Thanks so much everyone for bothering.  Much appreciated.     


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Thanks for the advice.     

Hey folks,

I was thinking of buying one of these for a smallish pub gig set up.

Anyone any experience of these?

Also, no echo /  reverb on it but I like some on my voice.  Any inexpensive options to add echo?

Thanks in advance. 


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Thanks for the replies folks...much appreciated.     


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Hey mate, I use a busker amp with three inputs, guitar straight in and voice the same.  It has echo for the voice,  The sound is very clean.  I see others using backing tracks and playing along (or sometimes going through the motions) and audiences don't seem to care whether it is being played or is a backing track.  I have never used one though.  I sing loads of songs from Beatles, Oasis, U2, Paule Weller, INXS, Bill Withers...anything I like really.  I would just like to neef it up a bit I suppose.     

Hey Folks,

I play acoustic guitar (but through an amp) and sing at a local bar.  I am looking for some advice.  Sometimes i sing along to a karaoke track, no guitar.

I find the karaoke songs go down at least as well as the guitar accompanied bugs me a bit given the effort into learning to play a song but that is life.

What can I do to improve the whole guitar/singing sound or experience for the audience?  A chorus pedal?  Effects?  Backing tracks? (something I have never incorporated into my guitar songs).  Any recommendations to improve what I am doing?

Thanks for any help. 


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Hi, what is a DI?


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Hey Folks...I wonder if someone could help with an issue I have.

I play guitar and sing through a Fender Passport 150 amp.  Sometimes I link in a laptop and sing over karaoke tracks as well...and that is the problem.

The only way i could figure to get the laptop to play through the amp was using a cable from the 3.5mm headphone socket on the laptop to the 6.35 mm input on the amp.  I have had loads of cables using adaptors either end and they all work for a while but the connections are not great and anyone treading on the cable or anything knackers it all up.  All in all it is a weak link in my performances and it is doing my head in.

Is there any alternative way to connect the laptop to the amp?  Or are the cables and adaptors I am using the issue...would something more expensive work better?

Any advice is much appreciated.


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Hey Folks.

Did you ever start a performance and it just wasn't getting the usual response from the crowd?  I usually go down very well singing solo with my guitar in pubs but now and again it just doesn't seem to be happening for me and i can't tell why!  Sometimes, I feel like i am sounding the same way as I have rehearsed, I am remembering all my lyrics and music, but the crowd don't seem to be getting into it.  This impacts on how I feel and it seems like an uphill battle from there on.  Sometimes, i switch to faster songs and that can help but not always.

What I am looking for are any tips to change things around when they are not going well. 

Cheers folks!


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Hey Guys and Girls,

PS, I know it is cheap and from China but truthfully I can't afford an Epiphone or, I sing with it so i rely on my voice for most of what I do.  I was wondering whether it sounds like an electro acoustic.  I currently play a crafter electro acoustic.  Mostly, i would  be plugging in anyway.

Full hollow.  The one I have in mind is Jack & Danny SH20.  I think they look so cool.  The thing is I would be buying online from Germany...I live in Spain but am from Liverpool.   We just don't have a lot of choice, or many music shops over here.


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And secondly, getting access to sites like Chordie where you can transpose songs to different keys.


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Mine was discovering and using a capo...opened up so many songs I thought I could never play and sing.

Hey Folks,  I am looking to buy a jazz guitar...I just think they are so beautiful to look at.  My question is do they sound when not plugged in?  Like an electro-acoustic or like an unplugged electric?  Any advice gratefully received.


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Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for the replies and encouragement.  I am going to give it a go - I told him I will do the first one for free to see how it works out.

Now I am thinking about song choices.  Like I said earlier, I bang them out loud usually - Stones, U2, Beatles etc. but this is a daytime bar with women drinking coffees, eating tapas, that sort of thing.  I will have to tone it down and concentrate on more well-known songs.  Got to get learning quickly!

Thanks again for the advice.



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I had the same problem in the last week...I took off the pickup and checked the wiring etc, putting it back on nice and tight (onto my acoustic/electri) but it still buzzed.  It turned out to be the cable.  If you can, get hold of an alternative cable and try that first.


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Hey folks.

For the past 6 months, I have been visiting a pub for jamming nights, nearly every week.  The whole place has a blusy kinda vibe, so I have tailored my music to what I think suits the place...lots of Rolling Stones.  Everyone plays sitting down and it is smoky and a bit rough in the place but a nice crowd of people, both English and Spanish (sorry, I forgot to mention I live in Spain but am English).   

About a month ago, I decided to play more upbeat songs while standing to up the energy and this has gone down very well.  I am doing a lot of Stones, Beatles, U2, Oasis - I really feel I am getting better.  I should also say, I play chords and sing - no lead and no backing tracks.

I have been approached by a bar owner who runs a daytime bar in the town.  He has asked me to play there on a Sunday afternoon - to give a one-man show if you like.  I find this so flattering, but it scares the hell out of me.  The bar is right on the paseo (beach promenade).  The place will be busy in the Summer with families and a less rough and ready crowd - and lots of passers-by.   I don't think banging out loud rocky music will be what is required, so I will have to change how I play and sing to something quieter and change some of my material.   

I have never performed for money and while I am happy to be asked, I am also terrified of failing.  It is to me, a lot different to performing for fun.

Has anyone any advice or tips?


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Hello, does anyone know the chords for this?


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Hi everyone, does anyone remember this song?  The band Electronic were made up of the former New Order singer with Johnny Marr, formerly of The Smiths.  I am trying to work out how to play it, I think it is in F, with Bb...but I am struggling.  Can anyone advise how the chord progression goes, or maybe have you seen the tab on t'internet?


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Can anyone tell me the chords for this Echo and The Bunnymen song?  Cheers.

The Naked Apes
The Humans
Willie and the Wombats
The Tunes
Last Week's Echo
The Socks
Shakespear's Sonnets
Teen Wolf
Sexy Beast
The Wet Look Thongs
The Ancient Spacemen
Modern Arrows
Pointy boots


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You don't mean Lullaby by Shawn Mullins, by any chance?  If so, you want G, D, Am with A and C thrown in for the chorus.


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Hiya mate, cheers for the message.  Is it Cornwall you are from?

Thanks for the advice.  Couldn't I tune down and then use the capo if necessary for some songs?  Just a thought.  It makes my singing so much more comfortable...I feel like if I haven't got to worry about searching for the high note, I will be able to concentrate more on the song itself.  I have tried using the capo but surely that makes the notes higher and higher?  I know I am probably wrong about this.  Also, the capo seems to make the guitar sound doesn't seem to ring out like it should.

I get what you say about the songs too...the thing is I like a whole range but it is probably best to stick to songs people all know?  But I also want to do what i feel like I can do well.

I could probably do with a boost in confidence.  Maybe I will get out in the streets of Gibraltar again (I live in Spain now) and see how I get on.

Cheers again.  Chons da and buena suerte, as they say here.


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Hello everyone.  I have been playing for a few years and have done the odd performance of a few songs here and there.  I have also busked a couple of times and did OK.

The thing is, a friend has asked me to play at a party and I said I would, thinking it would be a smallish thing.  It has now taken on a life of it's own and he has told everyone he has a singer!  I just don't know if I am good enough.


How hard is it to get some backing tracks to help me and would they help?  I have an amp, speakers and a laptop

Secondly, I sometimes struggle with the high notes in some of my songs.  Is it acceptable to tune the guitar down?  How do you do this exactly?  I know you loosen the strings, but how much do you tone down?  Do you make the 5th string as the 6th was and go from there?

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.