Thank you all for the kind words.  It is a fun song writing and playing.  Don't know if I will ever write Part could this end?


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Sounds great.  Nothing is more fun than  jamming!


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Looks like you have the idea!  Great job and playing!


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Good one Graham.  Very well done!


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Very nice song.  Good mix too!

Very good !


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Baldguitardude wrote:

That did not work.  Lol.

sorry sad    But it did look good on paper smile


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Thank you all for the kind comments!  Really appreciate it!


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Thank you Jim and Roger.   and Dino and Grah1     Appreciated!   
Roger - Sorry bout the coffee I got what was left after my wife took hers for work.  Bless her heart.   Yes those were my five kiddos and husbands with my 15 grandkids.
Most of the video is around southern Indiana with the exception of the Rocky Mountain Creek near Black Hawk, Co and the barren wasteland and dust cyclone which I think was taken in New Mexico on our way home from Vegas vacation.  The bridge is the old bridge in Paducah, Ky.    The water falls in the river is Hindostan Falls on the East Fork river just a few miles from home.  The clock was one of those noisy battery operated ones I finally took off the wall.  It was as bad as a dripping faucet!  I dug it out of the utility room!!  smile There was a site on the internet that you can download royalty free videos which I think was the world shot and galaxy.  The rest was transitions and effects in the Pinnacle Studio 18 Video software I like to play with smile    Thanks again!

I forgot about the abandon homestead.. it is just down the road.  I use it and the falls in this video of Southern Indiana country side Jeep Ride!


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Bart and I are still diddling with music, writting songs and emailing tracks back and forth.
I just finished editing this into a video and thought I would share.  Haven't been on here for a while and I like the new look!
My son has been on me to do a cover song so I sent him this one on acoustic and in the subject line "first cover song!" Hahaaha.. it was his he had wrote some time back and I had done a bass track for him on it. I changed some lyrics and slowed it down.  So he sent me back his accompaniment and I dubbed my gorilla thumb guitar solo at the end.
'Live' from two different cities in Indiana.. kind of!
OK we won't be on American Idol but I love being a retired idol American!  Have a good day all.


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Great job Graham!  That song brings back memories smile

I bought my Taylor at Martin Music in Memphis. I looked at a lot and asked where the Martin guitars were and the salesman said the guy who owned the store was named Martin. Man I felt I bought a Taylor. They were really nice though at the store. First time I ever had to push a button to be buzzed into a music store. I wasn't thrilled with the pickups when I got home and plugged it into my recording system.  I have never liked bridge pickups on acoustics.  It sounds muffled or restricted.  It sounds great playing with a live amp,  it has a better resonance.  It also has the wide neck which I really like for my gorilla fingers smile

bluejeep wrote:

Happy NGD!

Thank you.  Not sure what the NGD is?  I am old and slow smile

This site won't let me post anything to this forum but it will let me update an old post so here is a new revision with
my Taylor 214ce.


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The video was to dark for me to see who was messing up. smile  ha ha just kidding Graham!
I am not familiar with that song but sure has some fast guitar riffs in it.  It will sound awesome when you guys get 'er tightened up! It is going to be a good live number!!


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Sounds like the intonation is out.  If it is an acoustic the neck may be bowed.  If it is an electric and an adjustable bridge you may try the following.   Found this process I use @ … the_Guitar

Adjusting intonation

You may notice each string on the bridge sits in a "saddle".
Depending on your setup, you might notice the saddles may be in different positions:
some might be pushed forward and others might be pushed back,
sometimes slightly. The positioning of the saddle effectively
changes the length of the vibrating string. Tune the guitar
to concert pitch with the aid of an electronic tuner,
making sure the open strings are perfectly in tune.
Play the 9th and 12th fret harmonics, then play the fretted notes.
If the fretted notes are sharp, the string is too short and the saddle needs
to be pushed back toward the base of the bridge.
If the note is flat, the string is too long and the saddle needs to be pushed up
toward the nut. Repeat this procedure for each string.
Adjusting the intonation should be done every few months or at least twice a year.


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Down in the valley!  Chords written down on a piece of paper my dad got at work from a friend.

Sounding good Graham!

Hey we just worked on another one at my crib!

Great job and great job mixing it altogether for the final outcome!


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but grandpa always did like 'em rough


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Great job!  Wish I was there! smile

Thank you all for the  comments.   What's happy hollow?

   Happy Hollow is where I live.   In southern Indiana there are 200,000's of acres deemed Hoosier National forest land.  Just north less than a mile of my location is a few hundred acres that is owned by the government called USA land. Although I live in the Hoosier National Forest area some land is privately owned.   Back in the 1800's areas were know by names.  I live north of Nicholson valley in Happy Hollow.  Just north near the Martin county line is Coal Mine Ridge and over that in the USA land and Martin County is Rattlesnake Hollow. I live pretty well back in the woods and my home is actually nothing fancy so I call it Everman Camp!

Hey all,
   Hope everyone is doing fine. My son and I working out a new song he wrote after moving from southern Indiana to Indianapolis for his job.

   Have a great day!