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send me some sort of way in istening to you guys

do you have myspace or something?

we do have a myspace site myspace.com/ukmusicspace

cheers guys


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it links it stright to the band/artist

so people can get into contact with you

send me your email and ill drop you a line if you want?



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im working on a web site called ukmusicscene.org.uk

im looking to interview bands over email

if your interested in some free publicity and so on

drop me a line on hear and send me your email





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i play guitar cause its something to do and the fact i love playing it
my bands kickin' off and we sounds pretty good
and yes it does bring in the girls too wink


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Foo Fighters



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depends what your into to be honest

i use alot of barre song in my song book

check them out

very easy trust me


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you may have to go onto google and type in the movie name cause i know theres a album that goes with it
erm or go onto http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332379/

hendrix experiance>Beatles>Led Zepplin>Guns and Roses>Black flag>Blondie>Ramones>Pixes>Nivarna thats naming a few thers loads tbh


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well if you want some of there songs just ask me
cause i will email you them
from the home email


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hey russ its will btw
try out knocking on heavens door
anything by jimmy eat world

how old are you?

change your looks maybe
it may help
learn some really heavy songs or more practise


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senses fail
it dies today
walls of jerico
the used old stuff
escape the fate

jimmy eat world
block party
foo figters
drive by (kinda)

rise against
crash romeo
roses are red

enjoy them
there all very good bands

i tend to use around a 0.79mm to a 1mm there always the best
like just right
quiet a big range but anything in there not too soft that it will break
but not too hard it will snap the strings


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i learnt the solo to 23 by jimmy eat world pretty easy

or the second part of gift by seether
its all solo and very easy

that guys a pussy
im like 15
i remember once i went out skating and i ended up cutting all my hands and like fingers but i still maneged to teach my uncl some guitar
and now he comes to most of my gigs i play at
which is nice


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thats pretty kool dude
listen to a band claaed senses fail
there so good
easy stuff to play but really good


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dude check out my post
this is what i got
and it really helped me

sweet child of mine chords
knock on heavens door
and money by pink floyd are good
three all right now
give them a try


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50s and 60s legend dude
which artiest?


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just stick to your fav bands
drop d is good
but thats like used in many grung bands and so on
interesting tast of music there
but thats a good thing to have being a guitarest


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well whats your fav
like if you could say your only allowed 10 bands to listen to for the rest of your life
who would you pick?

this guy i know called em
when we started tlaking about guitaring he told me that he went to school with saun morgan (singer/guitarest from seether)
i was like thats pretty awesome dude
and ever since then he has inspired me to play smile

i am one of these kids
i got inspired by a mate of mine who is 23
i alos like to listen to songs that have amazing guitar playing in like bands like jimmy eat world, i know alittle jeff beck and some guns and roses stuff
also it dose pick up girls so much easyer and you can tell them to see you play at gigs that your playing


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Hello Deearna,

well what you into?

cause thats what it depends on what bands you listen too

take it easy


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you can pick up a nice 15watt amp for around 50quid second hand
however if you want something with better sounds about less then 100quid
it just depends on what you want it too do