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Happy Birthday Old Doll.. Hope u've had a fabulous day  big_smile xxxxx

Hi Roger! 

Awww, it's kinda nice to know i've been missed!  My guitaring has come on lots since i was last here. If i remember correctly, my last postings were about me 'hitting a wall' with my progress.  Since then i've been learning some theory on scales and such. My husband has also been learning to play bass since January, and has made such good progress we are able to do a little jamming together!

Rachael xx


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Sorry Zurf,  about 250 miles too far North for me.. Wish i could help, i love pranks, hehe

Hello old friends, and new one's i've not yet had the pleasure to 'meet'.. smile   I've had a busy summer, split in the middle by dental surgery where i had my upper and lower right side teeth removed.  In a few weeks more the remaining will also be removed and i'll have false teeth fitted.  Gee, i bet you all really wanted to know that..!  lol.. But that's where i've been. There, and at the park with the children, and having BBQ's (can still eat on one side!).. Been a fairly good suumer apart from the usual British weather being rubbish... big_smile xxxxxxx


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bonedaddy wrote:

Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi


"She checks out Mozart while she does Tae Bo"


Drops of Jupiter,  but i dunno who sings it !


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I need a respirator cause I'm running out of breath
You're an all night generator wrapped is stockings and a dress


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Rush, limelight


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ok.. try this one...

It's cold by the pane glass on the high street we played
But there's always a penny in the music we made


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I took lessons at the age of 11-12. Then i went up to highschool. found boys, and playing guitar didn't seem so much fun anymore.. LOL.. It's my biggest regret in life. because i could now have 20+ yrs experience, instead of the 9 months since i picked up again and self taught using internet resources.


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Happy Birthday!  big_smile


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Endless sleep, Don Williams


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I just had a look at the top 100 searched tabs on a site i use, and nearly ALL of them can be found on Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Is that a bad thing that these games inspire people to play the music for real...?!!!

I love both RB & GH !!! big_smile


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harryscoffield wrote:

just as a matter of interest I have now tried false nails, they worked a bit but caused me unbelievable problems at work ( I am a school teacher) I have now removed them and will wait for my finger tips to get hard!!

oh goodness...!   I can't help giggling at that.... I've got teenagers at highschool, and also remembering my own school days, & can quite imagine the rumours after seeing a male teacher wearing false nails..!  Poor you.. x


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Zurf wrote:
Radchael1975 wrote:

Hehe, i'll add you to the VERY long list of people, that, IF i ever get to the United States, i have to go and visit.. smile

R x

You'll be welcome.  I'll have to come up with some reason to explain to my wife why I'm bringing young attractive blondes back from the airport with me, but I'm sure something will come to me.

- Zurf

Young and attractive....?  Zurf, you made my day... big_smile


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evsynator wrote:

checked out YT ... and to be honest ... couldnt believe you had only been playing for 3 months and singing as well and it was picking notes and not just strumming  ... it would be great if you could add another to show your progression .

Ok... I'll see what i can do.  Watch this (well, my YT!) space...! big_smile

Zurf wrote:
Radchael1975 wrote:

I hope ur gonna share ur work...?  I'd love to hear what u've been working on..

Rach xx

No problem.  Just hop a plane to Dulles International here in the states.  Give me a call and I'll come pick you up.  We can have a jamm, a nice cocktail, and I'll take you back to the airport to catch a flight home. 

Sorry, but I haven't the foggiest how to use my recording thingydoody, and if I ever figure that out then I have to figure out how to make the thingydoody's recordings get from cassette tape to computer.  What complicates the matter is that I haven't even tried, or have any intention of trying to figure that out in the near term. 

- Zurf

Hehe, i'll add you to the VERY long list of people, that, IF i ever get to the United States, i have to go and visit.. smile

R x


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evsynator wrote:

Well , we will see .. and hear ... go for it girl ... I will show you mine if you show me yours ......... ( and mines already on my website for all the world to hear and critisise ) - nice to see you are getting more positive and having a laugh ..... nice to have helped ..

