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It REALLY depends on the player I can not stress enough on how the playinf style effects what kind of guitar people like.
I personally play a Schecter just because it was the best guitar I could find in my price range

but I mean person 1's ideal guitar could be a $2000 ibanez steve vai custom
and person 2's ideal guitar could be a $90 squire from costco


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hey guys
I play a schecter damien series guitar with a floyd rose
what are some good strings for metal?
I like to do a lot of pinch harmonics if that makes a difference

and I down tune sometimes so maybe strings were you can get 11 or 12 gauge thanks guys!


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my dad tought me a few simple chords on a small nylon string


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anyone know how I can achieve this tone? effects, different pickups, amp settings? thanks

Im looking for the tone in the intro to this song


apologize by silverstein(cover)


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sweet thanks guys =]


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here it is incase any1 wants to see it smile


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its one of the diamond series I REALLY LOVE IT
but it has a floyd rose bridge *gasp* haha
well actually I  really like the rose but I cant figure out how to change the strings sad
can someone give me step by step instructions on how??
(also im looking for a set of good strings thx i play metal)
thanks everyone! smile

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-major/minor pentatonic scale
-natural harmonic scale
-learn pinch harmonics
-try some bullet for my valentine some of their songs are pretty easy =]


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me and my friends made up a little 2 minute song I think its like metal but you can call it what ever you want.
anyway we have yet to record drums and bass which will probably happen soon. But another thing...... I would kinda like SOME screaming but that doesnt have to happen.
any way heres the song

http://www.4shared.com/file/69730802/b8 … ong_1.html



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1. Me lol
2.Angus Young
3.Eric Clapton


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thewalrus18 wrote:

if you want to progress you have to step outside of what you normally play or listen to, my personal advice is to start learning some beatles songs, i'm talking like anything from rubber soul through let it be. every time you learn one of those songs you'll learn another chord and another chord change, it's all good stuff, also i'd start looking at some jazz, that's where the real meat is if you want to become a quality player, if you listen to a jazz guy play rock it's like a walk in the park for them, but if you ask a rock guy to play jazz his head will explode, shows you something right there.

sweet thanks I like jazz and my dad is a HUGE beatles fan like he has every single record the EVER put out o_O lol

ok its not a very popular band but its an awesome song here it is


its probably not that hard to tab if ur good at it but I cant tab for my life so could some1 PLZ write me a tab thx


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Ive been playing now for about a year seariusly (Ive always been playing since like 5 years ago but I just got really into it a year ago) and Im "Pretty" good I can play songs like hand of blood (prob the hardest one I know) but I cant seem to progress very good. I play every day this is my routine... 15 min scales then how ever long I feel like playing songs. but I dont feel myself getting better so plz help thanks


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ok thanks guys


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hey all Im looking for a good guitar (prefably under $400) and I want hummbuckers I dont care 4 looks just sound I probably wont do any concerts with it. I play rock/metal thx guys


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hmmmmm I didnt hear any big effex maaaaybe a compressor and a chorus at some parts


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okok this is going to another topic lol


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I was thinking of getting it but would I need to get another cable? Im a noob to effects so what would I need? I have a strat runnin to a peavey envoy110 so idk please help


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okok stupid question but I found myself playing this one day in a solo and it sounded like Ive herd it B4 heres the tab (played with distortion)

                                                                                                                         bend 1/2
e-----------------------------------------------                                  e-----------------------------------------------------------------
b-----------------------------------------------                                  b-----------------------------------------------------------------
g---------------------12-----------------------                                  g---------------14--14b-----12-------------------12------------
d---------12--h14-----------------------------                                  d-----------------------------------12---h14--------------------
a-----------------------------------------------                                  a-----------------------------------------------------------------
e-----------------------------------------------  x3       then               e------------------------------------------------------------------

thats just part of the solo but I thought I herd it somewhere maybe an intro


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thx guys I think I got a lil playlist lol (btw I play rock and metal I almost got Enter Sandman big_smile)


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http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-LP … 1150098.gc or this?


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I have a Squire Strat right now. Im looking for somthing under $300. Hummbuckers would be nice. Is this a good deal compared towhat I allready have?  http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-GRX2 … 1150594.gc 

If not any other ideas wouldbe nice thanks

P.S.sorry for posting one after another I ave a lot of things to talk about lol


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Aussie600 wrote:

Go to www.chordie.com  I think you will find exactly what you want! Take care.



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american chaos theory wrote:

talk dirty to me by poison

lol I like ur sig