i love these lyrics old doll!!  i wish i had written this one and i definetely see the southern rock in this one!!


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oh thank you to everyone for your kind words!  i am looking for a new change for the title but i'm sure it'll come to me in time.  Thanks to everyone again!!


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hey everyone! it's been a little while.....life's been really busy lately so haven't had a chance to post much stuff on here......please anyone and everyone give any form of criticism on this song, good or bad!  any helpful suggestions or anything just let me know! 

.......let me know what ya'll think....................

These are the base chords but there's a pretty cool riff i made up but can't write out playing behind the basic chords during the song with add-ins of leads here and there.....

“Lips of An Angel†
copywright: Blake Stitcher
Intro:  G,  D,  Em,  C
Verse 1:
                    G                                         D
When it’s early in the morning and my body is fast asleep,
     Em                                                  C                     D
My heart’s thoughts wander, and it’s you girl that I see.
           G                                                 D
In the mist of my dreams I stare, to catch the memories I’ve seen us share,
       Em                                                   C                             
I’ve seen the first time our lips met, and I knew right then
and there.
         G                                      D
My heart’s been stolen by the lips of an angel
       Em                               C
I never want it back, it belongs to her anyway,
G                                                      D
What I wish for most and what my soul wishes to steal
             Em                                      C                D                   
Is what saved me all along, just a kiss, from the lips of an
D, Em, C
Verse 2:
                 G                                               D
While a warm breeze blows across my windowsill frame,
            Em                                       C          D
I see a candle’s flame flicker, but stays lit just the same.
G                                                                  D
Through the wind of tough times, can our flame stand the test?
     Em                                                           C                   
I know, I know, I’ve seen our love, light my candle with a
Em                               C                                        G     
Fly my heart away angel, but keep it safe with you to stay


        Em                                                  C       
It’s safer in your care and off of my sleeve,  it belongs to

              D                    G
you anyway   ay, ay, yeah

Man, that's awesome!!  but you're  girl right? or are you....anywayz...awesome song!  i can relate with that song totally!  i love this line...
"Can you smell the smoke
Or do you even have any clue
That Ive been set afire
With the hell that you put me through"


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Thank you all so much for your compliments!!!!!!!!  They mean a lot more than you know!   thank for the outro insrumental chords compliments....i wsn't really sure how ya'll would think the'd flw with the rest of the song....

last rebel, the B to A to G thing goes like this.....you are playin a c chord rigt before you start those three  so make a C chord, then lift up your 4th finger then hit down on 2nd fret on 5th string(like a Bm Chrd) then release that hit an open A note and then hit G chord.....its more of a follow down with one note than the actual chord itself.......and yeah haha no one comented on the Capo chords on mine.....
once again thank you to everyone...


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Thank you so much for your compliment Old Doll...your words mean more to me than you know!!


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Yes, yes i know that the song is in capo I and that the chord names are different when capoed in a different fret....for the sake of time and easy reading, play the chords as you would without it capoed.........please, good or bad criticism is always welcome....i learn by people's criticism so in a round-about way, you're helpin me!


Copywrite:Blake Stitcher

Intro: G,     F, C,        F, G,      F,C,     F, G,

Verse 1:
G                                                                F
Jamie was a girl that I knew in school,
C                                                                    F
Hangin’ out and actin’ like we were cool.
G                                                                         F
Not payin' attention to what all was goin’ on,
C                                                                            F
And I’d smile to myself when she would call.
G                                                                          F
Livin’ college life without a care in the wind,
C                                                                                   F
Whenever this crazy world seemed to be closin’ in.
G                                                                F
But I would trade any moment in time,
C                                        D
If she could ever be there by my side.

        G                  F                       C                     G
And it’s crazy to think how I did without her laugh there with me,

    G                            F              C                         D
I’d cross the scorchin’ desert or swim across a stormin’ sea,
                                   C               B      A  G       
But you know, It’d be worth it to love Jamie

G,   F, C   F, G

Verse 2:
It was sometime in my college sophomore year,
I wanted to skip town and get outta’ here.
I wasn’t sure where I’d go or what I’d see,
But you know it wouldn’t be worth it without Jamie.
So I decided to stick around for a little longer while,
I didn’t want to miss out on her gorgeous smile.
So I unpacked my bags and opened up my heart,
For mine and Jamie’s new fresh start


Instrumental Outro:    Em, C,  G     Em, C, D     Em, C, G         Em, F, C, G


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wow.powerful does not begin to describe this song..........moving work .....especially like the line "because depressed you feel more reasons to cry".......beautiful


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great work james!

and   la- ti- da....


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no other way to say it than "what beauty spoken from an angel's mouth could ever fall upon deaf ears?"

jerome.oneil wrote:
Rooster3 wrote:

Either way yo play the chord its the meaning in the words thats supposed to catch ur attention on this site, correct?
Good Job!

Well, no.  Not for me.  With the group I play in, the only songs to which I know the words are the ones I wrote.   Everything else is "lalalalalalalala"

For me, it's the music that matters.  Lyrics are completely interchangeable.

well lat ti da for you jerome......that's your opinion and your as welcome to it as i am to mine....  sure the chords and riffs  in a song are supposed to set the tone of the work of music or song in many cases, but in the words of someone i heard one time......"If you can't say what you mean, then you can't mean what you say"...lyrics are the direct representation of how one feels and it is shown in how they are sung and how a song is worded..............sometimes what you say is more important than how the chords flow.....if a song relies on sound alone to speak for the artist then what is the point of trying to say anything at all????

