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Anybody know the  guitar chords to High Class Lady? by the Lennerockers.  TY


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ave got the  epi j200 too! and love it!!! i use the 12`s Gibson j200 strings


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Yer can still have yer rock n roll geo big_smile this is my favorite version,



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2 cents? ......i bid 4Cents...... errm wot am i bidding on? big_smile


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Heres my pennys worth,  my fav singer??? possibly?  ballad or crazy rythem dont matter.. here he is singing my favorite version of this song

Sorry audio not prefect , cos its old


cheers micky cool


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AYE IT AINT easy!!


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aye different cultures etc  like us  erm what would you  from the U S of A call us Brits?,  plonkers? big_smile big_smile nahhh! using one of your sayings lol "whatever" big_smile

some things dont travel too well, maybe thats why it could be taken wrongly too?..learn to take thgings said "with a pinch of salt" i'd say


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whoahhhhhhh there phil!! i dont think its a title ..m8 but it could be? yes lifes a bitch, as they say... but i say as long as there are more "ups" than "Downs" i d be happy ( as ave had plenty of downs)

Congrats on the weight loss !! (am on a losing battle on that front) being more mobile gotta be a "upper"??

cheers micky cool


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Me! am just a "night owl"......nowt will make me sleep any longer than i need too not even the attentions of a good woman (meaning the wife)

Poor Nela just except yer never gonna be a "sleeping beauty" m8 and theres no fair maiden to kiss and wake you up sorry!!


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Hi fellow chordians! merry christmas and a happy new year to you all,

I think this may have been covered somewhere else (though i cant find it)

I have a problem tuning low E using a clip on tuner, it either does not register or needle jumps around like a squrrill with its bum on fire lol big_smile.(thats what youget rubbin` chili on the nuts)lol
Ave done searches and using "Harmonics" is mention alot with telling you clear how too ( i depress on 12th fret, shows up correct tuning but to high E ????)

its the only string i have bother tuning, though i dont know how correct my tuner is. just found out its also has a  chromatic setting

Sorry i cant tune by ear, am not that clever, though am just starting to pick out when certain strings are outa tune. Its a start big_smile

any advice?

Cheers Micky


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Wot Dett..so you've never picked your nose and eaten it lol big_smile


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i recieved some gibson j200 pb strings. thedy are Heaven!!! smile didnt think there would be much difference between strings, how wrong could i have been. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas!! Pix to you and yours, and thankyou, great gesture..Well done Linusguitar


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awhhh snowed in!! back to bed wiv a warm woman & a hot toddy ahhhhh bliss  yes and the " oi pet any footie/soccer on the telly?" lol smile

Hiya Pix love to be "in the pot" on Friday thx Micky

Yeah i agree too many variables in text,colour. also headers that waste space. please consider  setting a standard non fancy layout ie: Title only ( maybe artist along side)

I print out songs to A5, a nice little book size for this  thicky who cant seem to memorize  words & chords and find i have to re-type out  the songs in  publisher/Word using Arial  and black text (i tend to put chords in Bold text) so i can leave out the waffle stuff to save space & paper

Please at least clean out the waffle and  choose a standard text and color ( it would help greatly)

Thankyou for listening



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whats happened to "i beg to differ" and leaving it at that?? or is a case somebody had to feel they "right & "Top Dog"

( i feel a dressing down comming my way!! lol)

Ps: if it is,   yer wasting good air, as i think everyone has a opinion, not everyone HAS to agree with it

Now lets Rock!!! smile


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yeah zurf! hows about  "porcelain babe" for a title?? i did have another, cheeky, but not child friendly lol

go on zurf do it m8

cheers micky


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Cam can we please swap wives/girlfriends lol my wifes got the grump on cos i want another guitar sad

i only want a cheap drag around one too, somthing i wont be to bothered if it got a ding or two smile

cheers micky ;cool:


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welcome Raj

I too struggle to pick out strum patterns & chords (not musically minded or talented )

but i plod on when i play(use of the word lightly lol) i play music i really like,ave always been a rock n roll fan,1950's R n R that is

i emerse myself into the songs and play them that way..just for me,and no one else to please bar me dawg!! or she might be tempted to howl!!! lol she hasnt yet.

Keep going and be happy it will come in time ( thtas what i tell myself)

cheers micky cool


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crevs.1972 wrote:

I've been using Martin Lights on mine and to be honest I'm considering going to mediums or a different brand just to try and see what the difference is?  Any advice?

hiya Crev

        I love my j200 too, and yes it sounds better using a pick as you said,

the guy in the shop recommended D'Addios strings 11's or 12's.  I used to use Ernie Ball Acoustic strings on another guitar, they are really bass'y so i wont be putting them on the j200, ave ordered some Gibson j200 acoustic strings let you know how they go(though take what i say with a pinch of salt, as am a reet novice).

Ps: tried different "Martins" and i cant get away with them at all.....each to our own me thinks! hmm

Cheers micky cool


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thanks lads will keep all advice in mind "Divine intervention"would have been easier and cheaper lol but he never listens to me smile


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hiya all

          ave been wrestling with what to do!..i play Acoustic guitars and almost never use a pick (just cant seem to get the hang of em) problem is ave got a epiphone j200(not long bought it)
1, firstly i get fret buzz, now the lad in the shop said it had been "setup" and the strings at the nut do sit low, ohh i`ll add am a strummer  not a finger picker (or nose picker come to that erhh)and at times not very light, though am trying to be hmm

2, though i know its a "jumbo" and supposed to be bassy(if thats the word?) it sounds more "muddy", ave tried changing the strings,putting on d`daddrios 11's,  :rolleyes

its getting where am leaving it to pick up my old "freshman" instead

am one confused dude and ideas??


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Beatles !!! arghhh.......but i now like to play "let it be"