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Happy to see you are on the mend now Graham! Take it easy,follow the Dr.s orders and bounce back even stronger than you were.


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Very nice! A real toe tapper!  I really liked the slide guitar too.


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Hey Zurf.......Time to practice!


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A real beauty right there! Have fun and enjoy your new guitar!


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Keeping up with our good thoughts and well wishes! Hope you feel better soon Graham!

Thank you for the updates Kev.

I love this song! Wonderful writing here. Can't wait to get home to play this one tonight! Thank you for sharing it with us!


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I think we all go through ups and downs with our music. It's a natural progression,the peaks and valleys. Sometimes,after taking a break for awhile,I'll come back to something I was struggling with,and pick it up right away. As said above,just play something for the fun of it. An old favorite song,just strumming the chords. Next thing you know you're moving along to the next song,and the next,and the next one after that.

Make practice fun,not a chore. No one likes chores!


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Sending good thoughts and well wishes for a complete recovery. Hope to have you back soon,Graham!


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My motor was red lined in third gear so I slammed it in forth.

The flames from my pipes blew fire like a torch.


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I'm a card carrying member of MOBA. But I have a great time doing what I do.  lol....


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I don't consider myself an artist in a talented sense. There are tons of people much more talented than myself. Some are right here on Chordie, that I would call artists. I'm not the best singer or player. But my music comes from my soul or spirit, from somewhere deep within myself. It's something that I just do. When I play for people, I feel I'm sharing more of myself or spirit than talent as an artist. Even playing for myself, I can just get lost for awhile in music. It's the best therapy in life that I have. So if someone should happen to enjoy the experience of music with me, cool. But I'm no artist.


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This sounds like a really fun party! I've been asked to play again this summer,on the deck of a local lakeside restaurant/bar on friday/saturday nights. So my weekends are mostly filled at this point.But,I would still like to come and hang out for at least a day or so, to meet some of y'all. So at this point I am a yes, maybe, hope to be!

It is on my bucket list to make a chordiestock! Wishing all attendees, safe travels, warm sunshine, smiles and sore fingers. Will be with you all in spirit!


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Way to go Jim! Happy NGD! A very nice addition to the family. Hope your new Taylor brings you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


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Cortez The Killer is a great Neil Young song. I've played it quite a bit over the years,mostly as a request. I think it fits well with the set list you have above. Nice mix you have there,should go over very well. Have fun!


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814ce Taylor. The guitar I play most is a 314ce.


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Congratulations on you and your love's "special delivery" BGD ! Here are the ones my kids and grand kids remember most.

Puff the magic dragon
Somewhere over the rainbow
Little folks- by Charlie Daniels

Between songs, a little banter back and forth with a regular.
Hey how ya doin tonight bud.
I was talking with your wife earlier, and she told me she calls you oatmeal.
I said why on earth do you call him oatmeal?
She said because your hot, mushy and done in sixty seconds!


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Zurf, congrats on your NMGD (new martin guitar day)!!!!  I'll bet she sounds as good as she looks too! Hope you are friends for life and enjoy countless hours making music together.

I have had GAS for a 12,string for awhile now. Hoping some time this summer to make it happen. I'm still saving.

NELA, what a excellent idea,for a 12 string section!


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Bill,sending my thoughts and well wishes. And hoping for a speedy and full recovery for your Mrs. Hang in there buddy!


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Wow, this one is right up my ally. Absolutely spot on Graham! I really hope to see you put this on video. I just love it!


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Very cool! Love the les paul and that pedal is something else. Never even knew there was such a thing. But I like it! I gotta get out more I guess.....lol


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Very nice job jets!! I really like this one a lot! Looking forward to hearing you play it for us!


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I do quite a few solo gigs too. And sometimes no matter how much you give out you just don't get much back. On a slow night I will find one person who seems to be listening and play to them. Making eye contact,maybe a bit of banter back and forth ask them for requests and so forth. I have seen where playing for that one person,the next time you play,they show up with a new group to play for. And hopefully some of them will become "regulars". If you play out enough,slow nights will happen to everyone. Make the best out of every gig,learn something new each time out. And above all have fun! That's why we do it right? When you are having fun,it seems to be contagious to those watching!


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We had 4 or 5 inches of snow last night into this morning. Tonight low around -10 F tomorrow, high temp about 7 above zero with wind chill about 25 below zero. Motorcycle races on the lake tomorrow so maybe I'll bundle up and go down to watch. Making a big pot of chili for the game on Sunday.