hold the ctrl key and hit the "-" to zoom out on the page.  The font gets smaller but you see more of the page.  To re-zoom hit Ctrl +

let me know if that works


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Just back ... the weekend was a bust -- just getting ready to go but when the riff raff got back for school we hit the road for Francois Lake, on the longest sockeye salmon run in the world.  Yeah,... no salmon but  as night took over I was sitting back by the fire, noodling along as the northern lights rolled across the sky.  Wow....  I love this place.


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Thanks Z   anyone who is holding back from the skype jams must just check in.  You won't find a more welcoming and supportive group.  I say this reluctantly as if all of you check in, I might not be able to...


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Thanks, Bluejeep,
I am just looking into strings and tunings for the 12er.  Mine has kind of been through the wars so I'm thinking a lighter load might be the way to go.  My Luthier friend says it will be good and as stable as new.
Mike Golay wrote a tech article on the issue (I'm not sure I can drop a link here... the mods will fix it as required)
http://www.bansheewerks.com/frivolities … tml#gauges a couple pages down is the 12 string info.  Kind of interesting.

Hi Russell... sorry so late getting back to you.  had gone fishin' smile
You are right, the HomeRoutes shows aren't free but just $20 gets you in the door. 
All goes to the artists -- it's a great evening.

If you live in Canada or are wandering through at the very right time, you might have a chance to attend a great concert -- right in someone's home.  Head over to homeroutes.ca to see the schedule. 

If you are close, let them know you's like to attend and they will hook you up.  We're in Prince George BC, first day on the tours.  The season starts Sept 21 all across the country.

Y'all come, it's always a great time!


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Congrats BlueJeep!  Can't wait to get my 12er out of the "hospital" 
I'd be interested in what you plan to use for strings and tuning -- down a half or full step(?)
Have fun!


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Computer left on --> perpetual online status??


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One song I worked on to get a handle on the barre is "I shall be released"  You can play the progression all the way up the neck.  A  Bm Cm Bm A Em

Also, if you feel the stretch is a bit much to start with, try setting a capo a couple frets up, you can learn the barres a bit easier that way.

It does hurt some as you build strength but well worth the struggle if you can master the chords.


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dino,  the place is infested with ex-pat Brits wink
We spent a week there a couple years ago - wasn't half long enough.
I keep agitating for a return tour.... one day.

Great choir Roger!

As before, that was great fun.  One day I'll shake the paralytic stage fright thing, I think the jams will help - actually they have already.
Cheers all!

PS   Great bunch to play with, if you haven't managed to join in, it should be on the "to do" list.