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seem to be well off the mark with this one

great title for a song or band     


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Peatle,this is a brilliant piece of writing,i guess it might go over the heads of some though.     


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thanks for the video,i enjoyed it.
i know it an be a bit soul destroying putting music out there
as few people seem interested.
But i am interested, if that counts for anything,so keep them coming.     


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Phill Williams wrote:

Hi Jim. I've just run through your song a couple of times....oh dear! I loved your words....but with the chords you put on it the rhythm and tune I gave it woosh!!! Fabuloso!!! I hope to get a few moments tomorrow to do a scratch recording which I'll send you if it's okay.

Phill,how about sending me a copy too


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been lots of new songs here lately,i knew it would only a matter of time
before TIG gave us a new one.good on ya.     


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good to see a new song from ya Phill
very much looking forward to hearing it.     


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I admire you guys who get up there and do it live.
it pisses me off the lack of respect for the working musician


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The Pub Band
i`ve been drinking
and singing along
to my local band
singing my favourite songs
with a pint in my hand
i raise my glass
to the boys giving it their all
i guess it`s not easy
playing to a half empty pub
most of the punters
only came for the grub
but don`t worry guys
you`ve got at least one fan
I`ll  be back next week
and we`ll do it all again


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Well recently i asked for you guys to inspire me.
I`m loving all this new stuff
thanks for the inspiration from this and many other recent posts.     


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a classic grah,great when a song says something     


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great to see a new post from ya     


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great anticipation,always look forward to hearing your songs.     


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another good song from you.
Recently i posted a song and asked to hear more of you guys
i said come on inspire me,well you have.i`m off to write a few songs.


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i guess if our chordie friend ``classical guitar`` farted that would be ``classical gas`` 
great subject you started Ed


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Dirty Ed
enjoyed your poem,i`m kinda partial to a good fart myself
would love to see/hear more of your writings     


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Thanks for that history,i knew a bit about that house but not all.
It`s a house i often pass and think of it as from another time
compared to all the new crappy houses  just up the road from it,
lets hope the developers don`t get hold of it
i used the photo because the song was about living 50 yrs ago
and it seemed an old house may convey that?     


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TF & Phill
thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
i owe you both a beer 
ps the photo isn`t my house in case you were wondering


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Not many songs on chordie lately,so thought i`d put one here.
still turning out songs like a sausage machine,but none
are tasty.
come on guys inspire me, lets hear some music from ya!

Good on you Roger,the sallys do great work.     


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good luck with the comp,competitions are  a great reason to write.     


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great reply,i guess we all do it for ourselves,as i`m a rank amateur
i never expected to share the stuff i do.But i was told not to sit on it
and put it out there.Every now and then a kind person will have a listen.
Thats very encouraging,they don`t have to like it,but it`s great that
someone has shown a little interest.
This could apply to any endeavor,i guess it`s part of being human.     


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peatle sent me this link,this guy described me and i would guess many of you.
if no one is interested in your music,this is worth watching.
maybe after watching this i will start putting  my crap on soundcloud again.
he has many valid points,have a look.


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i guess we`ll get to hear it soon when ``the smiling aussie``
does his next vid.
there are some lovely australian woods being used in guitars.     


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i drop by every day,it can go a few days before anyone puts up new posts.
It`s just so disappointing talking to yourself,so i rarely post stuff any more.