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"Ignorance is neither blissful nor woeful, it is neutral.  It just means you have limitless possibilities for learning.  It is a very good place to start." - Allegra Taylor

I'm noticing a distinct lack of input in this thread from the female guitar players on chordie (mekidsmom excepted of course!) - are they keeping their secrets secret? or is it that easy for them to acquire guitars? smile 

I'm fortunate in not having to negotiate with anyone, but even more so in having been loaned a lovely acoustic guitar by a fellow chordian while I'm finding my feet.  or should that be my fingers?  Now here's another question - how to repay such wonderful generosity?



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Hi Zurf, I've just spent several minutes laughing and groaning in sympathy, your wonderful tale telling talents sure aren't wasted here.  I just hope that the celebrations with your family made up for your day and that you had a fantastic birthday evening - and that nothing broke on your guitar smile


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Hi Zurf,  I know zero about recording so I couldn't possibly begin to answer your question, but I think there's something wrong with your link.   Is this the one that you have in mind? http://www.music123.com/Tascam-DP-004-P … 7.Music123



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For me, as I suspect for many, there is no single album but an accumulation of influences.

Two that in particular caught my attention are Gandharva by Beaver and Krause, and Antonio Forcione Live!.

The former offered so many varied acoustic delights, the latter opened my mind and ears to the versatility of a guitar and contributed to my eventually picking mine up again.

If I had to choose just one though, it would be Gandharva mainly because it was such an early experience.

Cool, I thoroughly enjoyed that, good to find you on youtube and to hear some good Scottish songs too! smile


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Great news that there was no heart attack, though the worrying question remains.  I don't really know too much about it but if you're following it up or if it happens again, I understand that it's worth checking the status of your platelets which are indicators of risk.  Good luck with working the system and in the meantime keep up with the garlic!


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? http://www.ovationguitars.com/?fa=detail&mid=999


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It's a bit cheeky for me to be posting in this topic which already contains a lot of good advice, as I've yet to develop any repertoire.  Learning words is something I've not done since school - a very long time ago - so it's a new challenge for me,  but I do have some thoughts for what they're worth.

Definitely your habits when you practise will impact on how and what you remember and repeat later.

The more something means to me, the easier it is to remember, so I look for meaning, picture and pattern in the flow.

I find that to remember words, I apply a similar technique to the one I use for remembering music - firstly, watching my left hand means I have to remember what to play.  I do it a phrase at a time, and the length of the phrase is determined by what I can remember/play.  If it's too long then I end up depending on the tabs/words being there.  If I have a problem joining the phrases, I'll practise around the connection, until I know the direction.  To avoid repeating hesitations and mistakes, I slow it down and maybe remove the rhythm to give myself time to think about just one thing at a time. 

The method I follow is to be patient and give myself as much time as I need, to be determined and focused.  It takes as long as it takes, and I find I can't multitask - I don't think I can try to remember lyrics whilst driving though that might be a good time to listen to or sing along to a recording.

I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone, I've been told I'm rather obsessive in my approach, so I guess I do need to try other ways too.  I only picked up my guitar a couple of months back after decades of looking at it, so I'm very open to comments!

I didn't really follow what you just wrote, but as regards the title, my vote goes for Working a dream - it's succinct and what's more, it hasn't been used by anyone else... unless anyone knows otherwise smile


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Played this 3 times already, as bud says, powerful, and direct.  I love the quality of your voice in particular in this one.  Here's another I don't know - how Phill Williams does it! smile

I dunno, just imho, any of us should be so lucky as to live so long having experienced what Harry did, and be held with such respect and affection by so many.  Wonder what image, if any, haunts our lives, indeed how many of us have an experience that can compare?  Of what are any of us a living symbol?


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wow, that is a perfect gem, absolutely beautiful.  I now have tears in my eyes, soppy old gal that I am.


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Hi Phill, I'm with arkady on this - I like your very chilled out sound.  I was enjoying your recording last night when my lodger called downstairs and complimented me on making sudden and phenomenal progress with my guitar!  I can only live in hope!!

KajjiMa - the link is just below "Artist/Band page of this user" under Phill's pic - took me a while to discover it too smile

look forward to hearing this, hows about Summer's promise?