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Yes, my guitar is a Composite Acoustic brand. At the time I bought it I was traveling from NC to West Virginia on a weekly basis and 50 deg temp swings were not unusual. I was shopping for a travel guitar - the Cargo model, but the dealer made me a ridiculous offer on the full size (at the time called a 7i series) that I couldn't pass up. I bought it shortly after the original manufacturer (CA) went belly up and the dealer was liquidating stock. Since then the CA line was bought by Peavey, but as I understand it, they still market it under the CA brand and use all of the original molds.

I have played his guitar all over the country -it's amazing. I can put it on a plane and when I open the case, it is still in tune. I have played it in bluegrass settings and the volume and bass response equals full size Martin dreads  - I'm a heavy strummer, so I usually fingerpick it when playing with others to keep from overpowering the better players (like everyone else besides me). The resonance is amazing. Joey - I imagine you played it when you were at chordiestock, if not, you should have. I am certain that you at least heard me and several others play. Maybe folks are just being nice, but every single person who picks it up is blown away by the sound and playability of this guit.

Oh yeah - this guitar usually lives on my back porch so it is handy to pick up and strum anytime I hanging outside. I certainly wouldn't do that with a fine solid wood guitar smile     

I ran into this dudes Utube page maybe a year ago and am still amazed at his talent and ability to break things down for common amateurs like me. Much of his stuff is still way beyond my knowledge and abilities, but his teaching and the way he breaks things down is still compelling. I was and still am a huge fan of Justin Sandercoe for his beginner lessons (He's the guy that brought me back to guitar several years ago), but this Rick guy has the same quality of lessons for the more advanced player.

I have no affiliation, just thought I'd share the link. I've also added the links to Justin's page for those who might not be familiar.




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I've got this really cool Fender Squire short scale bass that a good friend gave me a couple of years ago. I'd like to learn to play it some day, but it's not really getting any use. It would certainly be in better hands if you had it. Maybe we could work a trade? Of course, it might cost you a trip to Florida big_smile     


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Fits you well Beamer. Happy NGD!     

Very cool Neo - looks like a fun guitar. Happy NGD!     

I love the John Pearse's on my J45, and the DR's on my CA, but with an endorsement like that by BGD (whose opinion on all things musical I totally respect), I went head and ordered 2 sets. I'm always open to try new things big_smile     


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I still log on pretty much every day to check for spammers, but very rarely engage in the forum. This used to be a fun, friendly forum where folks engaged in conversations about all sorts of topics. Music has always been the primary focus, but we used to have great discussions about kids, gardening, pets, sports, just day to day life. In addition to the folks Zurf mentioned, Southpaw41, GuitarPix, wlbaye, astro, and many others are no longer or very rarely heard from. I have made many friends from this forum and have hosted a bunch of these friends at chordiestock and for that I am grateful. However this forum has lost its "fun factor" to me. This is a hobby, hobbies should be fun....

I do still engage with many of my chordie friends on other platforms.     


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Very cool beamer!     

Dirty Ed wrote:

Looks like a change of plans for me.  My recreation director has informed me that if I'm heading to Florida for that weekend its gonna  be to Pensacola to see our grandkids in a civic theater production.  I'd like to see you all again but if it comes down between my grandkids and you misfits, you can guess who wins. hmm


Well, we're gonna miss ya DE, but I'm sure we will play some of your tunes!     


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Wow - There's a blast from the past. Good to hear from you Pix! Check out the chordiestock posts - year 7 is coming up in March. You and Billie should make it if you can! The visit from you and Toots 8 or 9 years ago started a tradition!     

^ I had the pleasure of meeting Toots on a couple of occasions - The first at my home in NC when he came to visit along with Guitarpix for what might be called the precurser to Chordiestock.  I was very much a beginner at that time, but Toots was very encouraging and we had a nice jam. A few years later, after I had moved to FL, he was "touring" with his friend John Reno and they had an afternoon gig right here in Mad Beach. I took the afternoon off to hang out and then we went to see Southpaw at one of his gigs. Toots was always a pleasure!

There are lots of vids on utube of John Reno with Toots playing his tuba in support. Here's one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEfTv89utf8     

About a month to go. Not too late to make plans. Chordians who have been here in years past (I'm sure I got some spelling / names wrong, but I hope I don't leave anyone out):

Dirty Ed
Roger Guppy

That's a pretty good collection of chordie folks from all over - several of whom have made more than one. Add your name to the list! I think Zurf and Southpaw are the only 2 who have been to all of 'em. Not sure how many more of these events I can host - I hope to make it to CSX before I call it quits. Pretty much guaranteed to have a good time!     


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Zurf wrote:

I love the picture Topdown. Please send me a high or medium res of it so that I can print it and put it in my office.

The best I can do is grab the photo from the CS VI facebook event page. Sorry, I no longer have it in my phone.     


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Very cool DE. You certainly foot the bill for an Icon and Inspiration for those of us lucky enough to share a campfire with you (even those made out of beer cans)! 



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Hi jaw - I check a few songs and everything seemed to be working fine for me. The print icon brings up my printer window. Have you checked your printer settings or tested on another website? Just a suggestion.     


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Score is right! Very cool. Would love to see the picture of Roscoe on that album if you don't mind texting it to me.     

2 months away. Any chordiefolks planning on coming?     

I posted this on FB, but thought I'd share here as well. Angel From Montgomery is one of my favorite Prine tunes, covered by many. This is a recording from Carly Simon's apartment in 1970, before the song was ever released. She says Kristopherson, Dylan and Steve Goodman were also present. That's a kitchen full of talent!

https://soundcloud.com/mvyradio/carly-s … mO2M15JWP8 


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Way back in the day, my wise Uncle Fred would always buy very cheap vehicles - like $100 cheap. He always said, any car that ran, that would get you from point A to B was worth $100. I think the same philosophy is appropriate - a guitar that plays for $20? Buy it!     


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Excellent cover of a great tune. Really enjoyed that Richard - thanks for sharing.     

Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen?     


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^ Neo is correct. You are limited to the number of songs in a songbook, but there is no limit to the number of songbooks you have. You can just make another songbook. (Pssst - I'll tell you a secret. After you make a new book, you can merge them to beat the "system". Don't tell anybody big_smile )


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Hi Bruce - I'm sure the head admin, programmer and owner of chordie would like to see some screen shots of the issues you are seeing. Please send to Per at  admin@chordie.com.     

Topdawgz wrote:

Count me, Cowboy, Farmer Wes, and Mitter B in like Flynt!

Cool - You stayed at Shoreline last year, right? I was thinking I'd contact them and see if they'd offer a group rate.     

Sorry to hear this Grah. Rock on in his memory