Hmmmmm, DO i wanna fess up & display my YouTube ID....? lol... i have a REALLY bad vid of me killing Wonderful Tonight.  It was done back in Aug, when i'd just been playing 3 months....

oh ok.. ok.. hehe.. i've posted it before.. Rachael980 is my YT channel name.

You've gotta have a laugh, life is much too serious at times,  it's good to have a giggle. (usually at my expense...  wink )


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Zurf wrote:

Try playing some banjo or fiddle or piano music on your guitar.  Also, try converting from one style to another.  I don't know if it'll break you out of your rut, but it's fun. 

I've been working on putting Wild Rose of the Mountain - a traditional fiddle tune - to work on guitar.  Also a lullaby done by the original artist on hammered dulcimer on guitar.  Finally, I've been working on Crocodile Rock, a piano rock song, to be a fingerpick bluegrass guitar song.  It's fun. 

- Zurf

Hi zurf.. I've just been looking at a video tutorial to play House Of The Rising Sun, and the way it's played to sound like the song is actually very simple..! I've always just strummed it. So that's my mission tomorrow...!  I really want to go try it now, but it's midnight here and the family are in bed.. grrrr.. lol....

I hope ur gonna share ur work...?  I'd love to hear what u've been working on..

Rach xx


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evsynator wrote:

Well your half way there ... just got to convince him to give you the "useless strat that he dont need " ... looking forward to hearing your first recording of whatever ... especialy in that norfolk accent ... and thats me who lives in Devon and everyone thinks we talk and all sing pirate songs ..... ( though I did learn one the other day - "eddystone lighthouse " ...which me and my son just happened to get rescued by 4 years ago after a stupid fishing boat I bought conked out ) ... we live and learn ....

Heyyyy.... i'm not Narrrfark... I'm sufffffark.. lol.. small divide, big difference, hehe.... Not that i have a suffolk accent, thank goodness. All that ''ooo-ah ooo-ah oi can droive me trac'er...'' lmao


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alansheeran wrote:

Hi Radchael,

No. not sure what your wiggle is, but an arpeggio is just a string of notes. It can be in any order.

Just listen to the tune of the song. You can try to pick out the individual notes of the tune.

You may know Bonnie Tylers " It's a Heartache". Think of the part of the song when she sings " It's a Heart Ache . . ." A very simple version of what I'm talking about would be to play E ( 2nd fret D string), D ( Open D string) and then start strumming a C chord.

You can play this by fretting a C chord, hitting the note E, lifting your middle finger for the note D - then dropping it back down for the C chord. It's like getting the guitar to sing the melody.

You can then extend that by working out more melody lines as you go through the song. Its all about finding on the guitar the noes that your ears are hearing.

Hope that doesn't sound too complicated - it's really only lifting and replacing one finger.

Ahhh.. ok thanks..!  That doesnt sound complicated at all... :D  I love Bonnie Tyler, i was brought up on her music, my mother played it lots.  I'll get the tab for said song and attempt your suggestion.

R x


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evsynator wrote:

Hope so ... sounds like we all got the positive side going ! it will be nice to hear a thing or two ... though I know how hard it can be ... for most of us we all want to do the same - but putting into practice is a different thing altogether .... remember its a hobby and enjoy and have fun  .

just checked out your stuff you play with ... some nice gear ... you must be ok to invest in all that lot .... wish I had that .

Yup.. you all have indeed got my positive side going again.. big_smile

You're right.. i am VERY lucky to have my gear.   I've had it all brand new, except the Digitech pedal ,which my brother gave to me.  He's got a real Fender Strat, which he can't play....!!!  Makes me wanna cry when i see that thing sittin in its box gathering dust in his spare room.  None of my gear was very expensive, the acoustic was £99....  the electric and amp together were £120. But yes, as u say, i know there's a lot of people would love to have such nice instruments. I've got pics of my gear, but they're on another profile on a different forum.



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KAP54 wrote:

Hi Radchael,
Learn as much as you can while you can when your in your rut.Your bound to snap out of it when the time is right.Play with as many people as you can(I believe that is where you will learn more and pick up little tricks to advance your talents).
In the mean time may I suggest "Nights in White Satin".A great song that will fit your repatoire nicely.

