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Thanks R-T-P, nice to hear about other former service members.I too served in the USMC from 1973 to 1980. Never was in Nam. Spent time on Okinawa,mainland Japan and South Korea. As far as I can remember the only "thanks for my service" came from my relatives. Thanks for advice on the VA. I really need to take it and get signed up. One major regret I  have was not using the old GI Bill for school. In 1976 or so one of the guys was getting out and needed cash so I bought his flattop  from him for $20.00 Can't remember what brand of guitar, as I also sold it because I did not play. However  a couple years later I bought a $100.00 takamine and took it up. Like you say, it's history after that. Always nice to hear Chordie vet stories.:)


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Thanks Beamer, are these name brands you mentioned? I have defraged and cleaned in win8. I will check into these on line

as it is working again, at the moment anyway. I have two other puters here to use but these things just plain frustrate me! :mad

I like Jeromes' answer to all this. Have friends that are Mac Happy, so along with Amy I will make the change when the$$ is

appears.        Mike


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Thanks MKM, I'd been running xp from day 1 so a jump to 8 was needed anyway. Old HP lap may have seen it's last of

days. Somehow it is still working(at times), so I managed a backup. Will run the HD test. On line there seems to be alot

of info about the hard drive and the motherboard isues. A new lap is in order sometime, but would like to have this one

running to use for cubase only. Thanks for your advise!    Mike


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Hi ya Amy, glad to read about this cause I am having the exact problem! Was ready to take it to the computer guru but will
give your fix a try first. Thanks again for the info!! I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a GREAT HAPPY,SAFE,
NEW YEAR.      Mike


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One can never have enough guns and ammo but I chose to have a NGD as an early present. A Vox ssc33. These

guitars never really caught on for some reason but I really like it. Solid single cutaway with 2 COAX pickups.

Single coil and hum all in one. Will try to post a pic. If one gets an early present can one also have one on

Christmas Day? I'd really like one of those ladies too as I have been a good boy most of this year.;) wink


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A very Merry Christmas to all also! It's been awhile since I posted, but still check in occasionally. The band we

started over a year ago is still going strong,on 3rd drummer tho, and will be playin hard at our local Eagles

lodge on New Years Eve. You are all invited!!lol-lol-lol  Seriously I hope all have a great Christmas and a

great New Year.

Id really, really, like to check out the vids of the factories where these guitars are made!!  Very creative-good laugh!
  Thanks.      Mike


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Hey Z, I also would like to see the Telluride fest. Most are fun no matter where they are tho. The music scene here

locally in our little community has really grown over the years. Annually-a bluegrass fest, a Christian music fest,

a Blues Brews and BBQ's fest, and other events featuring music. Just several weeks ago the first annual " Iron Man

Strong Ale Fest took place. A one day event, for now anyway, which our band was one of two providing music.

Sounds as though we will play right in front of this years head liner band at the blues event! Not bad for a recently

thrown together band. Someday I hope to have event pics and vids of us at work---well more like play. wink   Mike


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Sorry Tops, I feel for ya. Lost a long time friend and musician a couple weeks ago myself. Good memories.

Dwell on the good times past and those to come. My friend Tommy Gatewood would have said the same.


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Sweet!! A/E or straight acoustic? You are now spoiled and will never return to a lesser quality guitar.       Mike


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Our band cover songs mostly. Working on Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker, Low also, Sultans of Swing,SRV-Cold Shot.

I like to get away from the band work and play stuff like Jerry Garcia's Friend of the Devil, The Blues Travelers'

The Mountains win Again, Willie's Pauncho and Lefty, etc...


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Like this guy already. Tell it like it is brother! I'm looking forward for this guy getting in on Chordie.

Good one Tops! Cheers.


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Cool! I like the ooo size. My Crafter is also. Not a big acoustic volume but a good player. Enjoy!


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Thanks for the correction about the Sapele Pix. Seems to be info "out there" that is not up to snuff. Once

again another reason to visit Chordie for good info!

Thanks for the NGD Zurf.


