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i call mine rocky


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upyerkilt wrote:

I just call mine "guitar"



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good on you!!!!!


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If you would tune a uklee or whatever lol would you tune it like a guitar but a 4 string


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ovation93 wrote:

sweet!! lol i`m 13!

im 14 but i think you need to close this thered and move it to chordies chat couner


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Zurf wrote:

How'd you like Kentucky?  Beautiful there, isn't it?  Though the place names are a bit odd, like Frog Stomp, Kentucky and Frozen Head State Park.

I really enjoyed myself thanks yes its beautiful i love it i might move in one time


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could you please tell me a good guitar tuner brand thanks...


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Fender and Ibanez


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yep textings great why did you start this post??


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Thanks all for your wonderful help i have what i need and im happy about it


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Greetings people

I am now back from my holiday and now have access to my computer and now

can get back on chordie. I went to visit kentucky U.S.A I really injoyed myself

but its good to be home again and be able to get on chordie.

smile  Its good to be back


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tony eaves wrote:

There are lots of us looking for others to play with.

Could the ones who have friend let the rest of us know the best way to find other guitar players ?


Well this website is a great way to interact will other players the website is http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/
go and check it out

Hope this helps smile


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micky the mooch wrote:

Hiya Chordians

                       Just a quick question,answers on a postcard to the Village idjit lol

Can a Capo effect strings after it is taken off or with constant use?(Damage?)

Its ave left  the capo on (probably over tight) and when i took it off the strings sound terrible !!
well just dont sound the same!

Cheers Micky cool




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fatstrings wrote:

Hi guitarrock,

Glad to hear you want to get into recording, it's loads of fun. There are a few ways you can accomplish this task depending on what you want to do. You can do the recording yourself probably with the equipment you already have, just follow the tutorials that the MOD- Russell has put together in a sticky on the recording forum. Don't worry this process is not expensive, as a matter of fact, it is almost free. That's the way we like to do it,,,:lol:,, Also if you want a full band sound, and don't know how to play all the instruments, there are several musicians here on the recording forum at chordie that are willing to put their instruments to your music. There's vocalists, drummers, bassists, guitarist, tuba players, mandoline players, and the list goes on. Also there have been several chordians who will even do the producing for you, so whatever your looking for I'm confident you can find it here on chordie. This has been accomplished a few times on chordie with great success, and I know there are several of us here that have been looking forward to doing another project. If you need any help with getting started or anything along the way, don't be afraid to ask here on the recording forum because chordians are the most helpful and friendliest folks on the planet.

Thanks heaps but i dont have any recording tools i know how to play guitar and thats my lot lol what sort of tools would i need?




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micky the mooch wrote:

Hi fellow Chordians

As just gotta share this, cos its all down to chordie & its members advice.

Its like this yer see, i opened up the song "All my lovin"   in the Beatles Songbook.. first time ave seen it and attempted to play it( though i do know the tune)... And dont yer know it it went like a charm, even  down to the Bm & F#7 chords. (used the capo too).
So as ave said am.. "pleased as punch" ...Success!!   well its a start of a "Long winding road" oooerr theres another song i like .. i wonder if?

thats the waffling ower wiv
                                            Cheers Micky cool

yes im learing to play real song now


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Tine wrote:

Ok so,

My little un is coming up to 6 and is about to start playing the Violin. She is already learning the Fyfe and quite fancies guitar too. Do you think it would be right to encourage her to play so many different instruments a such a young age? The latest instrument, the Violin is through school and so I am keen to encourage this. If she picked up Guitar I would not be as vigil with the practise to start with. Just let her make what she wants of it. I don't want to be a 'pushy mum' but actually she loves music/ has apparant flair , I want to give her the chance at what she loves but I don't want her to get stressed!

Does anybody have young children who play? I'd like guidence here!

yes i think you should at her age this way she will be able to be in a band when she gets older


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last_rebel wrote:

D C G over and over. It sounds better if you use the power chords and pick the lead part...

ok i will try


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tubatooter1940 wrote:

Hello, Guitarrock,
The origional hit by Lynard Skynard was played in key of G.
So the verses go: D,C,G.
Don't forget about the whoo hoo hoo part where it goes F,C,D,C,G.
Being from Alabama, we jumped on that song from day one.
"Sweet Home Alabama" replaced "Stars Fell on Alabama" on our car license plates. It is much better to have our state referred to as a "sweet home" rather than an impact area. smile

sorry there mate no afence


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As you see i have made a song if you look in comments
There is a comment saying that i sould record it. I need
help!! How can i do this and were do i go i have NO idea
could i please have a reply ASAP



Russell_Harding wrote:

Taking pride in accomplishing something worth while is a good feeling,I teach guitar and my students are enthusiastic about learning and I video tape there first lesson and a few months later I video tape there progress and the look on there face is priceless as they realize how far the have come, keep at it smile

good idea thanks mate


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what is jam play


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KAP54 wrote:

Nice Write guitarrock. Will we hear a recording ?


Yes when i have it ready


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Grate link i loved readin it