Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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(Oh) Pretty Woman (2 versions)
1984 (4 versions)
316 (7 versions)
Ain'€™t Talkin'€™ '€™Bout Love
And the Cradle Will Rock... (6 versions)
Atomic Punk (5 versions)
Beautiful Girls (7 versions)
Best of Both Worlds (7 versions)
Black and Blue (2 versions)
Blood and Fire (3 versions)
Bullethead (4 versions)
Can'€™t Stop Lovin'€™ You (3 versions)
Cathedral (9 versions)
Dance the Night Away (16 versions)
Dancing in the Street (3 versions)
Dreams (8 versions)
Drop Dead Legs (5 versions)
Eruption (3 versions)
Everybody Wants Some!! (2 versions)
Feel Your Love Tonight (5 versions)
Feelin'€™ (5 versions)
Finish What Ya Started (2 versions)
Fire in the Hole (3 versions)
From Afar (5 versions)
Girl Gone Bad
Hear About It Later (3 versions)
Hot for Teacher (12 versions)
I'€™ll Wait (7 versions)
I'€™m the One (3 versions)
Ice Cream Man (3 versions)
Jamie'€™s Cryin'€™ (2 versions)
Judgement Day (5 versions)
Jump (3 versions)
Light Up the Sky (8 versions)
Little Dreamer (4 versions)
Little Guitars (3 versions)
Love Walks In (5 versions)
Mean Street (3 versions)
Not Enough (9 versions)
On Fire (4 versions)
One I Want (6 versions)
Outta Love Again
Panama (13 versions)
Pleasure Dome (10 versions)
Right Now (7 versions)
Romeo Delight (2 versions)
Runaround (5 versions)
Runnin'€™ With the Devil (6 versions)
She'€™s the Woman (3 versions)
Somebody Get Me a Doctor (12 versions)
Source of Infection (2 versions)
Spanish Fly (2 versions)
Spanked (4 versions)
Stay Frosty (6 versions)
Summer Nights (8 versions)
Take Your Whiskey Home (3 versions)
Tattoo (3 versions)
Top Jimmy (8 versions)
Unchained (13 versions)
When It'€™s Love (8 versions)
Why Can'€™t This Be Love (4 versions)
Without You
You Really Got Me (3 versions)
You'€™re No Good