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Great idea UJB hope lots respond, Roger Essex England


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Thanks guy's for your comments got the 58 will try it out tonight in our pub gamming night shame you cant join us, we have a great time every week


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Hi all, as you can see from a previous posting I was asking about the Digitech 2 which I now have but now I'm after advise about mic's looking for a good one.


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Thanks guys for your comments, have gone out and treated myself to one will try it out in my pub Wednesday eve when we have our jamming night.


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Hi all, anybody out there had any experience with the Digitech Vocalist Life 2, like to hear from you with your comments


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Hi all, have a pub in Essex we have a jamming night every Tuesday, love listening and playing we have some great evenings

Was born in Kent normtheguitar but now live in a village just outside of Maldon Essex.

Hi topdown not been on here for a bit now we moved from UK to Turkey for a few years  and we are now back in UK got ourselves a great country pub and very busy why dont you come this side of the pond and we can jam in the pub have lots of live music here

Hi Zurf would love to join the group what a great idea


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I think we could be regarded as pet lovers we have 4 dogs and 4 cats we live in turkey now, we came over 6 years ago with 2 little dogs sadley the west highland terrier died 6 months ago, the rest of our pets we have aquired over time each with its own sad story.

my name is roger james tillman so i thought the jam bit was quite appropriate


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Hi Roger great song, lyrics are exceptional, you have inpired me. My pencil is being sharpened as I type.

All the best Roger


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thanks for all your input guys have now got my AS100D had it for a few weeks now, got used to it and love it.


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Well done topdown I stopped a few weeks ago to, hard but I am determined this time. I find allready that it helps me with my singing, well thats what I think not listening to all the others. My Wife still smokes, that makes it a lot harder but I will stop. We should keep this going and see how many, including ourselves that it will help to stop. Keep it up with you all the way Roger


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Hi Russell this is very strange I was thinking the same thoughts but I was on my 2nd Raki. But seriously what you say is true.

Thanks for that pix if you had played it in F#maj9#11 it would have definitely  sounded better, not a lot but better, the voice well that sings for its self.  Great stuf its what life is all about.

Would love to hear it Guitarpix but cant get utube in Turkey its been banned hear and its not because they've seen your video.


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Thanks for that guys, the problem I have is living in the area that I live in Turkey I dont have much  of a choice. So I have to seach the net, read up and try to make up my mind without tring it. A very good friend from the UK then buys it in England and brings it to Turkey for me.
                                                                                                                                                                 Nela yes looking for two channels ex speakers etc i've had a good look and the AS100D seems to have what I want but just wondered if anybody had used or tried it.   Looked at the AS50D aswell looks a neat little unit Guitarpix. Need somthing with a bit of a punch, I gig in a few friends bars, so thats the reason that I was looking at the AS 100 I thought it would suite me better.   

Hi Mekidsmom thanks for that hows your new guitar.     Roger


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Just got myself a new guitar its a Martin and love it to bits. I had a Ellipse VT acoustic preamp system fitted, its neat, the pickup fits inside the soundhole no cutting. Now I feel that the Martin deserves a new acoustic amp. Have been looking at the Marshall AS100D, has anybody got any input on the AS100D or can you recommend anything better, regards Roger

Hi everyone, my name is Roger, I was born 66 years ago in Kent, England but now live a great life in Turkey playing my guitar. I was 9 years old when I started to learn and still learning now. The most important thing is that I still love it. Pity Chordie wasnt about then, what a great site. Sherafe to all Roger.


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Hi Mark, All the best in your new venture. Here in Turkey I have a neihbour and very good friend Jim who is Scottish, he also plays guitar and we have many hours playing guitar together. We do a few gigs, so I know the feeling, but we love it. He comes back to scotland once a year so on he's next visit you'll have to let me know where your playing and I'll send him to see you. regards Roger

ps on my last comment would you mind if played it to my wife will tell her you wrote it promise, roger

just listened to both your numbers GREAT Bass Viking your a star keep it up


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Thanks for that guys
I live up in the mountains in a village called Uzumlu near Fethiye, your spot on with the weather Doug it gets very hot in the summer and rains a lot in the winter.Humidity is not a big issue. Have taken all the info onboard  tubatooter. what a great site this is. would be lost without it here, not a lot of musical outlets here and the few that are sell Turkish music, dont get me wrong love it but have trouble singing it.


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Hi everybody, This is a subject that im a bit worried about, I live in Turkey now, from the uk and it gets very hot here. I have just got a new Martin and would hate anything to afect its sound and condition. My 12 string has suffered a bit over the years but I think the heat in Turkey has not helped, so any advice is most welcome. regards Roger