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Nela !

One huge bowl of "Dublin Coddle" going your way, with crusty bread to mop up. smile  Puts muscles where ya never had them lol

A warm embrace  also, across the broad Atlantic.. I sincerely hope you get well soon.  Thankfully, ya never lost your wonderful sense of humor. <3

Old Doll.


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Thank you "

Good to hear from you also.  While i am here, May i take this time to wish all who remember me here,
a Splendid new year. Gods blessings to you all.

<3 xx

Yes, Dino48,

Children have a tendency to keep us on our toes. My wee one Loves  curved twigs and Mamo's { Granny in Irish } fashion beads.
She is either gonna be a water diviner or a fashion icon big_smile.
I haven't heard of UYK in a long while. I guess his kids keep him occupied also.. We did have some great banter here for so long on Chordie.. It surely kept me going through some very rough times. I would be in touch with some of the guys and gals on  { dare i mention F B ! They { Chordie have a link there also.}.

Be kind to you and yours sir. Life passes in the blink of an eye.. I just linked this on Face craic  [ as we call it }. So i shall share with you also.
I love this lady Mary Gaulthier " Sings and writes the best songs. She is also magic in live concerts. I have had the pleasure..
Oiche Mhaith ! { goodnight }


Thank you Dino48.

I have a wee grand daughter 18 months old now. A pure pleasure and such a joy in my life. I decided to take time out,
to  mind her, which i do full time most of a week. Evenings i usually spend with family on face Book. Its about all the energy i have left at the end of a day.. I am not complaining though, i love the bones of this wee doll.

I am sure at some stage i will get back here. Its all about time and how to share it at the moment.. Not to mention " Age" hahahaha.

I went to see this guy last night live here in Dublin Ireland. . He is older like us all but, was still  soooooo wonderful... I love the man.

  Warm hugs to you Dino48.

Old Doll.


Well bejapers and begorragh.

I've looked, listened and am so totally raging i didn't make it. You all had a great time by the sounds and photos.
Thank you to all for extending the hand of friendship to me as always.. ye know i love ye all.
So February next { God willing } i shall be joining you.. Hotel for me as i snore like a train } big_smile
I also know i cannot play as good as ye guys, but i can sing a whole lotta songs.. and open a bottle! { Very important }  Sure, I also love the  ceol agus craic. which there was it appeared, to be plenty of that about.
All the photos are wonderful. But, Lizzie { Wayne Bayes Mrs} is my fave. Looking out on a beautiful setting. I actually must comment on that one.  The rest of ye are all as ugly as sin lol
SouthPaw, you have the best mischievous facial expression . i've ever seen on any musician in the video.. Believe me when i say," i've seen a lot" ! No wonder you're wee men are so happy and at one with themselves. What a gift to give to you're wee ones.
I see Clear water was mentioned also here. I happen to have an old Childhood friend living in Clear water.. Hows about that then ?
Sure i'm completely sorted for February..
I could not leave without asking Mr Zurf, " how is his face after the sand blast ? " Also Topdown  Jeff taylor for keeping me connected..
I enjoyed all of this both Video, and photos.

Thank you for sharing as always..

Dino48. how are you me auld flower ?.. i hope life is full of snow cones and sunshine for you.. 

Love and light as always from the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

Old Doll -- getting older by the day !:rolleyes:


Jeff Taylor advised me to have a look here about the Chordiestock ! What do i find ? Only your good self on  U tube! Totally took me off side.. Ya wee divil.
You never said ! Or asked Old Doll to even have a dance!  So good to hear you playing and singing  sir, never mind putting a face to  your name.
What a pure pleasure it was to do so. Ya handsome Fear { man } you. 

Love and light as always to you.. I will listen and comment to the rest of your Videos tomorrow.. I really should be in my leaba { Bed } now. There ya go sir, keeping Old Doll up late.  big_smile

Oiche Mhaith from the Emerald isle.


I have just finished my usual seasonal flowers. Late this evening as, we had a family funeral today. I went to Facebook to wish you a Happy Birthday, which led me here to read about this awful happening..In that split second in time, you and yours became part of this  sad horrific story unfolding before your eyes..  Please know this Pix. You gave that young girl  who died, the treasure of compassion and comforting words in her last seconds of life.The fact that she didn't survive will never alter your care and attention to her when she needed it.

