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A Hagstrom III was my first guitar.  Had a Gibson Minuteman Amp to go with it.  That was 1968.   I played that guitar till there were blisters on my fingers.  Went off to college and decided it was too much to carry that and the amp around so I traded it for a 6 string Gianinni.  Wish I had kept the guitar...it had the fastest neck of any guitar I have played since then...ahhhh...the memories.


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I rec'd a Boss RC-3 looper pedal for Christmas.  I haven't used it a lot....but so far I'm loving it.  Easy to use....and I have several minutes of loop time.  Looks like it will stand up pretty well with lots of use.

Wow...you are certainly on a roll Arc!  I have put my sanding sealer on (5 coats) and 3 coats of primer....and then I got busy with my consulting work...then I had some landscaping projects....and now its winter.  I have to drill some holes for the stop and the bridge..and my instructions aren't great..so I have been searching the internet for advice.  Plus the bridge needs to be offset....so I've been a bit reluctant to drill holes till I'm absolutely sure.  Once I drill and get the holes in...I'm going to paint it a cherry red.  I hope to have it done by the 1st of the yr.  My "pre" New Yrs resolution.

More Cowbell.....


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I'm in the middle of building a guitar kit myself (just put the primer coats on it tonight)....and it I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the guitar in pieces.....gives me hope that mine will actually turn out to be a playable instrument!!


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Uh...this "daisysam" seems to have stolen the post I did a couple of weeks ago about building a guitar kit and re-posted under his...or her name.


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Received the book last week.  Wow.....over 1,100 pgs.  of tabs for (where appropriate) guitar, bass, piano, drums, and other instruments for EVERY song the Beatles sang....even if they didn't write it.  Its REALLY small print so make sure your reading glasses are really strong  :-)  Seriously....its a wonderful resource and well worth the bucks I paid for it!  If you are a serious Beatles fan...you need to have this in your library!

Now that I am semi-retired and have more spare time I thought I'd try and build a guitar from a kit.  I bought one from Ebay a few yrs ago with really good intentions of building it.  I was still working too many hrs then and it just sat in a closet.  Its time now to get started.  Its a "no name" kit with an SG body shape and all the parts.  I need to finish the body...mount the neck and assemble all the parts.  I've started the finishing process and have 2 coats of sanding sealer on it.  I have spent a lot of time reading various posts and blogs about the process and its confused me as much as helped me.  I am wondering if anyone in the Chordie community has been through this process and could give me tips and suggestions along the way....


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You are absolutely right Beamer....I lived in Asheville NC for a yr...and I tried to sample a craft beer every Friday night for a yr...and  I swear I only scratched the surface.  There is a micro brewery on every corner...  I do enjoy a good beer.... I probably should move back  :-)


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3/4 time is tricky and tough to sing to.  If you listen to the Beatles Anthology Disc 2 (I think) they try and sing the song "I'll be Back" in a waltz time....and 2/3rd of the way through it, Lennon says (in time) "Its too hard to sing".  They went back and did it standard 4/4 time and it was much easier.  3/4 time does have its place....


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Thanks everyone for your input.  I do have the book the Complete Beatles Chord book.  This has all the songs in that they wrote.....none of the covers they did.  The Complete Score book is close to 1500 pgs...and in a really tiny font.  It has the tabs not just for the guitar but includes the bass, piano, drums, and in some instances other instruments.  I found it for $45 on Amazon....so I'm making the investment.  I am a huge Beatles fan....so it just makes sense to have it in my collection.


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Not quite sure this is the right section too post this in..but I guess its as good as any.  I'm interested to know if anyone has the Beatles Complete Scores book.  I'm a Beatles fan from the day they appeared on Ed Sullivan back in 1964...and have a couple of dozen books on them and a couple of song books of theirs.  I came across the Complete Scores a bit ago and was impressed with its size and price.  I'm wondering if anyone has this and if its worth the price.  I've seen some excerpts from it and it looks impressive.  Some of the reviews have said its great but not always accurate.  I'm wondering what everyone's experience is with this book and if you think its worth the price.  Thoughts?


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Thanks for all the responses....I changed the strings last week..so that eliminates one variable.  I think my next step is as BGD suggests....the guitar hospital.


