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Altex, What's up mate. Kick back, smell the roses,  Play a few bars of 'Take it Easy'. Have a Brew. Make the world a better place. Pay it Foward.


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A Mate of mine from the Gold Coast, Micheal, sent me this by Juzzie Smith. I'll pass it on for those who don't know of him.

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu … =115941615

Check him out on you tube also. Let me know what you think. Peace.


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Doc and G-pix,
Finally traveled a bit to play a M-20V and a M-50, ($799 and $999) Fine Instruments. Damn sure wanetd to bring one home, but had a prob with the string separation. Big man, big fingers.The tones still rings in my ears. It was worth the trip though.
Peace to All


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You might try country tabs .                   http://www.countrytabs.com/bands.asp?id=60
They list 316 of his songs. Hope this helps.
Joe Fitz


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Doc, Jimi or Bob? Depends on the mood. One of the beautiful things about music is it's ability to brighten your life.
Buffalo Springfield, too much talent in one place. Luckily in my 56 years I have seen them and most of the follow up groups perform. It seems to be an endless search with these guys.
I ran across some Morgan Monroe guitars on ebay. If some one is interested, go to Item #140174012576. They have several listed at very good prices. Joe Fitz


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gitaardocphil,  Sorry for the late response. We took a small vacation to get away from the smoke here in Southern California.
According to Trad Tillwell from folkofthewood.com the MM's were never produced in the US, but in Korea for a while, now all in China.
Mike Schwab from mike.shs@shsaudio.com tracked down a guitar shop about 50 miles from away that has a few in stock. Tomorrow the shop is sending the info on their stock.
Everyone I have spoken with that is familiar with MM says it's the best kept secret in acoustic instruments.
I soon as I find time, I'll drop in and see what I think. No I do not have one YET, but after a few nice gifts for the Lady of the House, I'm sure I'll be picking on one.
I tip my hat to all involved with chordie forum. One hell of a site.
Joe Fitz


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Excuse me all. I made an error on one of the links I sent. this is the correct one:


Joe Fitz


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Joe Fitz wrote:

Morgan Monroe Acoustic InstrumentsHome Morgan Monroe Bean Blossom Indiana Guitars SHS Audio Contact · Morgan 07 Catalog Morgan Monroe Preferred Stocking Dealers.
www.shsaudio.com/morganmonroe.htm - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

Looks like they're made Indiana, US. Search ' Morgan Monroe' on the net, There are many sights, such as:


I hope this helps.  Joe Fitz

My wife said if I didn't lay off playing a little, she's going to leave me. God I'm gonna miss her!


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This a good instructional video RE Bar Chords. Hope it helps.
A hand exerciser really helps, even squeezing a ball.
And of course, practice, practice, practice! Perfect practice that is.
Stick with it. Peace,
Joe Fitz


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Never heard of a lazy Scotchman! Get of your arse laddy!


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Thanks Doc  Phil. Your info is well taken.  Maybe your  knowledge can help from another angle. The guitar I have now is a Yamaha FG-335 made in Taiwan, 1977.  The string height on fret #12 is approx. .25 inches or 3 cm. These #'s seem to be high, playing  the higher notes turns into work. I had it reset, but was told this is the best they can do. Is there a standard measurement for string height for the better guitars? This guitar is in mint condition cosmetically. the sound is so so, but the action sux. Buying on line is a hit and miss purchase, but asking the right questions might help. Have you ever heard of raising the strings at the neck and lowering them on the body for better action? I saw the Valarez on EBay for $250. I'm sure the tone will pass, but like to ask about the string height before bidding. Thanks for time, sorry I Blah Blah a lot, but that's what happens when you get old. Peace, Love and Music. Joe Fitz


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Is any one out there familiar with this guitar. Peace, Fitz


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Thanks Suze, Schindlerw is great. The book is on order. Now the the game is on. I'll have to give Peggy( wife, boss...etc.) a few nice gifts in order to get a Dobro. Great to have a new friend. Peace , Joe Fitz

Check this guy out.



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What is the transcription book. Sounds very useful. Do you know where I can purchase one? I live in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. USA, so if you can send me the name I'll find one. Thanx, again.


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Thanks Sumelton 1. I'll let you know how it works out.


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Has anyone run across this song? Chords...etc. Thanks


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Taj and Joe Cotton, WOW! If the song is on the net please post. I do know TM played most of his music tuned in Open E.  http://www.howtotuneaguitar.org/ will show you how to tune to this key, maybe it will help. I'll keep searching, sounds to good to miss.
I'll keep you posted. Peace, Joe Fitz


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Does anyone know where to find chords and lyrics for this song. Peace.


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Does anyone know the tuning for Claptons Running on Faith, Walkin' Blues and Rollin' and Tumblin'? Any suggestions will be apprecated. Peace.

One of the fine points of this song is: You will be playing it all your life, changing this and that, and still have room to improve. Even The Eagles have numerous versions.
So just keep on picking one part at time, and create your version. It Will hook you! so save your cash, you will need more guitars.


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Tuff Enuff, Can't find the tabs. Anyone know ? Peace, JF


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Thanks derbyshire, your kindest to respond is dearly appreciated. I get what you're saying, but can't seem to to get the a good version of the the sound. It's impossible to explain in words, that's why it's called music. Thanks again, joe fitz


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Banga Gong. Easy cords but I can't get the pick/strum down right, Dang it! Does anyone know or a good instructional video or anything to help out. Peace Joe Fitz


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http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/j … es_tab.htm

Ultimate Guitar Tabs, Doll. Did my UNK Joe name ya, he called all the ladies 'Doll".