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Texas Flood, although you need to change Texas to England


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Jammin for me is sort of like bodysurfing at the beach. Sometimes you just cant catch that wave, but then sometimes you catch that wave and you ride it all the way to the shore. When you catch the wave, when it clicks, what a feelin. Sounds to me like you caught the wave. Oh yea a good strap makes a big difference as far as comfort goes


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That was some great advise I got, telling me to buy this DVD. I look foward to watching it again and again. How are those Robert Randolph CD's


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Hey Badeye, Believe me you are in for a treat. I honestly think it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Be sure to let me know how you like of the show.


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I just got done watching the Clapton Crossroads concert and it gave me the desire to start taking some lessons myself. Congadulations on your new home, are you very far from Longueuil


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I bought the DVD today and watched the whole thing. it was great. It make me want to practice and become a better guitar player


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Wow does that bring back some memories. I was about 20 years old I remember smoking about 2 paks of ciggerettes before the show. I was a nervious wreck. It ended up turning out well.


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Hey There Michel, I was very impressed with that version of Classical Gas. WOW. My question is can someting like that be preformed (fingerpicked) without  amplification. My expierience with my attemps at fingerpcking is that it does not come out that loud. Also Claude DeBussy has  music lessons. Have you any knowledge if they are any good for more advanced lessons


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Maybe you are banging too hard and maybe you might be better of with a heavier gauge string


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Looking up songs on the internet is relitivly new for me. I used to have to sit down with a recording of the song and figure it out on my own. (unless I went out and bought the music book). So if the song tabs or chords are not correct or partly wrong at least I have the words or some of the basics of the song. This at least makes it easier to figure out the song. Hey its free information. I am grateful for all this free service. I dont understand how some people can complain about omething like this. What do you expect for nothing


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Hello there Old Doll, OK I finally get it, a plecrum ia a pick. Sometimes I am not that quick. I must say a Couple Home Made Irish Coffees would be like heaven

By the way I am working on a plectrum song, that is a song about plengctrums

Your friend PADDY JACK


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I always thought it was because of the way he dresses. old  beat up jeans, the flannel shirt, the constuction boots and of course the long stringy hair. And as far as his talent goes the guy can just write exellent music whenever he wants.He has certainly passed the test of time. Just imagine any time you want being able to wip out an alblum, just like that. Thats Niel Young


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Hi Phil, This is something that never interested me before. as long as I had an acoustic and an electric guitar I was fine, but lately I have been having the desire to buy more guitars. I have recently ordered a new martin D-42 and I should be getting it sometime next week. Now I want to get a resonator and develop my slide playing. I have also been thinkinking about a 12 string. I have a Gibon Lucille but I sometimes miss having Fender (Strat & Tele ) I believe I am suffering from the bug. Does it ever end ?


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I haven't the words to descibe how much I enjoy this site, talking about my favorite pastime with people from all over the world. I see now the different and interesting careers of many of you. I am a drywall contractor but I don't work full time as I have moved to Canada from the US and I am waiting for my permenent residency papers and I am not allowed to work in this country. I sometimes drive to the US for work but that is a 2 hour drive. I plan to start a small buesness as soon as I become leagal. I met the perfect woman here in Canada. She was supposed to move to the states but I sumhow ended up here in the great white north. We are planning to marry in March


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I had never heard of Heritage before so I went to their web page and read their history. They are definitly a repupital company all being former Gibson guitar makers. If the guitar feels good and plays well  and you like it. Seems like a no brainer to me.

I find that very strange because when I replace my strings it's almost like having a new guitar imediatly. I have been using D'Adarrio for years. Maybe you might want to try them and see what happens


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martin guitars are nice and have what I believe a sound all thier own. I have finally decieded on the model I want (the D-42) and it has been ordered. I am looking foward to its arrival.

Congradulations, I must say your wifey has got great taste. enjoy

Just wondering what kind of amp are you using


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I have been playing alone on a cheap fender starter type amp  (fender frontman amp) for years now mostly playing to recorded music. I am thinking about upgrading to a better amp. I was wondering if someone could give me some advise on shopping for something nicer that I could use when jammin with other people. My guitar is a Gibson Lucille

another question what is the difference between an acoustic amp and a regular amp. is a regular amp sufficiant for an acoustic guitar


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I believe what made Jimi Hendrix such a great guitar player was that he had a gift. This gift of talent is what seperates the stars from the rest of us. No matter how much a regular person practices they will never reach the hieghts that a person with the gift of true talent reaches. Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray are all among the gifted


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Hi there old doll, how have you been, well I hope. could you please explain to me what the term plectrums means. I have no clue


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patrickjacques wrote:

I don't know for sure but I have been told that a lot of bling bling (fancy inlays) will compermise the sound quality. Anyone out there have the low down on that ?

Hello Mr Bootlegger, Just curious but I was wondering if you kwew the answer to my question


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aaron00lee wrote:

Why shouldnt you play stairway to heaven? I think its great...one u missed is the practice excercise E5, G5, A5 Etc.

the reason is that for a long time stairway to heven was the song that every guitar player had to learn so it ended up getting so overplayed that it became like play something different


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that is so funny the only other song I could think of would be house of the rising sun


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(0)==#paranormal guitar wrote:

Lucky you.
I'm not cool enough to be in a band. I'll probably get nowhere anyway. tut.
Thanks for telling me this.

hey paranormal get a grip there is no such thing as not cool enough. you have to learn how to work it and all will be as you say cool enough. you just got to want it