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(No More) Mr. Nice Guys (2 versions)
A Big Surprise (2 versions)
Achoo (8 versions)
Angst in My Pants (3 versions)
At Home, At Work, At Play
Beat the Clock (2 versions)
Change (3 versions)
Confusion (2 versions)
Eaten by the Monster of Love (2 versions)
Everybody'€™s Stupid
Funny Face (3 versions)
Get in the Swing (3 versions)
Girl From Germany (2 versions)
Good Morning (2 versions)
Happy Hunting Ground (2 versions)
Here Comes Bob (4 versions)
Hospitality on Parade (3 versions)
How Are You Getting Home? (2 versions)
How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall? (3 versions)
I Can'€™t Believe That You Would Fall for All the Crap in This Song (3 versions)
I Like Girls (3 versions)
I Married Myself (3 versions)
I Want to Be Like Everybody Else (3 versions)
I'€™ve Never Been High (3 versions)
Let'€™s Make Love (2 versions)
Lighten Up, Morrissey (3 versions)
Likeable (2 versions)
Miss the Start, Miss the End (3 versions)
Missionary Position
Moon Over Kentucky (3 versions)
Moustache (3 versions)
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth (2 versions)
Nicotina (2 versions)
Nothing to Do (3 versions)
Over the Summer (2 versions)
Pineapple (3 versions)
Rockin'€™ Girls (2 versions)
Screwed Up (3 versions)
Sextown U.S.A. (2 versions)
Simple Ballet (2 versions)
Slowboat (3 versions)
Something for the Girl With Everything (2 versions)
Suburban Homeboy (3 versions)
Thank God It'€™s Not Christmas (3 versions)
The Lady Is Lingering (2 versions)
The No. 1 Song in Heaven (2 versions)
The Toughest Girl in Town (2 versions)
This Town Ain'€™t Big Enough for Both of Us (3 versions)
Those Mysteries
Throw Her Away (And Get a New One) (2 versions)
Tips for Teens (2 versions)
Tits (2 versions)
Waterproof (2 versions)
What Are All These Bands So Angry About? (2 versions)
When Do I Get to Sing '€™My Way'€™
When I'€™m With You (2 versions)
White Women (3 versions)
With All My Might (3 versions)
Wonder Girl
You Got a Hold of My Heart (2 versions)