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Match your set to your audience. Talk it up some, mix up the mix. Get their attention with your personality.
Like Phil said, though, there are some nights when nothing really works and count it a victory it nothing is tossed at the stage.


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I have 2 "go to" guitars - an vintage 70'2 Vantage 12er - built like the proverbial brick outhouse,
and a recently acquired Gibson J-200 "Montana Gold" 120th anniversary edition, from the custom shop. - That Gibson has the slickest action and the greatest voice of all of my guitars, and has increased in value in a short time. Of course, they only made 10 of  the anniversary edition custom.


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td - email me an address, and I will forward it as soon as I can - by Tuesday/Wednesday the 10th or 11th


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Bill, she had a stroke last year - and has been improving - still in bed, but manages to get to the bathroom on her own.
Thanks for you thoughts,


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Send me an email - with a forwarding address and I will send it.
Mrs whitewater still improving, though still bedridden - she can talk, and sometimes sings along.
It has been a long, tough six months.


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Check out the Fishman "Loudbox" series - around $600.00 Cdn, should be close to your price range.
Inputs for guitar and mics. Great sound.


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dino48 wrote:
whitewater55 wrote:

Lions get no respect - 7-2 - wow no mention anywhere.

If you post about your team the other members will see how well they are doing,I did not know they had such a good record. You might noticethe members here  are mostly Green Bay,Seahawks,and 49ers fans.You should subsribe too this post and be a cheerleader for your team as we are for our teams. Have you noticed no one here cheers for the 8-1 arizona cardinals.

Yes, but they're the Cardinals...


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Lions get no respect - 7-2 - wow no mention anywhere.


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jets60 wrote:
normtheguitar wrote:

Welcome, keepitreal! Another Brit here. I like the term Chordian and I also like Chordians, if you get my meaning...

Kind of makes me wonder if there are any Chordian accordion players here.

To quote Tom Waits,

"A true gentleman knows how to play the accordian, but refuses to do so"


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Still have 'em - sorry, have been pre-occupied - someone email me, and I will send it in about 3 weeks from now.


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Thanks, all, for your kind words I read them to Patty, and she teared up. It has been an emotional time for both of us. Ah, the "golden years".
I got her a 3 wheeled scooter, a ramp for the front steps, and she has been out on a few outings with my daughters this past week. She's walking and talking almost perfectly, goes to physio a few fimes a week and continues to improve. Our doctor called it a mild to moderate stroke.
I am grateful that she is recovering so well.
Thanks again,


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I am sorry for my absence, it has been an awful 6 months.
My wife sufferred a stroke Labour Day weekend, and has been slowly recovering. She lost a lot of memory and the paralysis on her left side has begun to fade.
To be honest, I have looked in on the site a few times, but between work and tending to my wife, I have not even thought about the picks package. I don't remember who responded to my original emal, except that the people who did respond had already received the package once.
I will attempt to send it off soon - so somebody give me an address, please, and it will be gone inside a week.
Again, I am sorry that I have been totally remiss in moving it forward, but will make ammends.

As an aside, in the early days after her stroke, when Patty was barely communicating, I would play and sing to her, and she actually sang along, somewhat. Doctors encouraged me to continue, and her vocal abilities are almost back to normal. She has memory "blackouts", stuff she just can't remember, but communicates as well as she dd pre-stroke. She is also gaining against the paralysis in her left arm, the leg has recovered about 90 percent. I can leave her alone at home now, without a full time attendant. We have a nurse that visits once a day, but my soon be able to cut that to a once or twice a week visit.

Her doctor believes that the music sparked her memories, and aided in "unscrambling" her thought processes, which allowed for a much more extensive and rapid recovery than we thought was possible. Musical miracle, I'd say, considering my limited attributes as a musician.

Anyway, once again, sorry for the lag,

Just tune a semi-tone low before you capo- problem solved.


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Well, it's been a week - no takers on who's next? I haven't received any emails or replies - going to Riverside music this aft to see my friend George - then I will be ready to send it to the next lucky person.


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The package arrived yesterday - I haven't opened it yet, though. Working 12 hour shifts this week, and today my wife is having an eye surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Astigmatism repair.
I probably won't get to open it until tomorrow - and I feel like Christmas morning approaching.
Thanks, td !
PS I will be going to my local music shop to add a little Canadian flavour to the bundle for the next person.
So, let me know who's next.

Well, I live in Canada - Windsor, Ontario, Canada's deep south. What area of Canada were you looking to visit. Windsor is a 4 hr drive to Toronto or Niagara Falls, surrounded by the Great Lakes. Lots of fishing in the area, and I have a 14 foot fishing boat.
Shoot me an email with your dates, etc.


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Twinkies are great in hot weather! Freeze 'em!
Then stick then in your pants and under your armpits!


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I agree with Phil. In 1968, the Monkees were NOT considered "subversive", they were called "bubble-gum".


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I saw the Beatles in CLeveland, OH for $6.50 - with the Supremes and several other acts. That, of course, was 1966, their last tour.



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Would love to go, but plans already set for this year


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A truckload of Viagra was hijacked in the wee hours of the morning, near Chicago, Il.
Police are warning the public to be on the look out for a gang of hardened criminals!



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There is no glory in war. None.



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"I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow" - Hank


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I never wash glasses, I drink right from the bottle! ;0)


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treblebee wrote:

This one may be seen only as a cult movie by many, but 'Vanishing Point' is certainly the best road movie ever made (with the possible exception of Steinbecks' Grapes of Wrath).
'V.P.' isn't just a car chase - it's a slice of what America was like in the 70's. (Oh yes, the car chase bits are peerless!)

VP was good - Try and get a copy of "Two Lane Blacktop". I think it's the only movie that James Taylor acted in. Worth a watch if you like road / chase movies.