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I don't usually have feelings about inanimate objects, but some things just grab your heart.

That Old Car Owes Us Nothing.

That old car owes us nothing
It's paid us back a hundred times
Pulled us along lifes highway
Past slip roads and danger signs.
Now I won't sigh, and I won't cry
Maybe get a lump in my throat
That old car owes us nothin.
It kept this family on the road.

We bought it in the early Fall
The week before we wed
And the guys tied boots and tin cans
On the fender for a bet.
And we drove into the future
And that well remembered bed.

The first time we went camping
It dragged it's ass up the hills
Sank its self into the mud
Right up to the sills.
"What a stupid car" I thought
As I paid the recovery bill.

And I struggled with the seat belts
When the baby chair wouldn't fit
You stood with Kate in your arms
While the charge nurse sorted it.
But the car, it got us home
You, Kate and the baby raising kit.

There were sad times too
When old John died
I was the only one he knew
And the best I can say is I tried
But the old car drove his ashes
To lie by the ocean-side.

But it's old and sad and done now
I can't get it to start
And the lights haven't lit in a year now
Seems the spark plugs just won't spark.
Guess I'll frown as they tow the car away,
Prob'ly strip it out for parts.


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Tighten it until you don't get any buzz when you strum the hardest you usually play.

Position it as close to the fret as possible, but you can move it back if it gets in the way - in which case you will need to tighten it some more. Your ears will tell you when it's right - trust them.


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Hi Ark,

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I'll be recording this, I think it's a keeper.

Hi Badeye,

Thanks for the comments. yes, it feels bluesy to me. After what Ark said, should that makes it a country blues ?


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Thanks, Shady,

I mean a window sill - as kids we used to be lifted onto the sill to better see my da walk up the street from work.


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Being brought up in 60's Belfast, the Titanic was a ship of mythic proportions. It had been built in the city's ship yards by guys who were still alive. They'd bashed rivets, carved the furniture, fitted the chandeliers, made the ship's linen. There was a huge pride in having built the finest ship ever to grace the seas - as well as an abiding sadness that it had all come to nothing.

It was sad, therefore to see that the last Titanic survivor has just died. See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ … ed-97.html

It feels almost too big a tragedy for a song.


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This all came from the first two lines of the chorus - no other reason. Why Jefferson ? I don't know.

I play E7 and E7sus4
        E7      Sus
E        0        0
B       0        0
G       1        2
D       0        0
A       2        2
E       0        0

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This is the winning routine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMstFTMI … DF1fOQbdkA

The dancers were incredible. Susan Boyle has a big future, but seems she also has a big temper !


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No - you can make money with both !!


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This is PDG, Mr Linusguitar. The lines are tight and the feel runs through the whole of the song. Now if only I had a guitar with me . . . .


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Thank you Karma. It's the little things in life that make it liveable.

Mind you, if you're into Karma, it's also the little things that keep you on a leash ! Kismet.


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Hi Rebel,

You've an interesting lyric there. I like the movement of the story. Can we hear it soon?

The ribbon as a subject reminds me of The Black Velvet Band - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cnzstOt … re=related .


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I'd love to see it.


Thanks for the fine words.


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If you've been on youtube then you'll know these.



You can work out the tunes by using the ABC versions which you can pick up at

http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/4331 and


You can also cut and paste the ABC's into ABCMus (http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/Abcmus/ ) where you can slow them down and play them.


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Thanks everyone. I now have music for it and will record when I get the chance.


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My voice sits from Eb to F, so that's where I play. The capo is kind of mandatory at times.

This song just oozes hot days, freedom, summer and sunburn. Brilliant!

Hi Headcase,

Sorry I didn't see the question, or I'd have come back to you.

How are you tuning the banjo? Irish tuning is GDAE and if you are looking for chords, you can use the Mandolin chords on chordie as they are the same. You can also tune it CGDA and use the same chords, though they'll be a fifth below the Irish tuning.

You can also tune it to the bottom strings of the guitar, but I wouldn't as the mandolin tuning is much easier to learn - and if you learn GDAE you will be able to play the mandolin, mandola, mandocello, bouzouki, tenor guiitar and tenor banjo - all for the price of one.

