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I had a Seagull S6, I should never have parted from it.


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A good practice for barre chords too.


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Ah, now I find this sort of thing very helpful, cheers.


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There is that. My Michael Kelly looks at me all forlorn with its spalted maple eyes...
Does it weep?


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Hiya Beamer, I'm in the Wales in the UK. To be honest I'm going to take danzigi advice, I think I need to take a break without guilt tripping myself into playing. I've got a lot on at the moment with work and all in all it's been a very busy year. Perhaps it'll calm down towards the autumn/fall. 
I hope so anyway.


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Cheers everyone for your tips, and in particular Beamer. 

Rabid, I don't think we're on the same page. Perhaps not in same Library.



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Hi folks,

I bit of background, I started learning in my late thirties and now 5 years later I'm call myself a beginner/intermediate. It takes me a lot of hard work to get anywhere and I've always struggled with the rhythm and feel of a song.
But lately I don't really want to pick up the guitar, when I do I get frustrated because I'm a bit crap (because I haven't practiced) and generally feel Why Bother?  Deep down I don't want to let it go but I've seemed to have lost my spark for it.

So, any tips and advice for me to help get me out of this rut?

Cheers all,



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Yep, just like to add that you're not alone on this one.
A friend of mine described it as a mismatch between our ability to play and how much we understand.
At points you hands and brain are in sync and everything is fine, and then your brain starts racing ahead and understand stuff and lo and behold, you perceive that you are playing badly. When, in fact, it's your brain racing ahead of the game.


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Nice, Vintage are very much up and coming, in my opinion, and I think you'll have yourself a decent guitar there.


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Good grief, yes I DO remember...
I remember as a green beginner being persuaded along with a couple of other chaps to play a few bits and pieces at a BBQ, one of the players decides to take over the whole thing and, in his own words, jam! He wasn't even very good.
I was a beginner, I didn't do jamming. It sounded poo, it was poo and it definitely went down as a disaster.  Never again.
I have to admit I didn't take up the guitar to play for other people, it's purely for me. So when people ask me to play,  I smile then tell them that I'd rather hack off my own feet and throw them on a bonfire.



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I used to hate trying to get to the F chord and when I did all you'd hear is p-p-p-pluck. Absolutely awful.  I'm not exactly brilliant at it now when I'm slowly getting there, but it does take a certain amount of practice and patience. I do think it's worth it though as it opens up a whole world of barre chords to you.


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You wont regret a Seagull S6, I used to own a 15year plus one.  It looked battered but the sound that came out of it was awesome, unfortunately it was just too big for me and it had to go. Lovely guitar.


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That's got some real potential there, good work.

What guitar/type is it? And where is the bulge exactly?
May be build up of moisture...  difficult to say.
Pics may help.



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My work here is done.



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cough.....  Gretsch G5122DC   cough, cough.....    smile
cough....  lovely.


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I'm not a fan of bolt ons for a Les Paul (as the 100 should be), it's the snob in me, I know.
I haven't had an Epiphone myself, but I did know a chap that had one (standard) and was forever cursing that it wouldn't stay in tune.  He picked up my Vintage v100 (Peter Green model) and from there on tried to convince me to swap.  I declined smile

In the end if it works for you then it's all good.


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41 going on 22, been playing (Ha ha, I always laugh well I call it that!) for about 2 and half years now.


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Where's the fun in that???


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It's sooo shiney smile

It's the light shade of the spalted maple and it's in very good condition.  It is only a veneer but that doesn't detracted from the beauty of it.
It plays nice, the fretboard is a real treat and the coil tapped pickups give a nice array of noise.
Can't wait to get back home after work, hope it's not my turn to cook smile


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I didn't just want a new guitar....   I NEEDED a new guitar!

I'd had my eye on a nice Tele for a while but then something else popped into view, it was going fairly cheap and ticked all the boxes for me (not the worlds greatest player, but I can slaughter a tune or two).  I'd even had full wife approval too, as she had just got herself a new violin smile

And so yesterday it turned up and boy, is it nice!  Looks (spalted maple) and feels like a dream to me, it's considered a bit of a rockers axe but it can produce some niiiice bluesy stuff too.


I'm not going out for awhile.


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Why do you want another one?!  You have 2 already!!!

Guitars are social, they get lonely.

I have a Gretsch g5122 double cutaway and I have to say that it is lovely.  Like butter, only less slippery.


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Is that so wrong?  smile