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It was 40-years ago today that Dire Straits released "Sultans of Swing". I was stocking shelves in a grocery store with the night-shift crew, when it came on the radio we played over the store's PA system. We all stopped, walked to end of our respective aisles, and approvingly gawked at one another as we listened to Mark Knopfler "play his thang".

Do you remember where you were when you first heard it?

This is the original lineup, with Mark's brother David on rhythm guitar, and the amazing Pick Withers on drums.

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That was GREAT !   Thanks for sharing it.
1978 - I was probably out my mind somewhere I think  smile
I am sure I was a bunch of my college buddies doing stupid stuff!

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Las Vegas playing in the casino lounges,  I don't know if that is the same bass player but it looks like him and if I remember he was kind of fantastic too

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on "the old grey whistle test"...a rock show in the UK during the 70's.
the bassist was John Illsley who was there from start to finish. they later changed drummer to a guy called Terry Williams (no relative) who happened to come from Swansea which is about 9 miles from here. I saw him many times playing in local bands before joining the Straits.

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I am not sure the first time I heard it. But I do remember having a few beers in a bar with the sound of the radio quietly been played over the sound system. Suddenly the  volume went up and Sultans Of Swing came blasting out of the sound system. I loved it and so did the others.  The boss of the place came in at the end of it and turned down the volume. He started screaming at the bar tender, " if you do that  again your fired." Everyone in the bar starting booing the manager. The bar tender became a friend of mine after that and he also ended up going out with one of my female drinking companion for a while. His manager at the bar use to call him and I  "The Insultants Of Swing."  Years later that bartender was now a  owner of  a pub in Sydney, I went there to have beer and catch up. After a while  reminiscing about things we had in common, he put on a CD and when Sultans Of Swing came on he turned it up real loud. His patrons didn't seemed to be that impressed . He died a few years back and now whenever I hear Sultans Of Swing I always think of my first time meeting him.

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I used to go around to my friends place and we'd listen to records ... his old man had a great stereo system and a lot of new music was bought to my attention, including Dire Straits, probably around 1980, I think that was the first time I heard it, and after that, I wanted to play guitar ...



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Great song. I heard it in my brother-in-law's stereo as he was a fan!     

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I probably heard it on the radio at home for the first time, on a popular local broadcast called "Poptarisznya"(Pop Haversack, or Pop Bundle).  I was impressed from the very first moment. It was about 1987-88,  and I was about 16-17 years old.     

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I  remember them. What was their introduction song ended up to be their greatest hit. They played some others but they did not climb the charts like this one did. If you listen hard to this one they  say their name several times during the song. He also finger picked during the entire song.     

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I was learning to walk.  I was just a year old. Heck my folks may have played it at my party.