The tenor is mainly used in Irish music. you should be able to pick up a lot of teaching materials off the intenet. One of the better one's is at http://www.folkofthewood.com/Tenor_Banjo_Lessons.html . though it's in CGDA.

As for rolls - they're finger picking patterns. The theory of rolls can be seen on this 5 string lesson - it shows forward, reverse and alternating rolls ( http://www.folkofthewood.com/5-String_B … ssons.html ).

But do try just melody playing - Black Velvet Band, Tell Me Ma and so on - that's what the tenor's for.


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Thanks, Ken.

I appreciate the kind words.

I'm not happy with one of the verses where I've rhymed keep and keep. I'm thinking about changing it.

The verse goes

I walk across the gardens
Where the groups of mothers weep,
Past the newly planted gravestones
Where the priests their vigil keep.
I walk along the tight rope,
Death has promises to keep.

And I'm thinking of changing it to

I walk across the gardens
Where the groups of mothers weep,
Past the newly planted gravestones
Where the priests their prophets seek.
I walk along the tight rope,
Death has promises to keep.


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Don't Call Me Soldier.

Don't call me soldier,
Just call me a man.
I am standing here
With Peace in my hands
Don't turn your children's eyes away
They too must understand.

I look out across the deserts.
I look out across the plains
I look out across the mountains
Through the mist and through the rain
I look out across the cities,
So the cities can sleep again.

I walk across the gardens
Where the groups of mothers weep,
Past the newly planted gravestones
Where the priests their vigil keep.
I walk along the tight rope,
Death has promises to keep.

I flame in the darkness
When with other men I fight,
When fear tears out men's hearts
When blood stains coat the night.
And I weep in his empty halls
With no-one else in sight.

And I'll sail home when time comes
When the men in power say.
Fit to break the rusting ship
Or plough their fields for pay
And I'll eke out my pension
When this red hair turns to gray

Or I'll lie upon these barren hills,
Or fall slowly through the sea,
Breathless in the shifting stillness,
Lonely as a tomb can be,
Or the chain weights on my shoulders
Will put an end to me.


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Hi Kap,

I'm glad London likes 'em.


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Hi Selso,

Yes, loved the song. Real blue feel you got there.


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Hi Phil,

Good to hear from you again.

Charlotte St, however, is not a Belfast reference. It's a quote from the old Norman Blake standard "Church St Blues." (http://www.bluegrasslyrics.com/all_song … =sp254.htm). Tony Rice plays it here ( I've posted it before ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JFgC3Ub10E . It is the sweetest tune I know.

I put music to it tonight. Amazing how the time flies when you're working on a song.

The person is Tony Rice. The Guitar is THE Martin box that he was given by Clarence White ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_White ). It has a wider soundhole due to damage done to the guitar at some time


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Hey Selso,

Just read this after reading the song. Don't let the B######s grind you down. There is something to be said for taking them to court - get down to your local law centre.

It's maybe something that Obama or State politicians need to look at, if people can be sacked for no good reason . The European Union has thankfully been pushing workers rights over here. No-one's looking for a free lunch, just respect and the opportunity to work for an honest day's pay. The employer has a responsibility in that contract, particularly when workers have kids mortgages and other outgoings.

Gonna look up that song " Respect" and sing it for you tonight, Selso.


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Hi Selso,

It might just be my old ears, but I can hear you somewhere in the Myspace mix, but not enough to make the tune out.

Like the lyrics " One day you're standing on both your feet / Next day ya got nothin to eat."


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The Martin Box.

The Martin box, it sang it's song
Of sadness to me,
Of the many hands it laboured for
And the songs that set it free.
It watched the dancers, saw the crowds,
They helped it to be
The muse that kept you playing
And brought the music to me.

Sing me Church Street
Blues once again
Want to see the light on Charlotte Street
Turning red in the rain.

The Martin Box was strung again,
Old Black Diamond brand,
Cut the air with its chiming ring
Bringing pleasure to the land.
We'll never play quite like you,
But we all understand
You kicked away your rockin' chair
And took that Martin from his hand.

The Martin box spits pickin' fire
Down upon the crowd
A sweet storm of fretted notes
Spin across the ground.
I watch your fingers catch and burn
Controlling every sound,
Runnin', riffin', strummin', flingin'
Licks all around