Hope this helps smile


Hiya Kenny..   I'm keeping at it, there's NO way i'd ever give up, i'm much too stubborn, lol...!  So, as you say.. i'll keep digesting new information, keep working at descyphering the tabs, and trying to get together with some fellow players. I'm thiking of putting an ad in a shop window asking if there's anyone else around who wants to come jam with me..?  Anyone think that's a good idea.?

Nights in White Satin.. yes, that's a lovely song, one i learned in the early days of my playing. Maybe i'll go back to it and see if i can improve how i play it..?

tubatooter1940 wrote:

Learning guitar, most of us will hit a series of plateaus where we feel our progress has leveled out. This is normal for most folks.
The way to break out and start getting better at a more rapid rate is via new material, new artists to emulate and new musical projects to get the old excitement boiling again.

Hi Tuba.  I've got a folder full of tabs (mostly chord tabs) that i printed out when i first started learning. There's quite a few in there i passed over because they were way way out of my league. I'll take a look back through that file and see what i find, that a few months seemed impossible, might now be within my limits.. smile

alansheeran wrote:
Russell_Harding wrote:

chords with arpeggio moving lines

You mention that other people might not recognise the song if you just played the chords. Russell has a point here. One of the simplest ways to spice up your playing is to add single note runs into your play.

Most songs will have a recognisable intro which you can play on single notes and then launch into a strum when you happen upon a longer note. Keep your fingers in the chord shape as best you can when playing the single notes. You can then add other arpeggio's as you move through the song.

It's a bit like learning a different strum pattern.

Hi Alan.. That sounds great.. but how do i know which notes to pick individually to fit the songs...?  EEeeeek... now we're getting into the complicated sounding stuff,  but exactly what i'd love to be able to do. Arpeggio's.. is that where ya kinda 'wiggle' the string.. to give it that little bendy effect..? As for strumming patterns, i struggle with them too..!  LOL.. ok ok.. i'm seeing whole new areas that i can work on now.......... smile

evsynator wrote:

Sounds like its time to move on to stuff just a little more complicated and reading all the advice on here - they are dead right .... perhaps learning something like "tears in heaven" or something similar might be the way to go ( thats only one example )  ... but do it the correct way and not just strum it ... set yourself a challenge of learning one a week or fortnight . Loads of nice slow easy lessons for free out there . Pick a song you love and go for it . Good luck and enjoy .

Hi evsynator...  I'll sure woek hard on getting 'something' constructive done... and maybe do a recording.. so keep your eyes peeled for sumthing from me..! big_smile

Thanks again people 4 ur help...

Rachael big_smile


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Hi Allen.  YouTube has some awesome video tutorials.  I'm amazed at how many people take the time and effort to put these together.  Search YouTube for ThreeChordGuitar, LazyFret, JustinSandercoe, goldhat3 & siggi5153.  They're just a few i can think of off the top of my head. But dont forget YT as a resource for learning.  If there's a particular song u want to learn, you'll most likely find it in there somewhere. If you enter the song name, followed by guitar lesson/tutorial, somthing usually pops up.

Good luck..!  smile

Rachael x


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upyerkilt wrote:


See your list of songs they seem to me to be quite easy ones, not that there is anything wrong with that but maybe you should go for something a bit harder, something that will make you sit down and try to work out how to change from one chord to another that ye find hard just now?

Or do what I do,lo,l, just learn even more easy songs.

or take a few of your songs and try changing it from the way the original artist does it, try singing it different meaning you might have to change a chord or two.


Hiya Ken.

lol, yes they are all fairly 'easy' songs... there's a few i play, not listed, that some have told me they find difficult (an example is Dead Or Alive, Bon Jovi). for said song, i found it real easy, from the intro riff, all the way through the song, the solo... But that's electric guitar and we're in the wrong forum..! haha....

Any songs you could suggest i give a go, that might be more challenging..?   (I can do F' & B's....)


