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Zurf wrote:

So here's my deal. My sister lives in Elmira, which I think isn't too terribly far from ThemKidsFolks' house. With the process of getting my Dad's properties ready to sell, I'm going to have to take some furniture up to her. I bounced the idea of me taking the furniture to my sister and then heading over to Jim and Amy's for BYG, and she seemed OK with it.  I may have a child accompany, and may not. I may have a sibling accompany, and may not.

I'll try to make this work out. In the meanwhile, it's time to get my tent repaired.


On a guess I would say about 2 hours from Elmira to Syracuse.


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Dirty Ed wrote:

when you play as bad as I do, folks probably wouldn't recognize it if I tried to copy a known song........  smile


Oh Pllleeeease.

Like Tig said, I've seen your videos. OH wait! I made a few of them. lol


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Is the patio coming off the entire width of the back of the house?


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Yep. He told it the way he saw it. He wasn't concerned if you agreed with him or not and didn't care which side of the isle you sat on. He was a journalist true to his profession, something that is seriously lacking in the media today with all the agenda's that need bolstered to keep ratings up.

Cheers to you Mr. Krauthammer.


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I use the "pgup" button on the keyboard.


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I did the same thing with my Martin. I went through 3 batteries. I had no idea the battery would be drained just by leaving the cord plugged in. Lesson learned. roll

TIGLJK wrote:

OK - so Dirty Ed put up a post entitled - Some girls are hard to impress.
As soon as I read the title of that post I said to myself......" hmmm that's a darn good title for a song "
As it turned out other's agreed with me... but alas... it was only a very funny
video of a male bird trying to impress a female to no avail.

So anyways.... that title has been sitting on my mind ever since... and this morning when I woke up I was just strumming my guitar when this line popped into my head... and it fit the chords I was playing.  One thing led to another and before you know it... I wrote this song.  Hope you like it.

I just don't know how you guys do that.


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The title suggested to me that you had written a new song. smile

Cute clip though.


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Wow! I wish words could flow fro me like that. Nicely done.

If I'm not mistaken it's not exactly your forte, but have you thought of putting music to it?


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Wow! I wish words could flow fro me like that. Nicely done.


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neophytte wrote:

From what I understand, the FSOTM has no expiry date ... perhaps Jandle can confirm??

That is correct. You can go back to any month at any time and post something relevant in it. smile

RickRS wrote:

Lol, found the folder.  Simple as the folder list is now scroll-able.  The missing folder was just off-screen when I tapped to look for them.  Man, I feel silly for not realizing that.

Kind of like losing your glasses and discovering them on the top of your head. roll  big_smile


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I saw that. Snow or maybe ice.

I always move up to your lake when I pull up a radar map. Then I think; They're getting pounded again. smile


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I found Chordie 4+ years ago while looking for the lyrics to Billy Joel's song, Piano Man. My step-son insisted the line was; "It's 5 o'clock on a Saturday." I was equally insistent that it was 9 o'clock. I won. smile

Once I found the lyrics I noticed there was a forum here as well so I poked around for a few days. I liked what I saw and decided to join. Made some new friends and have enjoyed making music with some of them since the summer of '15.

Looking forward to many more get togethers and meeting some of the folks I haven't met yet.

CG. You should consider popping up to Pa. in October. Don't know exactly where you are but it takes Zurf about 2 hours.


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arkady wrote:

I think most of the registered members use Chordie for the songbook saving their songs for future use.
They probably don't even enter or read the forum posts...

And the ones that do, often do so when something isn't working right or when they are looking for a particular song. Then they disappear.


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Spring is here! 70° today. 78° tomorrow and 81° on Saturday. http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_6569.gif


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HI Bill!   http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_3464.gif


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

We made a reservation. I was having second thoughts about going. We will be there.

Cool! See you there. smile


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Tenement Funster wrote:

The guys that can run 32nd and 64th note arpeggios are amazing and way beyond me, but it's just speed and technical skill. It typically doesn't make me feel anything, or admire the creativity (or lack thereof) in a piece like that

I couldn't agree more. A person that can shred like that certainly knows the fretboard, but I find that the feeling of a song can get lost amongst all those notes.

You all know I'm an old Deadhead. Garcia could rip across the frets and occasionally would, but his real talent, in my opinion, was his ability to pull you into a song and really feel it. The soft, melodic runs, again, my opinion, are what give a song it's soul.

Here is what I consider a fine example of those soft, melodic runs.

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JHZGWD … p;index=17

Jandle wrote:


As there were so few entries for the Instrumental section, please feel free to cover any Instrumental of your choice.

How about covering my own song? smile

I was playing around with chord progressions last winter and came up with this. I then got together with Scott and he added his special flare to it. I want to add another section but haven't done it yet. This was our 2nd or 3rd time through it.

I named it Movin' On.



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Yep. The weather guru's are calling for 1"-3" here as well. But being April, it won't stick around long.

Looks like fun. Will you be performing?


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Zurf wrote:

I should have Uncle Joe come down to shoot a round and expound upon the nature of tree removal then repair to the clubhouse for a fire and picking.

I could do that. I won't be bringing the F700 or chipper but with 38 acres of woods, I'm sure you can find a place to hide all the debris. smile

While I'm thinking about it; Is there going to be a Zurfapalooza this year?


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Well that just stinks Phill. sad

Maybe the new recordings will come out even better than the ones you lost.


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We ended up with 11" of fresh, white Spring on the ground. A lot of it has melted away already. Should probably be all gone by Monday or Tuesday. They're talking about upper 40's for the weekend and approaching 60° by Thursday.