I'm 76 and not old, I just look old.

My acoustic guitar has an under saddle pickup with equaliser, volume control and tuner and although satisfied with the tone, I have always thought it to be a little sharp or thin so I tried out a Seymore Duncan sound hole pickup and I was impressed with the way it warmed the tone. Also I get a lot of feedback when I raise the volume on the guitar using the under saddle pickup and have to use a rubber sound hole blocker which helps a bit. The soundhole pickup I tried has 3 models and the tone ranges from warm and rich to crisp and clear. Just thought I would pass this on for anyone else having problems.


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If my fingers haven't warmed up and I want Bm I form Bm7 first then bring the other finger down to form Bm on the next beat or even 2 beats and I don't always flatten the index finger. Sounds a bit loose and sloppy but I think I get away with it. My least favourite chord is Eb, I barre the 6th fret and form the A shape with my little finger on the 8th fret. Playing Women by John Lennon it goes Eb Fm7 Eb Fm7 Eb Cm Fm Bb etc Has anyone got a Eb shape that can be played closer to the nut where I play the F chord. Thanks


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Zguitar is correct, if good glue was used it shouldn't have broken in the same place. I have built boats and used epoxy glue but with this you don't get a second chance and is very hard to clean up and the joint should be masked If the joint is broken, all the old glue needs to be cleaned off, or scatched back to bare wood. I have a book Guitar Repair by Irvine Stone and he says use hide or animal glue for tops and backs to facilitate future removal of these parts. Most other repair work he uses white polyvinyl resin glue sold commonly as Elmer's Glue. This glue sets quickly, dries clear and holding power is very good. This glue can also be removed using a heat lamp. No good on plastic and don't use contact glue.


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Hi Rob My guitar was under the bed for a long time but now I play it every day and have a lot of fun. I'm 76 so a little bit older than most of you I suppose. Somebody said in Chordie that old age is a high price to pay for maturity. I also play the 2 fingered barre chord for B. I find the Bb a little difficult so I bar the 6th fret and use the other shape sometimes


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Well everything is looking much better today, I think I had "Buyer's Remorse". It explains it in Google and I had all the symptoms. I justified it by thinking I'm only coming this way once and at 76 there is less time in front of me than behind me. I put a new battery in and that made a big difference. I'm going to change the strings to 12-53's and that will put an extra 28 lbs of tension on the neck so should the truss rod be tightened?
Thanks for the help.


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Thanks, I didn't think of the battery. In fact I didn't know the battery had an affect on the sound. We learn every day don't we?


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Well I have got it, so I must be the first Chordie member to buy the Ibanez T80n. So far not very happy with the sound, not as good as the old Ibanez TA35, but still working on it. So being old is not always a bad thing. It sounds too thin and trebley, hasn't got that nice warm sound that I want. Can anyone give me any coaching on settings please.The guitar has Presence, Treble, Middle and Bass and the amp has Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Chorus and Master Volume. The guitar strings are D'Addario extra light 10-47's phosphor bronze. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Most people I talk to say always turn the guitar volume to max to get the best sound. Are there times when the guitar volume should be set at half or somewhere between half and full?


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Does anyone own the new Ibanez T80n acoustic amp. This amp has one 10" speaker and the previous T80 had two 8" speakers. I would like to know your opinion on how it performs, sound quality etc. and whether 80 watts is to much for home and small groups. I had an old model TA35 which had great sound with acoustic and also had a good clean sound with the electric but I found it was too big to carry around. Thanks


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I have got a Floyd Rose bridge and it drove me nuts for a start but after a lot of research I got the hang of it. If the strings are changed to a heavier gauge, the springs need to be adjusted behind the cover on the back otherwise the extra tension will lift the bridge and raise the action, it's a balancing act but when tuned they stay tuned. I also change one string at a time. Apart from that you're right, they are not easy to set up.


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This is a great site for advice and camaraderie. I like most music except rap and angry rock. Favourite group is probably the Rolling Stones. Neil Young has been here for a couple of shows and still has a lot of fans. I am 76 years old and I am not old I just look old. I like that saying " Old age is a high price to pay for maturity."


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I'm sure I have G.A.S. but what do the letters G.A.S. stand for.


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I have the Vox VT30 and happy with it. Choices of amps and sounds on this amp was  mentioned and I agree there are too many for me. I picked 2 or 3 and I stay with them. Have a look at www.valvetronix.net > Forum > VT15/30/50/100 then click on VT30 clean setting for rhythm playing. There is some good information there.


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I think that if it is in the key of G it would be G C D and Em
G a b C D Em
1 2 3 4 5 6m


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Thanks Russell I liked it as well and that's a nice guitar. Could you tell me where I can find those chord shapes please.


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I reckon it looks cool resting on the left leg, like a classical or an old blues player.

Deadstring are you still happy with your amp. I have almost decided to get the Ibanez Troubadour T30 and they are $400 here. There is an older model T35 with a 10" speaker on our online auction site, does anyone know anything about this model? I think it may be 2 models back. It is bigger and heavier, measuring 17" high x16 1/2" long x14 1/2" deep and weighs 31 lbs.
A note has just been added to the auction, it is 10 years old.


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I am having an operation on my fretting hand soon and will be out of action for 3 months or more so thought I would play around trying to learn the slide guitar. Would someone tell me what tuning to use please to make it easy for a novice, like standard tuning, drop D etc. Thanks


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I play open and barre chords but I have had to improvise. I have Dupuytren's contracture in my left hand affecting my ring finger. It's bent about 70 degrees. It's ok, I just need to warm up longer. I have had to give up on the rock beat, alternating A6 A7 chords because of my stretching ability [ or lack of ] I warm up with the chords B E A D G C F  then B7 E7 A7 D7 G7 C7 F7 and the same with the minors and minor 7ths. I can't lay my index finger flat so I use the tip on strings 5 or 6.


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T V programmes where the background music is louder than the dialogue


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I thought that sort of thing only happened in New Zealand.

I'm looking for an acoustic amp. I like the Laney LA65D but it's out of my price range so I'm looking for the previous model LA65C second hand. I also like the Ibanez troubadour and maybe the Behringer ACX450 but I think the nine band graphic equaliser would confuse me on the Behringer,too many options.


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I used to fit Elixer nanoweb 12 - 53s but have since switched to D'Addario EJ16s. They are light 12 - 53s phosphor bronze


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I have got myself an acoustic and after playing the electric I find it a lot harder to get a clear sounding chord, especially the barred Bb on the acoustic. I can't fit three fingers on one fret so I use my little finger to fret strings D G and B. Also if I get lazy and don't form the chord properly I get string buzz on the acoustic but I get away with it on the electric, maybe because the fret wires are thicker. Both guitars have Elixer strings, 10-46's on the electric and 12-53's on the acoustic. If I put lighter strings on the acoustic would it be easier to play and would the sound be a lot different. Thanks