Rachael xxx


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Doug_Smith wrote:

Hi Radchel, sorry to hear you are in a "rut"...

   I think that happens to all of us at some time or another.... the hitting a wall where moving onward seems directionless.  Take a look at your music book, is it all pretty much in the same genre?  Mine was for awhile, and then I discovered Chordie and started especially looking at the 100 most popular tunes section.  Playing through the ones I was familiar with and trying to get a handle on at least a couple new tunes (outside of my comfort zone) every time I visited. 

  That was a few years ago, and my music book is a few hundred pages thick now, and all over the planet so far as style goes.  Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, R&B, Classical, New Age, Metal, Mouldy Oldie Goldies, etc.  I try to get together at least a couple weekends a month with friends to jam and mix it up a lot with music that they are particularly interested in.  That seems to keep things fresh and challenging.

  Lots of good advise here so don't lose heart... keep on rockin' in the free world!

Take Care;

Heya Doug. Yup, that's exactly it. i'm in a rut, have hit that wall. I havn't lost heart, or lost interest.. i just dont seem to be making any progress.

I'll give u a list of some of the songs i play.....

U2 - with or without you
GunsNroses- patience
Clapton - wonderful tonight
breakfast at tiffanys
CCR- blue moon
greenday - american idiot
queen - too much love will kill you
simon & garfunkel - the boxer
nickelback - rockstar
snow patrol - chasing cars
metallica - one
P,P&M - puff the magic dragon (lol)
i'm a believer - monkees
kingston town - UB40
love is all around - wet wet wet
american pie - don McClean
wonderwall - oasis
clocks - coldplay
bitch - meredith brooks

OK, so yes, looking at those and actually writing them down, it would seem the stuff i play is quite 'samey'......  So i'll go take a look through the 100 most popular, as you suggested and see what i can  find..  smile

Thanks people.. you guys are the best..! big_smile


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Russell_Harding wrote:

have you composed any music? that usually gets the creative juices going and may spring you into some new ideas,differen't sounds and chords with arpeggio moving lines or study fingerpicking style its totally differen't then strumming and very challanging smile

Hi Russ. I havn't really 'composed'.. but have made up a few lil ditties of my own that i play when i cant think of anything else... smile   So ok, i'll work some more on that & see where i go....

Fingerpicking.  I can play a few songs finger style... Wonderful Tonight,  The Boxer, Hallelujuh are some..  but they never sound 'like the song' unless i sing as i play. I dont think there is one song i can play, that you could 'guess the tune' if you heard no lyrics.

Stonebridge wrote:

It's easy to get into this position. The way out is to set yourself a (new) goal. After I had been learning for a similar time I got to the stage of "now what?". It really depends on why you wanted to learn in the first place and what your goal is or was. For me, the next step was to get together with others who play and make some music together. That doesn't necessarily mean a band, although that could be fun. It also meant, for me, playing some songs at a local folk club.
Although I accept that for many people, learning and playing "at home" just for their own enjoyment is their goal, for me that rather misses the point of making music. It should be shared with others. (In my humble opinion of course)

Hi Stonebridge. Thats a nice idea. I do have a few friends that play guitar (MUCH better than me though, lol)  I have played (or does 'jammed' sound better...?!?!?) with someone else a few times and it is fun.  I do love to share my music. I dont suffer 'stage fright' and get all embarrassed when someone listens. As you say, would really kind of defeat the object..!!!

arkady wrote:

Hi Radchael1975
Sounds like you ready for some finger picking.
It's what the acoustic was meant for apart from strumming and singing along.  smile
Seriously it's a whole new ball game and rewarding with easy through to impossible tunes to learn..
Oh composing your own stuff has got it's rewards as russ says  smile

Hi Ark.  I'll definately look more into the fingerpicking. I seem to have gotten myself into the habit of just using my thumb and forefinger to pick with, and rest the other fingers on the guitar under the high e string. So i s'pose, it's the age old adage of Practice, Practice, Practice..!   big_smile

Thanks for your input, guys xxxx

Rachael xxxx