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You guys are funny--- Pete, how bout-----Claude Coopers copper clappers calling Coopers clappers Claude?:D

Gotta love the Tayors. Just got the 110ce and am thrilled with it. Very light weight, great ring and looks great.
Mine being the lower end pricing has laminate sapele back and sides but still a solid spruce top. I really like the
natural look without all the shiny varnish. I think it lets the wood vibrate more. Pix is right. Taylor uses a bracing
different from most which may add to the ring they have. The woods are chosen carefully. The Sapele they use
on my model are usually confused with African mahogany.      Mike


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Read this thread the other day and have been wondering myself how or why I remember chords to songs
  fairly well except for a glitch here and there. Lyrics is a whole new monster as Sonnya was threading
  about chord structure of a songs. When it comes to lyrics I think toots hit it referring to singing them aloud
  as to an audience and doing it often. No audience is needed, but I think one might try harder knowing an
  audience is in their future. Repetition!

For the chord structure of a song repetition is also the key to remembering. There are other "things" that
  help me personally along the way. Knowing the relative chords to each key is vital. Most songs will follow
  a path utilizing only the chords that fit that key. This eliminates the chords that do not and therefore they
  will not be even considered as choices for a song you want to remember. However if a chord is used in a
  song that is "awkward" to the key it should stand out in your memory as a weird chord. Most people
  remember weird stuff easier so prior to playing the song you can tell yourself "oh-I remember this song
  has that awkward Eb! Now remember the KEY of the song which should conjure up the rest of the chords.
  You must be familiar with the song. By that I mean you have to be able to sing or hum the song well.
  This reinforces where the chords change. If you can hear and feel the song leaving a major chord and
  changing to a minor helps much, and since the song is in the key of G for example we know that E minor
  is most likely the minor to be played, but you also have two other choices of minors, Am and Bm. I
  consider these to be "awkward" or weird and try to remember that prior to playing the song. Studying
  basic music theory can only help. I hope not to confuse anyone. This is just how my "pea brain" works and
  tho not a cream of the crop musician, I do ok.      Mike


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Very much enjoying it. Thanks! Was wondering if the Taylors are as famous across the pond as here in the U.S.
  Jerry and if so what kind of a price tag difference? I can see a little jealousy there Cam?;) Well I hope you get
  yours soon and Amy--you owe it to yourself next time those evil magnets pull your car into the GC parking lot
  to try one out for size, you'll be surprised.       Might want to leave all monies at home til you are ready tho!


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That is a nice one! Enjoy.

Wondering minds wanna know!!?? Can't wait to see the answers Pix.


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Thanks everyone, this one is a keeper. Got it home and played it awhile,set it down, picked it up, set it down.... you
  get the idea, anyway I hope you are enjoying your recent new toy Deadstring. Dino-I'm glad to see there is some-
  one else that knows the tricks these evil guitar stores use! If only I could leave my wallet home!!:) 

Nice guitars Newbie Dean and welcome to Chordie! Cold at the top of Wisconsin? Z, the Taylors are most awesome
   machines. GC took 10% off the $799 tag. This one is bare bones(110ce), cut-away A/E. Threw in a modest strap
   on the deal. I think all Taylors come with a soft case or a semi-hard/soft case. Don't need it as I have a hard shell
   that it fits in. The 110 is a dread size so easy to fit in a case, but a bit tight in the one I have. Oh, and the elec-
   tronics are the same as the spendy ones according to the salesman.              Mike


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I broke down while at Guitar Center. Those evil guitar stores! Once again through telepathy or some other

unknown force they lured me in and took advantage of my thirst for another new quality axe!!! big_smile big_smile

Seriously tho I'd been wanting a Taylor for a long time. $$ is short right now but after playing several

lower-end models I went for the bottom of the barrel model, the 110. Really like the lack of a varnished

finish. Plays as sweet as the more expensive ones. Will give the stress test tomorrow at practice. I tried

some other brand models just for the heck of it but none I liked. Wanted to try the Martin DCX1E but did

not get around to it. Pretty darn happy with this choice.         Mike


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Welcome Guz, enjoy the ride here on Chordie!


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You are most welcome Josh. We are glad it made it to you. I wish I could travel to NZ for $1.60 U.S. cash.:D
When you are able to take that trip to the U.S. let us know! BTW-if you have not got in on the "picks around
the world" here on Chordie you might  put your name to receive it.

Thanks again, hope to hear more from you here on Chordie.       Mike


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Hi D.E., you might try Beamers suggestion. I have the P.W. $5.95 solid plug in a Taylor 314 and it works well

  as a feedback killer and the P.W. open hole in my Crafter which works well to control feedback but adds volume

  acoustically(so they say),but not much as I can tell so my guess is to try the solid plug type as it is less

  expensive I believe.  Good luck-Mike