Either way yo play the chord its the meaning in the words thats supposed to catch ur attention on this site, correct?  since its not recorded on here we'll rely on a great work by last rebel!

Good Job!

I really like this song Last Rebel...you know your username is the name of one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs.....represent!


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This is a work of beauty OLD DOLL!!!  truly it is!


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No it's not about me....i was just thinking about a situation like that and a song ended up coming out of it......


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You have  always been kind to me in your comments Old Doll and i appreciate that!  God Bless


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An interesting take on a wedding and a guy's love for a woman.............tell me what you think!!!

Intro:  E, A/F#,  A, B7

Verse 1:
E                                            A/F#                  A                     
When I look at you in your wedding gown I see what it is
I wish I could be,
              E                       A/F#       A
When I hear your name called I freeze.

E                          A/F#                         A                 B7
I wish today that you could see how it is I care and how I’ve

         E                       A/F#                A
That one day up this aisle you’d be mine.

                     A                                                       E
But as you hold that guy’s hand and now at the altar you stand,
          A/F#                                                 A
Before God and man to give your name away.

              E                                                 A/F#
Baby I have to speak up now forever I could not hold my peace,
                   E                                                        A               
I’m gonna’ lay it all down on the line so that everyone can see,
   E                         A/F#                         A             B7
I can’t sit still and watch you girl just give your heart away,
            E                              A/F#                A        B7
So I’m not gonna’ forever hold my peace when I have so much
left to say.

Verse 2:
Sitting here now in this church pew alone seeing you standing there in front of us all,
I wish I was the one giving you that ring today.
And if I don’t stand up for it all now before it’s too late,
That golden ring is gonna’ take my last chance away.


           A                                                               E
And though it is I know what my heart wants to do, I look at him

and then I look at you,

               A/F#                                                 B7
Then the preacher asks if anyone has anything to say.

Closing Chorus:

But baby I’m not gonna’ speak up now, forever I’ll have to hold my peace,
I’m not gonna’ lay it all down on the line because finally I see
That I want you to be happy no matter what that takes
So I’m gonna’ sit tight and hold my breath as I forever hold my peace today.


D------ 2---------------------


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yeah i kinda made it up when i was writing a song and it just flowed well so i thought there might be a name for it....

i tried out the E/F# chord and it was really close so then i just substituted the A for the E to get more of the sound i was wanting ...i tried the chord A/F# and it is really close to the sound i was getting......the tab for it is below    thank you everyone for your help i really appreciate it!!

D------ 2---------------------


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the chords in the song go........





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Any help on identifying this chord would be very helpful....just kinda stumbled on it but not sure what you'd call it.......kinda weird soundin' but works for me!!!!!!!!    Thank you all very much.

D------ 2---------------------


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I loved it James!  Great song for men of all ages!  A great read and a very fluid song!!  Great JOb!!!


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All of ya'lls compliments made my eyes almost water..Thank you all for the wonderful compliments you have given me and i pray that youliked it as much as i enjoyed writing it...The song looks a lot longer than it really is but it runs about three and a half minutes..Thank you all and God Bless You!


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Just a simple song about the love i have for the women in my life, first my mother, then my wife i'll have later down the road, and then to my daughter i hope to have one day.   I'm twenty but the last two in the song will have to wait for now.                 
             Please Tell me what you think....

When You Were My WorldCopywrite: Blake Stitcher


Intro: D,  A,  D7,  G,  Gm,  D,  A7,  D


Verse 1:

[D] I learned to crawl, then I [A] learned to walk, I [D7] learned

to cry fore’ [G]I could talk,

I was [Gm] standing on top of the [D]world ,And only [E7] two

feet [A7]high.

You were [D]always there with a [A] helping hand, And [D7]

pullin’ me up to [G]help me stand,

And [Gm]always trying to [D]teach me,[E7]Right from [A]wrong.



But [Bm]time wore on and I [G]got a little older,

But your [D]hand was always there for me [A7]high up on my shoulder



When you were my [D]world[A]and [D7] all I’d ever [G] need

The [Gm] one I’d love for-[D]-everand the [E7] only one for [A7] me

To [D] wrap my arms [A] around to [D7]hold you so I could [G]say

You are my [Gm] world, my [D] everything, my [A7]night and my [D]day.


Verse 2:

I got big and went off to school,  I made some friends and

thought I was cool,

Living on top of the world again, And loving the college life.

I met a girl and we fell in love, She was all that I could think of

And we’ve been together For about three years now.


Bridge 2:

Then one night at a local restaurant,

I popped the big question and told her how I felt,   



(Cause she was) my world       and all I’d ever need

The one I’d love forever  and the only one for me

To wrap my arms around to hold you so I could say

You are my world, my everything, my night and my day.


Verse 3:

Two years went by and I found out,  what being a dad was all about

Dirty smelling diapers at times was more than I could take.

But my little girl with ribbons pink, is always telling me what she thinks

And holdin’ daddy’s hand is still the coolest thing.


Bridge 3:

But time wore on and you got a little older,

But my hand was always there for you high up on your shoulder

Chorus 3:

Cause you are my world world      and all I’ll ever need

The one I’ll love forever  and the only one for me

To wrap my arms around to hold you so I could say

You are my world, my everything, my night and my day.


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To put it simply,  The Best!  Your language is some of the most beautiful i have ever read.  Your thoughts and lyrics are so meaningful.   You are the best example to fit the quote i heard somewhere  "If you can't say what you mean, you can't mean what you say!"  You can do both and you always seem to mean what you say!