Yes thank you

i heard this song .  Loved this song but cannot find
Country  about a guy that failed his girl in this life and wants to come back and be her hero


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i just got my own recording system and would like to record songs that i have done over the years where can i find out witch song i can use without paying for them


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to do this learn the notes on your 6th"e" string
e - f - f#/gb -  g-  g#/ab-  a-  a#/bb-  b-  c - c#/db-  d - d#/eb-  e
playing sharps and flats tell you what direction you are going
just to give you a sample  i fall to pieces the chorus is played
"C"  "F" "f#"  "G" "Gb" "F"
f# and gb are the same but the movement has changed
good luck


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try something a little different start with an "e"  with pinky, ring ,and middle fingers slide the middle finger to the 6th frett and barr on the 5th frett (a chord ) slide the whole package up two fretts and you have a b chord   1 4 5 progression you will find it easier to barr farther up the neck


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hey when you go to a pawn shop put your money in a different pocket and tell them that is all you have they can come down but you upset people if you ask for more and they want to get all they can for it :<)

i think my favorate vacation was when i went to nashville took my guitar and found out how "not good" i was changed my outlook on my music started having more fun and strangely enough got better at playing there were so many people better than me at playing down there i was in shock. i played at a bar to fill in for someone that did not show up for his gig and had a ball it was the show not the hot licks that flew for me changed my life. i now do little shows around home and get calls for benifits best vacation ever!!!!


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what i do to learn a new song is burn a cd of that song and play it over and over until it is burned into my brain get sheet music and words when i can or sit down and type them out (that helps me remember them) the chords are played with the left hand and the style is played with the right( unless you are left handed) when you start hearing the song with your heart and your soul you will be just fine. if i ever have to deal with a critic i offer them my guitar and say teach me. i am my worst critic
there are so many different styles strumming and picking  and tempos and how to do each combo it would be very hard to compile a list of them
just keep it fun and you will be happy


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i to had a buzz on mine and wanted brighter sound i put a brass nut and bridge on it now i need volume control sounds great finger picking go easy on the strumming you will drown every one out


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if you are going to sand the saddle lay it on a flat surface and draw a line all the way across with a pencel check the height of the strings from the fretts by folding paper  before you destring then check the height of pencel line with same folded paper and leave some pencel line do not take to much off  but if you do use shimm stock to raise it back up


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if you try a heavy guage string you can raise the nut or saddle or both by putting shim stock under them can be purchased at most hardware stores. to put it back just take out the shimms the big problem comes in if the strings are to big for the groves on the nut or bridge dont change them replace them keep the old ones to go back heavy guage strings will open up the light gauge slotts then the light strings will not work right


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most not all but most songs start with the key in the first chord played


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anyone know where to get some good banjo tab for a beguiner
got the chords down so so but getting better


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well it has been about a year since you posted  how you doing??


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sorry i haven't gotten back sooner had my knee replaced finally got up the stairs i would love a copy of "guitar grimoire"
looks like others are interested also is it a link or email
again thanks


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i just ran across a new pick it is called a "pointlesspick" at a music festival and it seems to be great for slow ballads and the old rock and roll not much on the bluegrass picking but it sure stays in your fingers
i always carry a pocket full of picks it depends what i am playing as to which i will use


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play it like you hear it in your head it is called "poetic licence"
you should have heard me play the national athem at a poka:<) everybody roared (i was playing at a poke festaval)
the chords take care of themselves after a while the style comes from the other hand, picking, strumming ,or both.  i did not want to say right or left couse we have some great lefties out there
actually the most important thing is keep at it  "music is for life"


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the time thing is my phone line i have dial up on an old rotery dial system out (used to be a party line) in gods land.  friends ask me if they are still in michigan when they come over:<)
but hey i have enough land i have a weekend long music festaval in my back yard every year so it balences out in the long run


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thanks for the input that one word keeps coming up "scales" so i checked it out on dan denley course (i guess i skipped that chapter) there is a need to learn scales as boring as it is it helped
at least now i do not hit "bad" notes sounds way better.
actually it sounds pretty cool not great yet but cool
man i love this site


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thanks i got the audiocity but the media file was 14 hours to download i guess i'll fumble throught it with out it but it is a start


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hi gang
anybody know where to send a singing, guitar playing, pc idiot to start recording on my pc. i have tried and for some reason all i can get is 1 minute rec can not find any place to change the timming
i need to keep it simple , money, big issue   time, big issue
i can not make sample cd's   no money for studio time
i can not get giggs with out sample cd's    stupid circle thing
help get me started please i'm getting olded by the minuite and i'm already on the down hill side :<)


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i used to say i played the guitar also. i went on a trip to nashville and stopped at a carwash not much business got to talking music because he saw my guitar in the back killing time we started playing around he did things i did not know my guitar could do, i did not even play after him i was almost embarressed so now i say i have fun with it and  it still keeps it fun


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also check out folkjam,org for postings in your area i am over by greenville mi we play every sat at the winter inn open jam and friday at bert's barn both jams are year round closed two weekends every year buttwheat jam in july and wheatland in sept love to have you show up


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i also own most everything with strings my twelve is a 70 gininni when i get her out at jams everybody has to try her plays good up and down the neck couldn't be happier if you buy don't get rid of it unless you upgrade you will always be sorry i would kill to get my first back (old craftsman archtop)but an ex ended up with it


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it truely is sad that people think volume and/or speed means they are good i have found old bluegrass songs by the artist that wrote the song it is not played at top speed they have lost the beauty of the song
sorry thanks for letting me vent