looks like a goodie Tig     

A Christmas Story

Ok children gather round i have a christmas story for you.
(no alcohol was drunk in the making of this recording) just in case you were wondering

cricky Neo those chords are far too flash for me     

Looks like Neo is going to cover it Grah,look forward to hearing his version.     

Peatle Jville wrote:

Jan , Jim,  Jeff the three J's and Piri and Richard here today in  NZ is a gentle rainy   20c Spring  day .  I have enjoyed doing a catch up reading and hearing everyone entries for this month. Thank you everyone it is good to see chordie getting some life back to it again.  Due to ganglion cysts and other issues with my hands making it too painful and hard to play guitar and piano I will most probably have to be a observer instead of being a participant for a while. Keep up the good work everyone.

we can still look forward to your poems though.     

no need to apologise,we sure have plenty of lamb here
although we have far more sheep  and they are hellbent on putting
farmers out of business,so maybe that will be good for your farmers
unless this movement has got UK farmers in their sites too.
im told eating crickets is on the increase,sounds nice eh.     

great to see you singing,you look so at ease and natural doing it.
would have liked to see the guitar playing though.     


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Grah1 wrote:

Phill even band gigs are getting hard as I find most of the sound depends on me to set up ,sure the rest of the band help with  the gear and the pull down at the end ,but we could really use some roadies and a sound engineer like we had in Greece.Sadly this current band doesn't earn enough for that.

im sure there are people around who would love to help you out.
someone who is a real music fan would love to be associated with the band just for the fun of it.     

i know you may find this hard to believe,but i have a drinking problem.
you know i like a beer or two,but my problem is drinking too much water, yes true!
i take some meds everyday to stop me drinking too much.
its very rare condition, only a few people in NZ have it,and they are mostly my relations.
if i didnt take the meds i would be going to the toilet hourly,which can get pretty tricky,depending where you are.
thank goodness for shrubbery,it has saved me many a time.

good to see you still at it.
I have to break some bad news to you though.
that stuff you drink isnt water,water is clear,not brown with a creamy head.     


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i`ll check your song out in a month,its way to early for me to be thinking of such things.     

Another mth another song
https://soundcloud.com/rough-as-gut/boy … last-night     

thats sounds good Neo,just managed to get in before the end of the mth.     


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sounds fantastic!! get to it Zurf     

another winner jets,love your unique style     


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look forward to hearing it Zurf,glad you had a bit of jingle to treat yourself.
i always wanted to hear a singer playing bass,no other instruments.
not sure if it would work,but it appeals to me,ive looked online but with little success.     


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Looking forward to hearing it Phill     


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Phill Williams wrote:
Peatle Jville wrote:

Cheers Brian and Piri it is so surreal what's happening with the British politically powerful I really don't know what to make of it.

I once called it "the idiots threesome" Johnson, Trump and Putin. the ruling tory party got rid of BoJo now they want him back, can i come to live in NZ please? i've heard there's a good PM there

my advice is dont come here,you wouldnt believe some of the stuff going on in NZ
even as a leftie i think you may find it hair raising.     


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Oh yeah Phill,rain brings heaps of ideas,could say a flood of ideas pouring out.
i guess we`ll be getting one from Grah
as his byline is from Rainy Settle

well done getting all the words in,love the dylan line.     

i know im early but the title intrigued and theres been some great poems here lately.

Anything To Do With Water
Throw it against a wall and see if it sticks
turn it on and let it flow
must be playing tricks
theres country music in the water
so sparkling and clear
theres country music in the sky
so far and yet so near
anything to do with waters got to be good
for without it we wouldnt survive
theres not a thing that would be alive
anything to do with wind blows my mind
anything to do with water will wash me away

thats great got a real Peatle feel to it.
Thats a good idea having poems in song of the mth.
maybe ill do poems as well for SoM     

water should be enough,covers a lot of ground,rain/river etc