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Topdown has arrived and the jamming has only started.


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What a great opportunity for my 31st post!  Good bye valued member smile


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Today is the day! So excited for the food and music! Show up soon friends of mom haha


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Well my mom is "mekidsmom"


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Okay so I saw my friend playing the violin the other day and was amazed to know it doesn't have frets, and my friend could still play a specific note.  So sitting here I thought of it and looked up fret less guitars, does anyone have any experience with one of these?

OHH Ive never been able to find a website like that but you could learn .. Cats in the cradle, Ball & chain, Ring of fire, and yes leaving on a jet plane.. those are the basic songs I started with.

@Dino48 yes I am Amy's son. Haha

WELL, what kinds of music do you like?  I can look through MY music, (pretty easy stuff haha) and Ill get back on sometime to post what songs I have.


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could it be an e sharp? play e7, e sharp(with full strum),e?

Well mom some great story that gave me some great ideas for his birthday! cool


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wow... I like them!  I knew that you could do things like that within audacity, although I haven't quite figured out how to do anything more than an echo effect yet (yup, need to read more I think)... I like these tho for something live.  VERY COOL!


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Well david you have probably ran into my mom... .MEKIDSMOM in some other posts but i think she might help you with your songs if your willing to have a female voice representing songs YOU wrote... big_smile lol


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mekidsmom wrote:

Ditto what Jeff said... well about the waves anyway!  lol

Glad you're back!  Now don't get so tangled up in the computer that you miss out on those waves!

mom u really shouldnt use peoples real names when their real name is unknown to us members smile


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mom an unpluged electric sounds "kindof" acoustic but with more twang, as you like to call it


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DM, very very smooth sound.  I don't think I'd describe it any differently.  That actually makes me want to pick up an electric!  Congrats on that purchase my friend (and successful install as well).  I think you have a winner there for sure, and to top it off, it looks super slick!


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14 ha ah


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my mom was trying to show me some music theory stuff a while ago and all i really understand is   whole whole half whole whole whole half ,for scales i dont understand how the circle of fiths works . i know i should probably make a new post on chordie about it but can anyone try to explain the circle of fiths? oh and  thanks for all the other answers smile


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how do i figure out what key a song is in? i would like to know so i can start playing with my backing tracks. any help would be appreciated. thanks smile


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I have a cd from "wlbaye" with 14 backing track songs. So thats a start. ha ha ill try it! smile


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hi everyone i have a question and haven't been on in a while.  My question is, while using the 'a minor pentatonic scale' to make my playing more fun, are you supposed to play the notes of the scale in order or just play them in whatever order sounds good to you? for example can you skip from the "a" string fifth fret to the "b" string fourth fret?


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Thanks all for the responding and thanks for the link roger smile ill have to change them sometime next week.


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Thank you everyone for your amazing tips and ideas! I liked your story Tom. smile  And mom, new guitar fund sounds good but like toots said yachting so ill have to think about it smile THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!


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Thanks just don't get her singing her opera! lol Well I want to either get a nice guitar thats not for little kids like mine. ha ah its old. about 3/4 size is what i have now. One thats classical or just some nylon strings for it because I love the softer sound. Like my moms smile


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hello, this is my first post so it wont be the best smile   yesterday mekidsmom and I (her son) went to the beach with my sisters. my mom and i brought our guitars and had fun jammin together. With my acoustic and my moms classical, we sounded great! Oh and how could i forget my moms singing? the few people watching us were actually watching my sister do acrobatics! ha ha. have a great day!           -MKM's SON