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My first one was an old Ventures tune..."Apache" Still play it to this day...Yea, I know..I'm dating my age!

My friend....Keep this little quote in mind....always.........One thing about talent...Not everyone was blessed with it, but one can certinly aquired it!

                " A quiter never wins, winners never quit"


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You are all babies, just babies.....I'll be 62 in less than 30 days....Good God, 14 years, 20 years, 16 years old....I got underware older than most of you!!! LMAO

"If you can't feel the music, you can't play it"


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Well, I decided against a Davison electric. However, I had an opportuinty to play a Agile Dauntless Les Paul copy last week and it was sweet...for a non expensive electric! The one I got came with Grover 18-1 tuners, Seymore Duncan pickups and the guitar Sunburst finish is perfect! I inspected this thing until my eyes hurt. Came with Daddario stings but changed them to Elixir. It really does sound pretty good! I only play for my own enjoyment now a days but if I was still playing gigs I would not hesitate to use it. Just some info for all of you that can't or don't want the pay $500 and up for a electric.

Rock On!!

Hey guys & gals,

Anyone out there heard of Davison guitars?  Heard a guy plaing one the other night. Did not get a chance to speak with him. Sound was pretty good. He was playing a black Les Paul type with the gold hardware. Any input would be great, good and/or bad.



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You are exactly right!!

Kahuna wrote:

I think that if you're going to barre a B chord on the 2nd fret, might as well do it the right way.  This is because other barre chords also use this same shape.  Other barre chords like C, D, E, and F all use this shape right up the neck.  So, why not do it right, so you can run up and down the neck without changing shape? 

Just my two cents!


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Last couple of days looking up different songs here on Chordie I have come across incorrect chords & lyrics...Does anyone know how these can be corrected or if they actually can be corrected? I came across some old music sheets I've had for years and as it turned out I discovered the errors.



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Has anyone tried the two finger barre? The index finger covers all strings on the 2nd fret; ring finger covers the bottom four strings on the 4th fret; add pinky to bottom string 5th fret you got your B7..It's about the only B/B7th I play anymore.
Try it, you'll like it.....



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Been looking for the chords to an old Bad Company Song
"Silver, Blue & Gold". Anyone know a website that have these chords? Appreciate any help...



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I kind of recall years ago it was recommended when changing out your strings it was better to change one at a time versus removing all the strings at one time. The reason, I believe, was with all the stress removed it could cause the truss rod to need readjusting. Is this still true?
Thanks for your replys.



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Hey upyerkilt,

I agree with you..I've had three electric in 40 years. Had a Les Paul Signiture, Solid Les Paul and my ES 335, which I still have. I've played it maybe 4 times a year. I'm strickly acoustic now...Why, sounds better, more versitale and even at my age, the chicks dig it!!


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Hey, 06

Sounds like you want to be a "Jack of all trades, Master of none"...Not a Good Idea. When you can imitate Clapton, BB King or some of the other "masters" then move on!

06sc500 wrote:

Hey, I've played my acoustic for a year now.  I can do just about every chord, several scales, I've fooled around with a slide, and I've learned how to fingerpick.  I can do lots of random intros and riffs, a couple solos, a couple full-length songs, and a couple acoustic solos.  My question is, where do I go from here? I'm holding out on an electric for a few months (I'd rather get a good one than something I'll be bored with in a year), but what else can I do on my acoustic besides practice and get better? Any suggestions for songs, techniques, or styles would be apprecaited.  Thanks a lot


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Anyone out there know anything about an Epiphone AJ-100 Dreadnought? A co-worker wants to sell his for $250.00. Is it worth it? I value all opinons.



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Hey everyone, Finally got around to having my Epi's first time set up done. It had light strings and the shop put on some Elixir's. They are medium gauge and said they will last 2 times longer. The sound these strings put out, in my opinon sucks..Not sure why I didn't notice it when I picked it up, the sound is somewhere between "tinny and a Drobo" Is my hearing going or is this how the Elixir's sound? Iknow new strings will have a little different sound at first..but...Has anyone else tried these and got the same result or what?



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I use too have the same problem..the only why I could correct it was to stop singing...No seriously, now..I did have that problem and actually I still do..to a point..I never have that problem with songs I already know...BUT...When I was trying someting new..it was horrible and the reason, I think, why is this....Here you are, reading the lyrics, trying too make chord changes and play in some sort of rhythm you barely know..Heck..sounds hard just writing it...because it is...What I've done is now I listen to the CD while driving and learn the lyrics first...then I learn it on the guitar...It works for me...Try it....You got nothing to lose but your mind...


Hey Ant,

You did great!!! Apparently I was playing an "Am" where it is an "A" and Playing a "G" where it's an "Em"..Great Job, Ant...

For me, it's one of those songs I love and could not get out of the old skull and had to learn it...Been screwing around with it for a couple of days then got frustrated...Now I can sleep tonight LOL!!


aw32 wrote:

Hi John,

Okay, I've given this one a go.  See what you think.

Am  C  G x2

Am  C  G x2

B7   Em   A
Am  D     G

C  D  G
C  D  G - D/F# - Em
Am  C  G

Em  C    G - D/F# - B7   Em
C    Am  D

Am  C   G   repeated

It's hard to lay it out without the lyrics, but hopefully you can match it up with what you have worked out already.  It'll be interesting to see whether you agree with the chords, or not.


