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For all politicans


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Don't think i'll be buying the cd lol lol


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Hi skullshot ..nicename lol  Found this from goose creek symphony which has those lines in...
                                                         hope it helps..



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Tonight at the start of the seasons proms concerts at the Royal Albert Hall
a 1000 ukulele's will perform Beethoven's 9th  "Ode to joy"      8 members of the British ukulele orchestra on stage and 992 members of the public have signed up and will bring there uke's along to play.
                                                       Good luck to them  big_smile


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If you can put strings on it you can play it....

found this clip just great ...


                                           Hope you enjoy


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Like stransongs got to say the NHS is there when you really need them...
My father died 3 years ago next week from the start of him feeling unwell to the time he was sent home
diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer they gave us a Macmillan cancer nurse 24/7 and a domestic
and personal care nurse to help every day..After he died the Macmillan nurse changed his pj's shaved
him and combed his hair ... all the drugs and equipment ,visiting doctors all done with no charge and
lots of kindness... Might not be perfect  but I and my mother will never forget what they did...


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Hi Wayne ... What a great choice of song to go with your pics ..will look forward to
                   watching the video  .... Going to be a real interesting weekend for you
                   and your family ... please lets us know what happend.

                      cheers Mark ...   Only cowboys we have over here are builders !! lol


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wlbaye  .. what a geat peice of family history

               Gotta be a song in this ... "Ballard of Georgie Baye"


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Me too Alvee ...  I just love trying ... we will crack it some day lol


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Hi Washed by him .. a great example of flatpicking the tune and adding rhythm
                              played by one of the best ...


                                               Happy pickin friends ...   smile


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Hi Headcase  Someone said the difference between a violin and a fiddle is about $5,000 wink

                    Sum set up fiddles a little different I belive but the real parting of the ways
                    is in the type of music played ... I can't play one so what the hell do I know.

                    Why do kids ask these things ... smile


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Hey Pix I'll tell you where they go SAME PLACE AS THE BLOODY PENCILS FROM MY WORKSHOP lol

                      I buy boxes of them and when you need one ....Gone!!!

What a load of Bullock's Ken !! lol

       But its true a farmer just up the road from me plays classical cds  to the cows
       when he is milking ..they love it keeps them calm..
                            So there you have it Cows love ..Moosic  !


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If you find out I'd like to know got piles of them in the workshop....come in handy one day!!
                     Only ever used one to clean the carb jet on the mower

Hi vxn I'am 54 and a half living in the west country in England been strumming on and off
           for 30 odd yrs been serious for last 3 trying flatpickin and now 5st Banjo just wish
           I did it before I needed reading glasses if I don't have them it turns into a damm
           10 stringer lol  Happy pickin Mark...


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Andy ... Hows about this



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Here's 6 Mins of Haunting .... Just think what theese men do !!



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Thanks for posting that clip Wlbaye I had an old Black&Decker electric screwdriver
knocking around so charged it up and glued a Hex bit in the end of a rubber bung
the type you use in a wine making jar and machined a slot in the top ... its superb!!
Trouble is got to wait till I need to change strings again now lol


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Arkady & Pix thanks for the information ,will do my best...
Hey pix no disrespect intended on that fine looking instrument
Now my old thing smells of BBQ sauce and Beer....Arrrr happy days!

                            Cheers Mark


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Hows about this  wink



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Just been looking at Guitarpix new addition.can smell it from here pix..but wondered can
you folks tell an ol' timer how you get a picture in your post? they look so good like Badeye's
garden thread. Make it simple please lol


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Hi Crevs    Dguyton is spot on here is another link to lower the action at the saddle
                 Lower the action then adjust neck relief if required ie any buzzing..

                 http://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Musicia … ion01.html

                 Hope it helps   ... Have fun Mark


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Hi Nascarfan there is some great bluegrass guitar teaching aids on "you tube" try this
                   for starters and then just explore some of the other links .. and don't
                   worry about the speed I have just fallen into that trap while trying to learn
                   the banjo ...all advice is the same  learn SLOWLY ..have fun


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I agree with Charlotte you gonna be known as "Two Badeyes" if your wife finds out lol

                                  Have a damm goodtime tonight


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A Fine tribute sad