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Thanks guys those comments go along with my thoughts.


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Do any covers bands in the UK doing the pubs/working mens clubs type venues play any songs by Gary Glitter now?
Some members of our band fancy having a go at one or two but others are a bit nervous due to the associations that may be made regarding the original performer and his err 'fall from grace'. He certainly doesnt seem to be on the playlist of any radio stations in the UK now.
Thoughts anyone?


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I have just stumbled on this topic so I realise my response may be a little late but! In June this year I called in at a tiny pub in Lechlade Oxfordshire UK (On the River Thames about 100 mile west of London) a trio were playing there; blues, bit of modern and some 'easy listening' songs. The trio consisted of a drummer on bongos, bass and A drum, A lady singing and playing a tiny Bass guitar and a man singing and playing a tiny guitar. It was very good and after the gig I asked if the trio had a band name. The response was Pignose after the guitars. The guitars were about 1/3rd the size of normal ones and did indeed have an amp built into each of them, however both guitars were feeding into thier own Marshall amps. they gave a very good sound and the (very good) guitarist whose name I didnt get seemed very enthusiastic about the guitars versatility. As was obvious to anyone at the gig as he had played the guitar throughout the gig with just both E strings and a D string! I did try finding out about the guitars later and stumbled on a response relating to Pignose which featured an artist named Mike Brewley (I think) a rather dated photo of Mr Brewley who looked a lot like the guitarist in the pub but with more hair. (no offence intanded). And there my inquirey petered out until now.


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Good question, brilliant replies, back in the dark days of the last centuary (you know about the time when England was last winning the world cup!) mum and dad gave me a guitar and a school teacher was kind enough to give up his lunch breaks to try and teach me some songs using chords.  Our family moved and I dropped out of guitar playing after a few years, never having progressed much. A couple of years ago I took it up again and a performer at our local pub said "learn barre chords its worth it in the long run" A few false starts and wow was he right.
Someone on Chordie, to my shame I can't remember who, was good enough to mail me a chart with all the finger positions for each type of note (major, minor, 7ths etc, etc, working off the root note (the position on the 5th or 6th string)  for barre chords, its been invaluable to me so I will pass it on to you vie e-mail as i dont know if I would be allowed to post it here or even how I could post it here! Hope it will be of assistance. Stick with it when you start getting the hang of it and they start sounding right it all suddenly makes sense!

what a grand gesture, thank you for the effort. put me in the hat please and should I be fortunate enough to win any spare buckets of talent would also be helpful!
thanks again,
Ken Cattell


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Congrats on the new guitar and for raising such sensible wise children! lucky chap. I would ask the girls if they got it from a music store/shop even over the internet its highly likely a music based internet shop would open the kit box up and inspect/set up the guitar prior to sending it out, more likely should the girls have brought it directly from a high street music shop. In the event they got it from a catalouge shop ie A*G*S or Tinywoods (UK readers will know who I mean) then its a case of goods into the warehouse, goods out to the store, i dont want to cause offence but thats the nature of thier business and thats why the prices are cheaper. the thing to do is to get it out the box connect it up, tune it and strum a bit. hows your index finger feel holding down the first and second string on the first fret up by the nut? is it no effort just a gentle sqeeze? good. if it feels like your index finger is running over a cheese grater; not good! now let your index finger recover. Lay the guitar on a table with a good clothe or towel under it (no point in upsetting the misses by scratching the best french polished dining table!) Strike a string low e is a good starter whilst its still ringing bring your finger to just kiss the string above the 12 fret, not pressed down hard just the minimum amount of skin contact. does it go up an octave? if it goes up an octave on every string at or nearly  at the 12th fret and your not playing a cheese grater then its looking good that it was set up at the shop
now try freting each string from the 1st to the 13th fret and plucking each string gently at each fret position, Any buzz? No? you got a good one. enjoy
a few buzzes, well play it for a week or so until shopping UK gets back to normal (which also gives the guitar wood a chance to aclimatise to your centrally heated house after being in cold unheated warehouses and container ships for the last 6 months.) this is not the place to explain the finer points of neck adjustment. If any of the bad bits mentioned above still persist and you are still unsure what to do and set up information is available on the web (but you can do more harm than good very quickly!!),  then take it to your local musical instrument shop for an opinion, they may offer to do it for free if its a minor adjustment, especially if your there to buy a set of strings as 'spares'. Come on at £7. 00 approx its not a bad investment for thier advice and you will need them sooner or later! I set up my first electric (catalouge brought awful set up) guitar 2 years ago thanks to a chap based in USA over the internet called patrick coleman who was fantastic in my 'hour of need' so i owe a debt. should you need any more advice/help dont hesitate to e-mail me.
happy playing,