I've been trying to find the chords for Rascal Flatts new song "Winner in a Losing Game" I checked a couple of music stores for the sheet...no got..There's two chords I just can't seem to figure out...I believe the song is in G major but...I've listened to the CD so much I'm just getting more confused..


I was reading some new topics and found a familar theme..."my fingers are killing me"...Well up until a month ago I haven't played an entire song in over 20 years....I too had the bad fingers...What I did...I started playing until they began to hurt..then quit...the next day or next session..I tried to extend my time buy 5 minutes each time I would play...Lord and Behold..As I said...It's been just about a month and now I can play for about an hour and a half before I can feel any discomfort now...So it does get better...Hang in there guys & gals...all the hard work and ice water on the fingers will be a distant memory!!! It took 30 days for me to realize I missed the previous 20 years of not playing...



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Hi Asim,
For classical I think fingerpicking is the way to go...Again..personal preference..KEEP AT IT!!! Good Luck


Asim Ahmed wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks a lot for ur advise,its working nice...............by the way which one is better playing- finger,flatpicking;i usually play by finger and not used to flatpicking.if it will be any problem in the future.


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Hi Asim,

To "clear up" your barre chords check your finger positions, make sure NONE of the fingers are touching another string except for the one it suppose to; If that's not it, make sure your not fretting the chord too far from the fret bar or too close to it; If that's not it have the action checked to make sure its not too high and you may as well check the gauge of the strings. Heavy gauge equals more pressure needed to depress the strings...If none of these fix the problem..I haven't got a clue...Hopefully someone may have another solution..Good Luck!


Asim Ahmed wrote:

hey any one can tell me how to clear up the barre cords,i am trying for 2 months, i know it will take sometime but i want to clear this cords quickly.(i want to be a classical guitarist & training for 10 months only)


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As for sound, that is totally subjective..it's whatever sounds good to the individual..Myself, I'm pretty partial to Gibson, Epiphone (what I play now) and some Yamaha's. As far as the best too play, I think it would depend on the action and string type.

Merry Christmas to All!!!!!!!!

gitaardocphil wrote:

Martin, being the king of the FLATTOPS has also a lot of O or OOO guitars.
Which guitar is the best to play, and what guitar is better, talking about sound?
Is it similar to a GIBSON HUMMINGBIRD or DOVE versus A GIBSON SJ-200?


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Hey Abby,
Don't get to discouraged, every guitar player in world has gone though what you are going through right now!! Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, B.B. King...all of them did..I started playing again after 15-20 years away from playing and it's difficult. I know what I want to do and I know how it is suppose too sound, but the fingers haven't gotten it yet!! Takes time...Stay with it and you will be rewarded, in the end...Good Luck and stay with it.


abby9317 wrote:

hello.  i'm new this is my first post.  i just got my first guitar a couple weeks ago (i'm 48).  just something i've been wanting to do for my own pleasure, but MAN it's sooooo hard!  i didn't realize how hard it would be.  i have a new found appreciation for guitarists.  i'm going to start lessons after the holidays but have been dabbling a bit on my own.  chordie has helped.  i've been working for three days now on learning three chords!  seems ridiculous!  my fingertips are killing me for one, getting my fingers positioned exactly right so i'm not muting the other strings is also killing me.  it's hard to believe this is ever going to flow when it takes me like 30 seconds to get my fingers in just the right position to play one chord.  ah well, i'm trying not to get discouraged...just needed to vent!


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I agree with Frank...Make an "E" chord using just your middle, ring and pinky and just slide down to whatever chord you want next..This is exactly the way I learned years ago and still play this way...However, there are going to be times when a "regular" chord sounds much better in a song than, lets say a two finger "D" chord. A great exercise to make a chord change from a regular chord, for me anyway, was from the regular "D" to a barre "A". I use to just finger the chord and change to the A without strumming over and over until I felt it was smooth...Like everyone else has said..practice, practice and practice. When you think you got...practice somemore..

Goof Luck!


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Hey Russell,
Agree about rock/roll...what a shame...Not sure why I thought of this..but..maybe because of the "oldies you wrote...the very first song I learned was an old Ventures tune..Apache..Boy  that brings back the old memories! I figure within the next 30 days the fingers will be fine..I play every day for at least an hour..just wanted to share...Thanks


Russell_Harding wrote:

backagain i started with buddy holly ,little richard,link ray,elvis,all the groups of the fifties and then the beatles i agree i think after the late 70ths most roc and roll morphed into crap so i went in another direction,actually several i write and record and still practice everyday so i dont have to worry about the calluses.


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Hey Russell, thanks for your comments...I am actually enjoying the process of playing..Fingers are finally callousing up...can play for about hour and 15 minutes before it gets uncomfortable..What type of music did you start out playing or follow? Me...the Beatles and rest of the British groups...then the Eagles..Since there really isn't any Rock & Roll anymore, I've moved over to County..which is pretty much like the Eagles..Groups like Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban etc...


Russell_Harding wrote:

backagain61 dont feel like you dont belong im 66 and i wont stop playing till the close my lid so climb aboard and welcome,if you need any pointers or help your in the right place there's a lotta good pickers on chordie and you can ask away.