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The Tragically Hip

38 Years Old (17 versions)
Ahead by a Century (12 versions)
Another Midnight (7 versions)
Are We Family (3 versions)
As Makeshift as We Are
At The Hundredth Meridian (5 versions)
At Transformation (2 versions)
Blow at High Dough (9 versions)
Bobcaygeon (7 versions)
Boots or Hearts (11 versions)
Born in the Water
Coffee Girl (2 versions)
Country Day (4 versions)
Don'€™t Wake Daddy (3 versions)
Emperor Penguin (3 versions)
Escape Is at Hand for the Travellin'€™ Man (3 versions)
Family Band
Fiddler'€™s Green (8 versions)
Fireworks (3 versions)
Flamenco (6 versions)
Fly (3 versions)
Fully Completely
Gift Shop (5 versions)
Grace, Too (4 versions)
Greasy Jungle (4 versions)
Heaven Is a Better Place Today (3 versions)
If New Orleans Is Beat (4 versions)
In View (5 versions)
Lake Fever (5 versions)
Last Night I Dreamed You Didn'€™t Love Me (3 versions)
Leave (4 versions)
Locked In The Trunk Of A Car (4 versions)
Long Time Running (10 versions)
Mean Streak (4 versions)
Membership (3 versions)
Morning Moon (5 versions)
My Music at Work (6 versions)
Nautical Disaster (7 versions)
New Orleans Is Sinking (10 versions)
Now the Struggle Has a Name (2 versions)
Opiated (7 versions)
Pigeon Camera (7 versions)
Putting Down (3 versions)
Queen of the Furrows (3 versions)
Scared (9 versions)
She Didn'€™t Know (9 versions)
Sherpa (4 versions)
Silver Jet (2 versions)
Something On (2 versions)
Springtime in Vienna (6 versions)
Stay (3 versions)
The Bear
The Depression Suite (2 versions)
The Last Recluse (2 versions)
The Lookahead (2 versions)
The Luxury (3 versions)
Thompson Girl (4 versions)
Three Pistols (9 versions)
Thugs (5 versions)
Tiger the Lion (3 versions)
Trickle Down
Twist My Arm (3 versions)
Vaccination Scar (4 versions)
Vapour Trails (2 versions)
Wheat Kings (11 versions)
When the Weight Comes Down (6 versions)
World Container (4 versions)
Yer Not the Ocean (4 versions)