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Yes TF, I've seen new Telecasters that feature humbucks at the bridge, and I think that's what you're referring to.  I'm focused on the more traditional set up with single coils at both ends.  Both set ups have gotten excellent reviews, but my friend has a Gibson Les Paul, so we have humbuckers aplenty.  Single coils are a must for screaming leads, which is what I'm looking to provide in our band's current configuration.


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Thanks Dino.  Looking like it's $400-$500 for a new Telecaster these days.  I'm ready to step up to a genuine Fender since I'm regularly plugging into my friend's Mesa cabinet.  My trusty El Degas "Plasticaster" just isn't getting it done.


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Thank you for this thread.  I'm looking at the Fender American Special Telecaster and now revisiting models that list for about half the AS $995 list.

Ok, this is officially on my bucket list.  Maccafan and I have a jam tomorrow, and maybe we can start planning for next year.  Any SoCal strummers interested in a West Coast event?


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Pecan is one of my favorite pies to make.  Replacing some of the white sugar with molasses plays up more of the pecan in the finished product, I think.  Add about a tablespoon of sour mash or bourbon to your whipped cream and your guests will never leave.  Merry Christmas!


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Impressive.  Nice Strat, too.  Can it be programmed for alternate tuning options?


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Like it.  Got my eye on a Fender American Special myself.  Have fun!


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Got myself a Hohner C-harp last Christmas.  Need to spend more time with it but I can pull of a pretty consistent Piano Man intro.


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Used to put my boy down to "Horse with No Name", or as he called it, "The Desert Song".  Gave your song a listen, Jeff.  I like it!


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That's better.  Here's one of the Aspen next to Mr. Wilson.  They're both 70's vintage guitars.  Can't wait to get the Aspen back with a remounted bridge and compare her depth to Wilson's out-front presence. 



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..left bracket img, right bracket, paste URL...left bracket, that slash under the question mark, img then right bracket...you guys still strumming?  Ok, take five if this one doesn't work...



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....keeeep strummiiiing.....



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So I ended up with the Wilson after all!  It was reposted on CL for $125 and it was definitely worth the trip.  Not as deep as my Aspen, but HOODADDY, it's loud!  Ok, everyone roll strum an e minor while I attempt my first pic post..........



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Beamer, that Xaviere cedar top looks sweet!  For under $200, I would almost pull the trigger and risk not loving it out of the box.  I've bookmarked the page.  I don't shop brands, but do like to compare my 70's era Aspen to any mid level Yamaha.  Once I get the bridge plate fixed, it might even stand up against my friend's Martin...especially after several beers.


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The problem with GAS is everything starts to look good!  I would prefer a straight acoustic, so I should probably ignore my friend who already owns a Martin, a Gibson, and a Hofner.  I hate him...


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'Preciate the feedback, all!  The Wilson seems to be gone from Craigslist, so now I'm checking out Taylor 310 CE.  Wasn't looking for an electric, but my friend is trying to convince me it's time to step up...


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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a good travel box while my Aspen is in for major rework.  Might have found something on Craiglist for around $200.  The manufacturer is Wilson.  From what I can tell it's a UK brand, and I'd like to know if it's worth a drive to check it out.  Any feedback would be appreciated!