Holy daytrips batman! You've hit the nail on the head there Jim, hope your not speaking from experience? Great imagery almost lapsing into classic. Not an easy one to sing I'd wager?     


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I enjoyed your word play and understand your vitriol. The dating game has changed a lot since I was a player...glad I'm out of it!     


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yup! i agree with jim...great song     


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Baldguitardude wrote:

I just got a Breedlove parlor guitar. It’s my go to for when I’m downstairs.  When I’m upstairs it’s my old 1952 guild, which is the first guitar bought for me as a gift back when I was 5-6 years old.  Still sounds great.

I'm so jealous, I'd love one of those. played one way back in the late 60's it only had 3 or 4 strings but it sounded and felt great in my hands.     


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I think we've all been there? You've put down in words how we've all felt at sometime or other. Sorry to hear about your ear problem, hope it gets better soon.     


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For practice or recording I use my Crafter for two reasons it has flat sides so it won't slip off my lap and it has a great acoustic sound when recording with the internal pick up.
My Tanglewood has a curved body so it does slip off my lap! But the neck fits my hand perfectly and sounds great unamplified, not so great useing the internal pick up. Swings and roundabouts.
For live or recording something raunchier it has to be my Fender Telecaster, the Strat for the more country sound.     


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I listened to your original recording and I thought very country and western. I listened to BGD version and I thought reggae! Then I listened to the last one and I thought...yep you've mixed both with a bit of cockney cheeky chappy accent and what sounds like a uke on my tablet speakers! I like it.


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Oooh! Been there done that. There's nothing worse than a "friend" that smiles to your face while their stabbing you in the back. Consign him to the bin my friend. At least you got a good poem, possibly song out of his treachery?     


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funny in places, sad in others. a celebration of a new relationship? i get an undertone of " is she, isn't she" but i wont go into that.

i laughed out loud at "at least i didn't wake up the wrong side of dead" that's how i feel every morning.

i like it.     


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I see your little vacation has paid off handsomely Jeff! This side of the pond we call it "the day job" . Balancing both day job and the busking for almost 40 years helps pay for stuff. You usually find the traveling, the incidentals like strings or new/replacement equipment and repairs still leave you in deficit. But it's the love of performing, though I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be in the audience on a new years eve gig? I'll find out this year I expect.

Great little song, I could hear a banjo doing the finger picking.

Hi Jim. This song has a very memorable melody. I was called away for a few minutes and I was still humming the tune. Your singing and playing are coming along fine. Good song     


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Songs on the chordie menu are collected by the program but are not hosted by chordie. If a song does not appear there it's because no one has entered it. The Spinners as a folk group probably recorded and performed traditional songs so you may look for a specific song title rather than songs by the artists.     


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True factoid...Barney's mother was a German shepherd called...strangely enough...Lassie and as you say a lovely dog, faithful and affectionate unless you were of evil intent Then woe betide!     


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Very topical and unfortunately too true. The days of browsing and touching the real thing in a shop not to mention getting a true account from someone that knows a bit about it seem to be gone. One day (like the apprentice scheme) we'll need these skills and shops but they'll be gone!
Your poem isn't just a poem but a warning for the future...well done Mr. Orwell.     


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just heard the news. shocker! such a sad loss, is there anyone to fill the void he leaves behind? RIP     


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Thanks Jim it was a pleasure working with Jeff and Pete. When you begin a project with just a blank piece of paper (figuratively speaking) it's quite daunting. Jeff gave me certain parameters and suggested pets! It reminded me of my childhood dog Barney and some of the things we got up to which I discussed with Jeff and he gave me some of his hopes when retirement comes. I don't think either of us thought any further than the completion of the song when Pete's talent for video came to mind. So! a joint effort on 3 continents. Thanks guys     


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This is the link to a new song Jeff and I wrote as a project. The video was created with my grateful thanks to Peatle. So in effect this project spans three continents.

Please give it a watch and comments welcome. 


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Hey Roger, that pic reminds me of that film clip of Jimmy Page playing skiffle back in the 50's.
It also brought back my memory of spending all my pocket money trying to win a Beatles plastic guitar in1963 at the Aberafon fun fair. I didn't of course. Come to think of it, it could have been Porth Cawl?     


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I've just realised this year is my 50th anniversary for buying my first guitar! It cost £5 and I paid weekly at 5 shillings a week. I don't know what happened to it and to be honest I don't care as it was rubbish. It took me another 2 years to buy my next one which was slightly better and yet another 2 years before I got my first electric, a Zenta which was a waste of wood. I now have 8 guitars which are good yet not very expensive, I couldn't afford a Taylor even if Ann would let me have one. Or one of those new Fender Stratacoustics, which I'd love, but hey ho cant be greedy? 


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I always pictured New Zealand as the land of milk and honey. Hobbits and people running round making Beatles documentaries!
This poem is frightening! The victim is a preditor while the killer maybe one of the victims?
A great piece of writing, you got into their heads. Bravo.     


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the meter seems perfect and it really does come across as a prayer. amen     


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it's great the way you support and give hope to this person. the words are  indicative of the kind person you are. will we hear the recorded version?     


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Two brilliant quotes in this thread: know when to say when, and Zurf's why should I care what you think!

I've learned a lot. Thanks     


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I agree with Beamer a touching ballad     


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I remember looking for the link but couldn't find it. I found it now of course and I'm shocked at how it describes some people I know or once knew. I hope I'm not a narcissist, but I think I have some of the tendencies...as I said I know people that fall completely into that category.
Thanks for the eye-opener.