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213 (2 versions)
Abolish Government / Superficial Love
Angel of Death (2 versions)
At Dawn They Sleep (4 versions)
Atrocity Vendor (2 versions)
Behind the Crooked Cross
Bitter Peace (4 versions)
Black Magic
Black Serenade (2 versions)
Blood Red
Bloodline (3 versions)
Born of Fire
Can'€™t Stand You
Captor of Sin (2 versions)
Circle of Beliefs (3 versions)
Cleanse the Soul (2 versions)
Criminally Insane
Crionics (9 versions)
Cult (2 versions)
Death'€™s Head
Die by the Sword (2 versions)
Dissident Aggressor (3 versions)
Dittohead (5 versions)
Divine Intervention (2 versions)
Exile (3 versions)
Expendable Youth (7 versions)
Eyes of the Insane (2 versions)
Fight Till Death
Filler / I Don'€™t Want to Hear It (2 versions)
Flesh Storm (2 versions)
Gemini (3 versions)
Ghosts of War (5 versions)
God Send Death
Hallowed Point (2 versions)
Hardening of the Arteries (2 versions)
Haunting the Chapel (2 versions)
Hell Awaits
Here Comes the Pain
I Hate You
In the Name of God
Jihad (3 versions)
Kill Again
Live Undead (2 versions)
Mandatory Suicide (4 versions)
Metal Storm / Face the Slayer
Necrophobic (2 versions)
New Faith (2 versions)
Not of This God (2 versions)
Overt Enemy
Perversions of Pain
Piece by Piece (4 versions)
Postmortem (7 versions)
Psychopathy Red
Raining Blood (6 versions)
Read Between the Lies
Reborn (2 versions)
Seasons in the Abyss (3 versions)
Serenity in Murder (2 versions)
Sex. Murder. Art. (5 versions)
Show No Mercy
Silent Scream
Skeletons of Society
South of Heaven (6 versions)
Spirit in Black
Stain of Mind
The Antichrist
Threshold (4 versions)
Tormentor (2 versions)
Violent Pacification (4 versions)
War Ensemble (4 versions)
War Zone