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thats sounding good,how about multi track the vocal so it sounds choral.     


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Yeah Pete i guess you have noticed the empty shops and cafes around town.
Thought it would make a good subject for a poem.
Hopefully there will be a light in the future for these business owners.     


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At the end of the month i left my shop
i closed the door
and locked the lock
walked down the street
and didn`t look back
shopping online and recession
but pandemic the final nail
theres a sign in the window
for lease it says
well good luck with that
now settled in my daily routine
so i can`t complain
got home and family
there are others at this time
not as fortunate as me 


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Hey Phill
what 8 guitars do you have?     


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Ctech,looking forward to hearing how you do this one.     


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Thanks for taking the time to have a listen.
Peatle added a video today
thanks me old mate


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Spring has arrived in NZ,such an obvious song.
very simple and didnt use any chords


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Great to hear a new song from you.
really enjoyed your performance.     


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Inspired by some recent postings thought i`d post a song to lower the standard.


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you have a great way of making the ordinary entertaining.
we don`t need to make stuff up,it`s all just sitting in front
of us to be observed,and written about.     


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Phill contacted Pete and me a couple of weeks ago with an idea.
he wanted us to write and record a few spoken poems.
Phill did his magic and this is the result


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I didnt put the donation idea on chordie,just to 6 music people i know.
Jans doing less music lately.
But as i do with many of you guys i still chat to her online.
Tig i`ve tried to chat away from chordie,but no response,do you get
my emails,do i have your wrong address? I know i have had a lot of
spam perporting to be from you.     


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In NZ we are well out of lockdown.
But for a few weeks we were in isolation.
I wrote this song and asked a whole heap of people to cover it
as i thought we all had time on our hands.
I said for every cover i received i`d donate $50 to a foodbank.
The only covers i got were from Peatle and Kiki Jan so i donated $250 in thanks for their efforts.


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hey beamer,i liked your words,im going to try and put a few chords to them and record it.     


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fantastic observation on life,im gonna have to watch myself around you.     


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great starter Phill,also the Peatle follow up,i love that so much im going to have a crack at recording it.
Tig i think this is your best writing yet.     


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heres a song i just banged out,my thoughts about the current direction of country music.


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the BOX pt 2
They had been under siege now for several months
the freezing weather had kept the invaders at bay
but that was about to change,as spring had arrived
warming the invaders optimism
the defenders could see holding out for more than a few more weeks
unlikely,as food had long since run out along with the mens health and will.
their leader decided to dispatch his most loyal man with the BOX.
being the leader he had inherited the BOX from generations gone before.
he had no intention of losing it on his watch.
the plan was to create a distraction so the courier could slip through the
invaders line under the cover of darkness.
the precious cargo was to be buried in their spiritual place,little knowing that
the contents would be explosive and world changing in many hundred years time. 


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Phill and Peatle encouraged me to add more.i was pretty happy just letting it hang.
But overnight another couple of chapters popped into my head,so i`ve finished it off.     


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this started life as a lyric,but quite quickly turned into something else.
it`s not a poem and not sure it would work as a lyric?
on the 3rd day of digging in the south field
i came upon something buried deep in the ground
it was a BOX,thinking little of it, i loaded it on my truck
later that day as i headed home
the ride home had dislodged some of the dirt
so by the time i unloaded it,it`s shape was starting to appear
curiosity getting the better of me
i decided to investigate further
as more dirt came away i soon realized this was no ordinary box
on the sides were what appeared to be some strange carvings
also some painting,colours dulled by the passing of time
as i brushed and cleaned, my excitement rose
selecting a tool i decided it was time to try and open the lid
the metal on the clasp and hinges was not like any metal i had seen before
although it must have been very old it still held the shine of new
i inserted the tool and leveraged the lid
after much creaking and groaning the lid finally gave
sunlight flooded in,in what must have been for the first time in many many years
i removed the lid and looked inside 


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i`ve had few  of those lately also.wondered whats going on.


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not late night tv,but i must admit i`ve read a couple of thrillers in lockdown.
i guess thats where this came from,also added lots of rhymes to muddy the waters.     


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It was 1992
when the hurricane came through
destruction in that town
and bringing the law around
i set the house alight
in the dead of night
as it burned to the ground
i put my foot down
sped out of that town
a ghost gone without a trace
It`s been nearly 30 years
not without it`s fears
settled in another town
alert to that knock on my door
because i been there before
a ghost with a secret 


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Excellent piece of writing Peatle.     


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Thought i`d write a few songs/poems/thoughts about the times we are living through.
after all we are living through a bit of history and i think it`s good to record the fact.
this is a simple blues song i wrote,i haven`t recorded it as i dont really do blues
maybe one of you blues guys could do it credit?
Shake The Isolation Blues
28 days of nothing to do
28 days singing the blues
28 days baking bread
28 days i`m banging my head
only thing we can do
stay away from me
and i`ll stay away from you
28 days of watchin` TV
28 days not much to see
28 days since my barber shut
28 days i badly need a cut
the sun it rise
the sun it sets
get through this
you can bet
shake that isolation (2)
shake that isolation blues