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Ok...an update to my capo dilemma.  This capo appears to be position sensitive.  I found a capo position on the 1st fret where at least all the strings are evenly sharp as opposed to the low E being very sharp and the high E being slightly sharp.  Here's my new issue.  I know when a guitar has proper intonation, the open EADGBE should be the same as the EADGBE at the 12th fret.  I put my capo on the 12th fret and lo and behold.....its right on.  Now....I put the capo on the 5th fret.....and its sharp.  I put it on the 2nd fret...and its sharp.  As I work my way down the neck...it gets less sharp until I hit 12 and its right on.  So...any thoughts??  I'm leery of putting tool to truss rod.


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I'm not much of a Capo user.  Usually I'll just transpose the song to a key I like and not use a capo.  I am finding however, that sometimes I just don't have enough fingers and so have started playing around with my capo.  I was playing Norwegian Wood and capoing the second fret...and all sounded well (as well as my ears told me)  I put the capo on the first fret and even my ears could hear something was amiss.  I plugged in my tuner and checked the open tuning and all was fine.  I put the capo on the first fret and the tuning was waaaay off.  Interestingly, the low E string was REALLY sharp..so sharp that was almost F#....and as I checked the rest of the strings....they became less sharp and finally the high E string actually fine.   The Capo is a brand name (Kyser) and it seems to work fine.  There's no buzz....and as I move it up the neck, the tuning gets a little sharp but all the strings are equally sharp.  So....any idea why the 1st fret is giving me some trouble??  I'm playing my '91 Telecaster with some Lace Sensor pickups.


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Currently 60...and decided I needed a guitar when I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and saw hundreds of girls screaming.


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Ahhh....The Rumble....every beginning guitarist should have some exposure to music from the 50's and 60's.  Power chords really opened up the ability of teen agers to start up garage bands.  I remember my grandfather was a Rotarian and back in 1965 he invited me to go to a grandfather/grandson rotary dinner and talent show.  One of the participants was a local band of teenagers that went to my high school.  They played "She's a Woman"..and I knew right then and there that I wanted an electric guitar and amp.  I begged and pleaded with my parents and FINALLY they gave in and I bought a used Hagstrom III in a bright cherry red and a Gibson Minuteman Amp.  I wish I'd kept them...*sigh*.


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Bald Dude...I am a PC guy.


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Beamer...thank you for the links to Youtube.  I haven't had a chance to look at them yet...but the Digitech does seem to be what I am looking for...and you are right...the $200 to $300 range is right up my alley!  For the acoustic members welcoming me to the forum....I do also have a Martin D-16 GT..which I love.  I took a course on fingerpicking....and can make my way through a few songs.  I do however favor the electrics as that's what I started out on waaaay back in the 60's.  Thanks again to everyone for making me feel welcome.


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Thank you both for the welcome.  I have shied away from pedals for the most part.  I do have a Cry Baby Wah pedal but that's it.  Maybe its time to bite the bullet and dive in.  I did read the reviews on the Digitech RP 250..and they were all very positive.  I will probably take a look at them on Youtube and see what they can do.  I did live in Asheville for a year.  I loved it...a very diverse culture.  I now live about an hr east of Asheville in the middle of nowhere.  Thanks again for the advice


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Greetings All,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post.  I've been a guitar player since my teens (I'm now 60) and after years of playing maybe a half hr a month, I started getting serious again about 5 yrs ago.  I went to guitar camp...took group lessons at the local community college and took some private lessons.  I've been blessed with more money than talent..and managed to accumulate a number of instruments over the yrs.  Unfortunately, I had a Fender American Strat, Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Joe Pass stolen.  THAT hurt!  I was fortunate my '67 Rickenbacker 365, '62 Fender Jazzmaster, Fender American Telecaster, and Epiphone Casino were in another building and safe!  Anyway...I now live in the Mtns of NC and I'm pretty remote and have no opportunity to take community college classes and meet other people I could play with.  I am interested in finding something I could play my CDs or MP-3s on and plug my guitars into and jam along to the songs.  I currently have a Fender G-DEC 30 and its a pretty cool little amp with lots of different different backing tracks such as blues.....rock....punk....you name it..but I'm looking ffor something a little more diverse...something I can play along to songs with.  I noticed in one of the catalogs I get there is a Boss eBand JS 10 Guitar trainer...which might do the trick.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  I also notice there is Line 6 Spider Jam Amp.  Not sure if this is similar to what  I already have.  Any advice/recommendations anyone could make would be appreciated.