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Hi linusguitar,
I've done this job on a friends clasical guitar (very posh but ancient) and it went well. they had individual tuners going through the side of the head, not on a commom rail 3 per side. You carefully unscrew the item and either take up the kind offer from guitarpix if they match or trot off down to your local music shop to match them. try to avoid the cheaper ones as they can have a lot of backlash in the mechanism. Dont strip the wooden thread in the hole by over tightening the tiny screws on refitting. If (when, lol) you do a cocktail stick superglued in the hole cut of flush then predrilled with a tiny drill bit 1/16 inch (or  1.5mm if your working in heathen units!) to take the screw. You dont say where you live but if its anywhere near Swindon, Wiltshire, England. drop me a line and your welcome to come round and I'll assist/do it for you if it helps your nerves.


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i cant believe I'm responding to this but... when mates ask me which guitar I'm taking out to jam with, if its the Washburn Maverick its "smokey joe" on account of its yellow smokey finish (I know washburn have a term for it but I can never remember it! If I'm going with the Burns Marquee its "Isambard" The reason being (and this is abit convaluted so stay awake) IF Enzio Ferrari had designed a guitar it would be a Fender Stratocaster, all sleek and minimal, If Isambard Kingdom Brunel had designed a guitar it would have turned out as a Burns Marquee, solidly engineered, quirky but does the job well (those in UK can look at the Tamar Rail bridge or SS Great Britain for reference). Mmm a bit worrying they are both blokes names given some of the other responses, still I havn't got a name for the Ashton semi yet which is translucent green in colour so that could be rectified now.
Snot should do it, yep Snot it is! Sorted.


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I envy your talent, very nice, thank you.


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Would anyone within the UK have any original paperwork, Manual, Information sheet relating to a Burns Marquee 2007/8 model?
I now have one of these but it came minus any info. I would like either to borrow the information (security deposit no problem) so i could copy it or maybe purchase the original outright alternatively could someone point me in the direction to get a copy. going to Burns direct is obviously a good starting point but I happened to be in here when I thought about it!

Hi Vheissu, thanks for your response, having been unable to locate a X33 i've decided to put it on the back burner for a while and go for a Burns Marquee (another itch that needed scratching!) see new request. Now I expect to see X33's coming out in droves but I'll hold off for a year to give the burns a run. i have got the Maverick which is darn good to play.
Thanks for your responses though.

Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated I'm looking to replace my existing cheap 'strat copy' hence looking for 3 x single coil options with improved quality I just feel the X33 would fit the bill but heho dont do it in this country it would appear. thanks again. K

Has anyone here had experience using a Washburn X33? I see its a 3 single coil pick up guitar with a good spec. Where would would it be placed in a line up of  Squire Afinity Strat, Fender Mexican Strat and Fender USA Strat? Whats the sound quality, build quality, components be like in comparison?
I already own a Washburn BT2 Maverick and really like the sound and the build quality and finish is excellent so wondered what their 3 single coil guitar would be like. Also any one in England got one? (for Sale??) If your near to Wiltshire (100 miles) I would like to have the oportunity of trying one out before I go to the bother of trying to track one down as i feel it might be a good instrument for me.
thanks for your time


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Gosh that was a quick response, i've check the site and it seems to be just the thing i was looking for as a starter.
Thanks for your response.


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hello folks,
i wonder if anyone can help me with this?
I'm looking for a reference chart for barre chords since i want to have a go playing them but by the time i have looked through the books to convert the chords featured on the chordie song pages Ive lost the will to live by the 3rd or 4th chord!
I know this may sound lazy but i'm old (ish) and there seems to be a glass ceiling to this guitar playing lark that I've come up against and some songs sound a bit 'wooly' played with standard chords.