Use the same care and attention now for you, your beautiful wife and family. Lord knows you all need some gentle time after such an ordeal.

As for the man cleaning the gun ! His path in life has forever changed also. His mind and spirit, now full of dark shadows because of one single mistake. Mistakes can happen for us all... For that man "That's one heavy burden to bear for the rest of ones life..

I could ask the question, " Why would any person need such a powerful gun ? ".. I have a childhood friend who was a painter and decorator. He was working on an old house many years ago now as a young man. He found a old gun in a  press,  pointed it at his workmates, then pulled the trigger. He blew the head off his workmate.. He would have had no idea of guns or ammunition. His workmate died instantly. My friend although still alive, has lived such a tormented life.. There are no winners were guns are concerned, just death.
I hope with time the images you all captured today can be erased.
My love, hugs, and deepest sympathy to all concerned.

Old Doll.


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Great stuff Badeye,

That just got me early morning seat dancing lol

Put the kettle on , will ya  x

http://challengers.guinnessworldrecords … 30-seconds

I'll make sure and have a green leprechaun suit for the next one. lol

Aah begorrah and bejappers,

Sure i'm the one in the middle of this picture :Lol:


We could hardly let Mr Jay leno hold that title.

Old Doll.

God Bless you Bass Viking.

I hope there's someone like you around when its my turn to be in a home . I'll be praying in the meantime, there's no "Nella Fella" alongside me with a one track mind. He { Nella } must be Irish ! he's full of auld blarney lol. I must admit to L.M.A.O, reading his post.

Old Doll.

Aww, Guitarpix,

I'm definitely losing the plot ! lol I didn't even check to see was it re posted. The sooner my eyes are operated on, the better all round..

Thank you for your email.

Old Doll.

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Re: Asking for a Favour Please !
hi everyone,
alan s here alias narrowboat I am new to the forum and would appreciate some help.

I started playing 3yrs ago a lifetime ambition but at 66 years of age I am a little slow however, am looking to buy a used epiphone les paul. It looks superb but the serial no. given to me over the phone is+10041509595 and I cannot trace this anywhere on the internet. Could anyone advise me, all the numbers I have come across have fewer digits than this one and the various sites tell me this is unrecognisable.
Look forward to your resplnse....... Thank you in adviance - Alan

It was posted under a post i had. The poor guy must be wondering why he has received no replies or help with same !

Thank you,
Old Doll.


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Nae Bother Topdown,

I'm not one bit offended. Rules must be adhered to. I'm away from the forum to long to remember the rules lol My apologies !

Hugs to you and yours, and that gorgeous beach you spend time at.. I'm green with envy Sir, every time i see the pics.

Old Doll.


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Fáilte All,

I was playing the Waterboys CD the other day. I love there music. I have heard this particular song so many times, But, for some reason while listening to it this week, i was skullhauled in my mind back to all my friends here. To all the times i spent interacting with many wonderful chordie people,  through some very difficult times in my life.  with Love, sickness and loss...through it all your replies, kindness, laughter, and sharing was soooo appreciated... So there now, digest this one !! lol I thought id share these good feelings with all  who contribute to this wonderful forum . Your making great friends worldwide, without realizing it. Although, we may never meet on this planet..

The song and lyrics that reminded me of you all..Enjoy !




Many hearts to keep you warm
Many guides to speed you through the storm
and may the saints and angels watch over you

Hugs to all,
Old Doll.

Doll, You know I love ya and I hate to edit your post, but you must have forgotten the rules about posting lyrics on the forum. I have left the last line as snippets of lyrics are allowed and here's a link to the full lyric: http://www.lyricstime.com/waterboys-sai … yrics.html I hope you are not offended my dear lady - topdown


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Hi Russell !

No, my son doe's not read music or play. He requested a guitarist  to play and record the tune for his own personal listening...

Thank you for your help with this one.. Its appreciated.

