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You need to have an android tablet or android type Cell phone. Go to Market Place which is usually a shopping bag icon and purchase it from there.
Regards, Flybye


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Correct, the version I downloaded was an Android App. For my phone and Samsung Tablet.


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Have any of you tried Guitartapp 2.8 Full version? I downloaded this app to my new tablet and was surprised at what it was able to do.
You can download several versions of the same song, transpose, and coordinate with youtube. Very impressive.
You can also locate any song you can think of and save it to a list. It will also convert files to Chordpro.
It will display all the chords and fingering, and display many variations of the same chords. Check it out, quite a new tool. It cost $1.99.



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Nice Job Wayne,
I watched it on You Tube and you did great! I liked the words and I think some of us can really relate. Keep up the good work!


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Very nicely done!


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I liked your poem. It had a good rythm and ryhme and message.

Nice Job


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Very nicely done!



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Thanks Fretnot



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Thanks Phill and Fretnot for your kind comments.



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By Flybye

It came one morning
In the early spring
With a beautiful song
God taught him to sing.

Though very young
Not long from the nest
His voice was lovely
Distinct from the rest.

I’d asked God some questions
But had no reply
Then this beautiful song
Brought a tear to my eye.

Was this His answer
Was He talking to me
Was it God’s voice I heard
From the bird in the tree?

He lifted my spirits
When I heard him sing
I knew he was saying
Some wonderful thing.

As if God has sent him
There to me
To remind me how simple
My life should be.


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You'll enjoy your guitar every bit as much as I like mine. There are some real fine sounding guitars out there to fit every budget and extra dollars you pay doesn't always get you the
best sound.
And another way to put it is, It's the Indian not the arrows.

Regards, Flybye


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This poem was my first attempt at trying to tell a short story and put sound into it.
The sound of the trains on the track and the roaring furnace.
Regards, Flybye


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Thanks for your comments on the balance sheet. I must have bee paying the bills when I thought of this one!
Regards, Flybye


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Try the D15M all Mahogany Martin out. I bought one and I posted a pic of it on this thread.
I kiss this guitar goodnight. It's my first Martin so maybe that's the reason but this guitar plays beautifully and the sound is far better that I expected. The wood is a little softer so
you have to watch the belt buckles etc. It's a dark mahogany dreadnaught and comes with bone nut and saddle and a rose wood bridge and fretboard.
Regards, Flybye


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Thanks, that picture really doesn't do it justice. I don't have a google account so I guess that's the next new thing this old guy will have to learn how to do. wow! This new high tech stuff might seem easy for some of you, but I feel like I've been sucked thru a knothole just posting a thread. Bear with me, I'll try to catch up.


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http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak … 7013_s.jpg

I'm finally getting around posting a photo of my new Martin D15M Guitar.  I'm still in love with it.


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The Balance Sheet

I have a separate bank account
I use it every day
A ledger and balance sheet
Of thoughts that pass my way

Happy thoughts are assets
And make my balance grow
The other kind I underline
With red ink down below

I get a daily bonus
Every time I think of you
And the interest grows
Each passing day
Many thoughts long overdue


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Lovely write and I'll bet your sister is quite a person!



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Thanks for your replies. I found Medidsmom's information on posting pictures. This will make it a lot easier even for an old guy like me.
Regards, Flybye


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I haven't quite figured out how to put a picture in with my message. I'd be glad to do it if I knew how. Can someone guide me thru it.
Thanks, Flybye


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Got myself a new guitar this weekend while we were in Arroyo Grande, Calif. right near Pismo Beach. I found Lightening Joe's Guitars. What a wonderful old place. Hundreds of guitars of all vintages.
I knew what I wanted and he had it in stock and had already set it up. This D-15m is a beauty.
not because of a lot of fancy trim but because it is just plain dark mahogany and it looks like an old 1940 style guitar. A real keeper and the sound is awesome and it plays beautifully.



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Comrades in arms, that is a wonderful thing.  Dad's Military Service was the most respectful
honor a man could have wished for! Seven Military men proudly presenting our country's flag
a rifle volley, and a General leading that part of the service. Bag Pipes and Amazing Grace!!!I am so impressed with what these guys are doing to honor these soldiers.

Thanks Bob


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Thanks Phill for your poem. It is especially meaningful to me since I am going to bury my Dad
in the morning. He passed away after a brief illness. He was my best friend an I'll miss him very much. He was a 101St Airborne paratrooper In WW2 and will be honored with a military
Bob Stenberg


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Matters Of The Heart
Author: Robert Stenberg

There are things that go on deep inside
That most will never tell,
Deeper than the deepest sea,
Some reach down to hell.

I know how deep I’ve buried mine,
No shovel would ever reach,
No matter how hard I tried,
The heart’s impossible to teach.

For the heart I’ve learned,
Has a mind of its own
And it guides us on our way.
And how we respond, goes way beyond
How we will repay.

Choices seem so right at times,
The mind will tell us so,
But in the very end,
The Heart will tell us no.


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Very nicely done. Well written. Very tender.