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Bruce Springsteen - Kitty's Back


Kitty's Back

(Difficulty: hard)
(Dsus4/A) / 16 bars 1: E7#9 2X 4 bars yet to be transcribed 4X 6 bars 6X; fade 6tb time ? Am Am7 Am9 Amaj7 C D Dm7 Dsus4 E Em7 Esus4 F F#m F7 G Gsus4 N.C. etc. CHORDS

Dm G F E7#9 Note: Chord progression for verses is Am7add2 Bm7/E (except as indicated) right-hand keyboard voicings: G-B-C-E B-D-F#-A approximation on guitar: x05500 0x4435 Verse 1: Am7add2 Bm7/E Catlong sighs holdin' Kitty's black tooth S (