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canudigit,   Considering you have been a member from 2007, you could not have been reading the posts that have been discussed in this music theory forum, what you have stated in your thread we have all been through with jerome, and if we have a question we speak to jerome, he is the man who runs this music theory section.

you may be an expert, but you should respect jerome,s position,

self prase is no recomendation.

Maybe if you read jeromes stickeys about minor & major scales, in Music Theory plus there is a lot of information about chord progressions etc and various questions & answers, i think this will help you a lot, best of luck, tony.

I dont know of any software for what you want, or is there any available, solfage is various scales on your fret board and if you learn these scales your chord progressions are made from them, maybe of you post this question on Music Theory you will get a lot more information regarding chord progressions. tony.


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Pete, thats very good, and true, i will keep that link and send it to all my friends


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A friend of mine a long time ago,(this chap was a bit of an eccentric) said that everything should be measured and thought of in Snickers or mars bars, these have been the same for so long everybody knows you exactly what they are, if somebody asks how far is it from A to B and you replied 300 snickers they would know exactly how far it is, same with weight, how heavy is that? 200 snickers, no more lbs, inches, mm, kilometers it would be much easier.


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Jerome explain how to get into this incogneto feature on chrome, i am using chrome as my browser but using aol as my provider. thanks pal.


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I also use CCleaner.com after every time i go on the net, this gets rid of all the cache and cookies etc that slow your computer down. try it its free.


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2 yrs ago i did an electrical installation on an Asphalt Plant in Freeport Airport on Grand Bahama Island, what prompted me to say this the fact that you are still in imperial in the U.S.
when i arrived on site i needed various types of cable and heavy duty switch boxes so i jumped into the car and off i went to the wholesalers when i got in they did not understand a word i was talking about, off course i was in metric ?, i was rabbiting on about 150mm 4 core cable, switch boxes with 25mm entries and 32mm i went everywhere and i could not get any sense.

I told the site manager (a chinese chap with the chinese company) that i couldnt get this material i needed so he said i know a man in America that may be able to help me, this chap rang me wanting to know what i wanted, again i was off in metric he said whoooo hang on i dont understand a word of all that i will come over to see what you want.

this chap arrived about a week later i showed him what i wanted, but instead of telling him the cable sizes i needed he wanted to know the voltage and current required, and how much in yards or feet, so i told him i wanted 600volt 600amp cable with a 600amp changeover switch and he went away happy, about a week later everything arrived in a big box and i done the job.

we have been in metric along time now in the uk, and off course all electrical materials are all in metric, but we dont think in imperial anymore, lbs & ounces = Kilo grams, lbs per sq feet = Bar
1 Bar = 14lbs, anyway do you think some day the U.S. may change to metric.


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I think it also depends on where you live, and your providers speed i know my reception slows down on sunday evening, prob everybody on the net. lol


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Just changed from Internet Explorer, to Google Chrome what a difference, i have now got a flying machine. lol.


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Ill get a flight from Wales, prob take years, keep me some chicken & buttermilk sounds good. lol


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good crack Russ, Fetus Deletus & Pectus Erectus, brilliant. dont know if your story about the doctor is true. ?


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What a lovely day here in Wales, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the daffodils are out,
just sitting on the bench in the garden with my dog snowy(a westy) pure white, been for a walk
down to Newton House a big old mansion, and Dynevor Castle, probably go for a pint about lunchtime while the boss cooks dinner, what a good chillout day.


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Last October I went into hospital with an heart attack, the previous 6 months i had been seriously short of breath waking up in the night not being able to breath, having to stop when i walked anywhere.

When I went in i felt so ill that i thought i was going to pop my clogs,(as they say), my heart was beating at 180 to 200 BPM, i had a kidney infection, lung problems(enfacemia), chest problems with some pnumonia, anyway to cut a long story short, it is 6months now since i went into hospital they have controlled my heart back to normal rythem, my kidneys are back to good, chest cleared up, breathing very good, in fact i feel 30yrs younger.

The main problem was smoking, I have not smoked again since going into hospital and i cannot explain how much better i feel. so anybody on chordie who smokes, think about me and look after yourselvs. Tony. I will never smoke again, never.


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Thank you very much for all your explanations. Tony Nulty.


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The other week when we disscused chord progressions, we used the progression
1-4-5, why have we changed to 1-3-5 in this instance. tony.


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Jerome, as you say to build a triad (1 3 5 )out of dorian mode, you would end up with D F A, which is a D minor chord, how do you know what  letter to start with for each mode. A.B.C.D.E.F.G. in dorian mode 1.3.5. D is 1, F is 3,  A is 5.


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Solfege is a pedagogical solmization technique, in which each note is sung to a special syllable,
solmization derives from medieval latin " solmisasio "

Hows that for some usefull complicated information.


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I think you should add explanations with each section, i understood the first bit but after that ?. what does anyone else think.


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I recieved the disc a couple of days ago, + the postage. thanks Tony


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Welcome all, you will get addicted.

Try www.lennonchords.com there are lots of songs on there with the chords. Tony.


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Zurf, thats a very touching story, we have a west highland terrier, a Westy, and as you said about yours she runs & jumps distances you would never imagine, follows me everywhere, sleeps at out feet, talks to us with her eyes & ears, its incredible the attachment we have. I hate to think in possibly in 10yrs time she may be the same with old age, shes only 3yrs old now. cant bear the thought of it. hope yours gets better. Tony


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Nero Disk on way, on Monday 8th March.


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Tony, I have got a nero disc which I got when I bought my laptop, send me your address and I will lend it to you to try, I have never used it , tried it once didnt bother after that. Tony Nulty. South Wales. send your address to tonynulty@aol.com ok pal.