BensonP, How are you me darlin. I miss our singing and dancing hours. I hope life is good for you and yours,

Im dragging the devil by the tail this weather lol.. One of these weeks i'll get time to come and read all i liked to,  when i had more free time..Life is busy most days. early starts, early to bed. But i'm glad to report i'm still  horizontal and above the  clay..

Hugs across the pond to you all.

Old Doll.


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Thank you so much to all.

My apologies for only getting back to this item now. I've been busy.

When my son heard this piece it was played on a resonator. I am assured by him, it would be most welcome
played on any type of guitar.

He has tried to locate same on the web with no Joy. Thank you Russell for your attention to same. I, we, appreciate your time. It would be most welcome on 6 string..

Dino 48, I have had some work done to my eyes. But i need more surgery in January 2012..
Papaguitar,  Thank you ...I miss you all, but i also have a beautiful new grand daughter to take up what spare time i'm left with lol..

She " Mia " is such a great joy to me. I love shopping for her, with her,and spending quality time whenever i can with her..At the moment shes my greatest joy in life..

My warmest wishes to you all.


Old Doll.

Failte to all my Chordie friends..

My son has asked  "can anyone here record this piece for him..


Looking for a favour.   Could you ask on Chordie is there anyone who could play and record this piece on a resonator guitar, to do a cover of this  link ?


They played it on a resonator guitar at the wedding last week as the bride walked down the isle with her Dad.  It was superb!

Its a long shot, but  i, and he, would greatly appreciate same.

Hugs to all from the Emerald isle.

Old Doll.:cool:


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I couldn't sign off without leaving a song for me Chordie dance partner.

A slow lurch sir ! lol.

Hugs to you sir. I hope life is more then good to you and yours.



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Thank You" Daddy cool.

I'll be getting a big ole head on me.:D  big_smile

Toots very kindly posted the link to my FB Page.. It was a lovely surprise to speak to you Daddy Cool recently on FB.

Yes, My eyes have been giving me bother for quite some time now, Probably because i was addicted to Chordie, reading and answering everything, i sometimes wonder now how i ever got any work done Hahahahahaha [ Per ! send on my blind pension please ]  Also to the people here, whom i befriended.. Your were and still are all very dear to my heart. You all unknowingly helped me through some very difficult times back then, for which i am eternally grateful..

When my lamps are in better working order, i will be back to read whats new with ye all.  In the mean time

Abundance to ye all from the Emerald isle.
Stay Cool Daddy.

Helena { Old Doll.


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Sincere sympathy for your loss Zurf.

I also lost a dear friend 3 weeks ago. He " Ken" never smoked or ever touched alcohol. Never said a bad word about anyone in his young life.
I have witnessed a lot of deaths { friends and family } over the last 5 years. I cannot explain why Ken's death has left such sadness
in my heart, with the  question " WHY Ken Lord ".

Old Doll.


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Belated Birthday greetings Sir,

From the Emerald Isle.

Old Doll.

My friends live in New Richmond, Ohio.

They had a celebration earlier this year which i was to attend, but couldn't in the end make it there. Shucks !

Those Pictures are STUNNING, i need to rearrange that trip pronto !

Old Doll.


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Indeed Bolleauxp.  Sure isn't that the truth ! Your  still warm and above the ground still. Your sons are so right. lol

I do believe we go through stages of change with ageing. Having reared my Sons investing time and energy { with pleasure i may add } i'd forgotten how to just be me ! Going through the emotional stuff of letting go was very difficult for me. Now i realize it was also about not wanting to confront being on my own { as such } again. Coming from a large clan i rarely am alone, but my central core gets very lonesome at times.  Theres a waiting feeling ! But as i said "For what "

The rain has just started to pound the windows here this morning, Even the wee birds are running for cover lol  They{ the birds } are professionals at adapting, while we mortals, continue to make life a struggle for ourselves.. We need to observe them  and learn.

I wish you a blessed day. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Its very much appreciated

Old Doll


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Again a great piece Phil,

I always get a lump in my throat watching the aged veterans on Rememberance  day.

They gave so much of themselves for there countries. Not a selfish bone among them.

Lessons to be learned from there strength Eh !

Old Doll.